Friday, August 22, 2008

30 ways to help you lose your woman

30 Surefire Ways to Help You Lose Your Woman

Here are sure ways to end up single and alone again. Oh, I know you find it most intriguing, so sit back, read on and learn.

I have not shared this with anyone as of yet but now. And all of these I gather from a woman’s point of view and from the discussions of friends about their complaints about their boyfriends, lovers or husbands. Some of these, you might have already done and so it is quite easy to get an understanding of everything else that follows point after point.

Beware though as some of these tips REALLY WORK!! (which by the way, make them very effective tools to breaking up). .. So you might want to try some of these for your little experiment. I, however, do not guarantee that after you do so, she will talk to you again! So, take major precautions and I wish you good luck!

Stop sending her flowers and gifts.
Sleep right after you have sex.
Forget important dates such as your month-sary (whoever invented this?), anniversary and her birthday.
Check out other women when you’re with her.
Stop being affectionate.
Don’t satisfy her in bed.
Embarrass her or yourself to her friends or family.
Take her for granted.
Not saying I love you when you should.
Stop playing romantic.
Bad manners.
Not take care with your appearance.
Be sneaky.
Always running late.
Constantly lie, even after you’ve been caught out before.
Leave after she said a forceful “Go.”
Tell her to change
Becoming nasty and overly sarcastic.
Becoming a cheapskate.
Not giving her enough attention.
Flirt a lot with others.
Have an affair.
Stop making an effort to work on things.
Not spending time to get intimate with her.
Make it obvious that you don’t like her friends.
Become desperate and clingy.
Be over demanding.
Don’t listen to her.
Cut her off or not showing interested in her.
Disrespect her in any way.

Yes, I’m posting this to help you lose your woman.

I hear someone ask me “Are you insane? Why would I want to lose the woman I love?” and if that’s what I hear from you too, I think you get my whole point.

If your wish is of waking up one day without her.. Then go over the points above again. Know it by heart and try hard not to commit any of these must not’s. But of course you are human and it’s not difficult to fall into the claws of your flaws once again. But if you do, be sure to make it up later! It’s not easy, I know. And indeed, men are fairly right when they say that women are “high maintenance” in some way or another.

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