Friday, August 22, 2008

because money matters

Because Money Matters!

Does it really? You may be hypocritical if you say it doesn’t. Whether we like it or not, money matters! Here are a few facts and circumstances that help us to conclude so.

I went to see a friend today who chatted about how his wife left him for another man! The other guy was twice richer than he is.

You suddenly stopped talking to your best friend because of a big loan he has not paid back. And when people ask you about it, you just say “We had some issues.” They approach your friend and he says “He was selfish.”

Your wife walks into a grocery store and walks out with a bagful of items with discount tags on it.

A little girl strides down the corridor, then stopped, bent over and when asked why she did that, she exclaimed “Oh, look. I got my lucky coin!”

You look at the mirror and see the red mark on your face after you had your face slapped by your wife last night. You remember what the fight was about: your finances.

On the TOP news were about two guys who killed a security guard after robbing a bank at 10 yesterday morning.

A millionaire is paranoid that one of his family members might put poison on his food. He is on a very strict insurance policy.

Many people run into public office. Are they all qualified? No. So, why run? I think you know why.

Did your youngest son just leave your hometown for a bigger city where he could get a greater chance of getting rich?

Are you thinking about changing jobs and finding one that offers you greater salary any time soon?

Say, your boss offers you a higher position now but which you don’t really like. Initially, I hear you say, “No.” But what if it offers you twice the compensation and benefits that you earn now? Now I hear you say “Hmmm…”

Yesterday, I went to a boutique, found two very beautiful dresses but only purchased the one on sale.

My sister found a torn hundred dollar bill. She bought a tape to mask it back together.

Why do some merchants run a fake test on big bills when you purchase?

Don’t you often count your change before you leave the store?

Why do some people work two to three jobs?

Why is stealing a dollar bill more of an offense than stealing an apple?

I lost two hundred bucks the other day and I feel like I’m going to be depressed the whole week.

If I ask you for money, would you not hesitate? But you would be so willing to offer or treat me a coffee and a burger, wouldn’t you?

With all of these, the fact of life remains that money does occupy a big concern in our lives. We all work hard to earn it, live grandiosely if we have it and some commit minor to major crimes to get it.

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