Thursday, January 22, 2009

dating tips for men

Dating tips for men - Conversation starters If you are shy it can be difficult to find the right words to start a conversation with that good-looking woman. Don't worry though, many men (even the confident ones) have trouble with the right words to start the conversation with a beautiful woman.There are a few tips and tricks that work even if you are shy or just simply do not know what to say. First, you need to scan the situation and environment around the both of you. Are you feeling nervous? dont worry too much.. you are not alone.. your date is probably feeling the same way.. knowing this will probably put you more at ease.. you can even laugh at it.. believe me guys.. this tip really works!!

Women are high on emotional and sensitive plane while guys, on a first date, may be looking for a practical viewpoint which may flop while attracting women. This feature brushes up on some basic dating tips for guys to attract women. Women are seeking a man who is secure with himself, and is able to provide it to her consistently. These men reflect it with everything they do they always seem to be in control, they are sensitive to the needs of the moment, they rise to the occasion, they have a focused purpose in their life, and are comfortable in their own skin.

Women can be a fickle bunch. Some hold the line, some move the line, some don’t believe in any line. Women love a bit of chivalry every now and then. Do don't forget to open the restaurant door when she enters. Women are not going to be attracted to guys that swarm them from the start. But at the same time they want somebody who is showing that they are confident and curteous.

Women always love men with great sense of humor. Thus, humor is a great dating tip for men. Women hate when men ask for their number, and then they never call. Once you do that, its pretty much over for you. Women are always looking to men to get a sense of reality.

Women love funny men. Women seeking dating tips are very often looking for answers on superficial things. Although women are not necessarily superficial themselves, a woman is more likely to be overly concerned with what to wear and what kind of hairstyle to sport. Women love charm, so long as it is natural, cool and unpretentious. Charm is good manners.

Women put a high value on communication that goes beyond words, and if you focus on impressing, talking and showing yourself in the best light, you may not be focusing on her. Eye contact assures her that she has your undivided attention – something every woman wants on a date. Women have an overblown reputation for being emotional, but we do tend to think we are more emotional than men. However, be careful not to offend us by disregarding our emotions. Women do not like to be treated like meat. That should be a given but sometimes men do not realize they are treating them like that.

Women like a challenge as much as men. Therefore, its not necessary to work hard to show her just how much you like her. Women notice your appearance, they judge it instantly, and unlike your friends, they can tell if something doesn't match, is out of place, or is just plain ugly. Sometimes a woman will say that shoes are the most important thing in a man - yes, above eyes, smile, muscles, and anything else are your shoes! (this could be nerves!!) lol

Girls like to chat with men who are intelligent and quick-witted. Make sure you discuss about exciting topics with her. Girls don’t like a guy to come up to them and ask them out right away. Show some interest in her first. Don't, for example, spend your date talking about your ex and your other dates, unless this is done humorously. Don't be smarmy either and gush with empty compliments. Lots of men think they can handle themselves pretty well on a date - and lots of them would be wrong. Ive been there and done that...but have you really?..

Start listening and stop talking. Keep your date interested but don't turn into a one man entertainer. Creating this air of mystery will keep the 'ball in your court' so you can decide whether this person is worth dating again or not. Most of all, enjoy the air of mystery you create and have fun with your dating.

Women are generally a whole lot deeper than men ;-) That's the good news. However, it is about something you're doing or not doing to attract women. Women are always looking to men to get a sense of reality. Women are the cleaner of the species and will partly judge you on how hygienic you are. After all, you would be appalled if she turned up for the date looking like a mutt .

Ask questions and make sure you are satisfied with the answers. Trust your instincts, move cautiously and be selective. Ask her questions, but more importantly listen to what she has to say. A woman is attracted to a man who is genuinely interested in hearing what she has to say. Asking her what her passions are outside of the workplace will give you a better idea of her personality, rather than her resume. Make sure to really listen to her response and ask open-ended questions to show youre interested in what shes saying.

Confident people attract other people. Confidence will always win the girl, although being arrogant won't, so be careful not to cross the line. Confidence is about being comfortable with who you are and where you are going and is radiates from anyone who has it so work on yours and you'll be guaranteed success!

Remember... there's a difference between dating tips for men that will get you laid and dating tips for men that will get you love. These tips apply to the latter.. (but stay tuned for the raunchier ones soon!!).. lol