Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Erotica has also had a very large, if unacknowledged, role in the development of our entertainment and electronic media. To serve its audience, the erotica industry has always been in the forefront of the adult world. Erotica differs from pornography in that it celebrates rather than degrades human-sexuality . It preserves the mutuality of sexual activity, is not exploitative, controlling, objectifying, addictive, a "using" activity, or affected by prurient interests.

Sexual pioneers such as Betty Dodson encouraged women to discover themselves through masturbation and Nancy Friday revealed the hitherto-unknown world of female sexual fantasy in her book My Secret Garden . Sex and erotica are increasingly developing from a niche product into a consumer article that is part of normal everyday life. A completely different self-image and change in values are emerging with the elimination of taboos linked to the subject and the social transition.

Sex and intimacy are not fads, theyre of major interest to everyone, regardless of what they say. Romance, intimacy, and sex have even taken Jesus to number one in a Tom Hanks film. Sex films became more hardcore, and lost a lot of charm in the Seventites.. nowadays erotica is more tasteful, subtle, and more in tune to the needs of women.

Erotic know how is seeped in history.. erotic literature, be it Victorian or contemporary, serves the same purpose. It provides an outlet for sexual feelings which certainly exist, but often cannot be overtly expressed. Erotic lesbian stories, once relegated to the back pages of seedier men's magazines, now appear prominently in books released by feminist, romance and mainstream publishers. The tone and explicitness of stories vary, but the best ones emphasize characterization and plot in addition to steamy sex scenes.

Erotica should be the joyous embrace of living, a celebration of our sexuality . I have written many erotic stories and have explored the delectable kinkier side .. both on paper and in life.. and the richness of understanding sexuality has exposed and transformed me into a woman who knows what she wants..

Erotica writers have to consider many things a vanilla writer would never have to consider. Do you tell people what you do? erotica for me is an outlet to explore to indulge to express and to experience.. erotica writing is my future and my future looks wonderful.. i write with the pseudonym angelxx .. and shes provocative, passionate and peppery