Wednesday, August 6, 2008

improving yourself for a more fulfilling you

We all want to see ourselves in a good way. Whatever image we comprise, as long as we feel good and healthy, is what is most important. Staying healthy brings out the best in us because it leaves us no worries and problems. Imagine how hard it is to go to the doctor every time we feel out of the weather, not to mention taking pills like they’re already your food supplement. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you right? We want to have that inner feeling of complete vigor that brings out a distinctive glow for everyone to see. We want to hear compliments from others like “you are blooming everyday!” or “you look refreshing and oozing with vibrancy” or maybe “what’s your secret in staying fresh and young?”. Somehow these simple comments make us feel confident and boost our self-esteem. And when we have good self-esteem and a positive outlook in life, good things will surely follow. It definitely shows, not only in your face, but definitely in the way you carry yourself. If we are happy, everyone around us is going to be happy. It is viral. Good work will follow, strong relationships will increase and a bright future is always ahead of us. Improvement is definitely present and on the way.

As we grow older, we need to give room for progress to make ourselves better. We have to consider our image, our knowledge, emotional quality and of course our health status when we want to see a better self when looking at ourselves in the mirror. We meet a lot of people in our life. It can be in school, in our jobs, in an organization we are in, from a friend and even on the internet. And our appearance is very important to give a good first impression to the person we are meeting. People, especially in the business world consider image as a very important aspect in making money. You can’t attend a meeting in just jeans, a tank top and a pair of flip-flops. You can’t show up to your boss with a hang over from last night’s party or attend to your tasks with an illness. So you need to take care of yourself. Improve your image, your schedule and time management and your health status. Learn to feed your mind with good and useful information so that you will not be left out or out of date to what’s happening around you. Practice sleeping right, eating nutritious food and having a balanced diet and exercise. This way, you can stay fit and healthy. Believe it or not, this actually helps you handle work a lot easier, move faster and finish work on time.

Changing old habits that you’re already used to is not an easy thing to do. In fact it is very hard. We can’t change ourselves and say we have improved overnight. It is a long and sometimes painful process. You have to make some sacrifices, may it be a small one or a major thing like not going out at night for a party so that you could finish your paper work for the next day, for example. Or sleeping early when you’re used at sleeping so late at night so that you could exercise by day and be on time on whatever you're doing in the morning. This can be so hard at first - you need to be driven when you decide you want to make yourself better. Learn to practice your new regimen and eventually you will get used to it and forget how tough it was for you when you began.

We all want to say and feel that we have achieved something because it gives us fulfillment in our lives. And one of the best things in life is having the feeling of accomplishment. That we did something good to contribute to our perfect selves. When we accomplish improving ourselves, it empowers us and let's us believe that we can do whatever we set our minds to.