Wednesday, January 21, 2009

start looking more beautiful

Start Looking Beautiful Today!

First things first, before you read on, look at your image in a mirror. Then, after doing a serious, honest scrutiny on yourself, ask yourself this: “If I were a guy, would I date me?”.
If you’re saying “Ouch.”, then please continue with the reading as I may be giving you wisdom that if taken into consideration, would get you that next date.
But what if you’re married? Well, I don’t think marriage should stop us from making ourselves look better, should it?

Striving to look good should not shrivel with age.

If you look good, you consequently feel better because it boosts your self-confidence. There are many women who suffer from plunging self-esteem issues. When issues like this hurt your outlook and attitude, it’s about time you do something about it.

If you are hoping to bump into a write up that could help you improve your looks today, well, you just have come to the right place.

Appearing beautiful means three things: taking care of your face, dressing up and watching your body. As to how to do that will be discussed in specifics in the next lines.
Why take care of your face?

The face is the part that people look at when they talk to you. Make sure that what they see is agreeable. Wear a smile all the time to get rid of the wrinkles. There are also many things that can be done with the face to get rid of problems such as blackheads, pimples, tired eyes and dry skin.

Here are quick tips:

Blackheads - Remove these nasty spots. Mix cornstarch with vinegar and spread on the area for 15-30 minutes. Using a washcloth, wash off well with warm water.

Pimples – Choose any of the following: (1) Grind garlic into a paste and apply to zit to help heal and stop infection; (2) Take some Aloe Vera juice and apply on the affected area overnight; (3) Gently massage baking soda over pimples. Do not over scrub. Rinse well with water.

Tired eyes – Place a slice of cucumber on your eyes and rest for around 10 minutes to reduce stressed eyes. Shredded potato when placed on top of eyes for 10 minutes also helps reduce black circles. If rose water is available, soak cotton ball and apply to eyes once a week.

Dry skin – Make your face glow by following these steps: (1) Mash 1/3 ripe banana in a bowl. (2)Use the pulp to wash your face and throat, avoiding the eye area. (3) Mask the mashed banana and leave on to face for 5 minutes. (4) Rinse and then pat dry. Mashed papaya can also be an alternative to make your face look fairer.

Start dressing “up”.
That’s right – it’s up and not down. Do your clothes flatter your body? So, all right you don’t have that perfect body and men can accept that but you can look great by accentuating your hot spots and minimizing your flaws.

If you’re someone on the short side, you can wear vertical stripes and make high heels your best friend.

Feeling all heavy? Avoid colors that make you look bigger. Slim up by aiming for plain, dark tones.

Don’t be afraid to get off the trend track. What’s annoying is many are trying to fit into the fashion trend and they end up wearing the same types, colors and styles of clothes. When the trend can accommodate your body flaws, then, by all means, go ahead. But if not, don’t try too hard or you’ll end up looking ridiculous!

Watch your body.

Many women pig out when they are depressed. The thing is, the more you don’t eat healthy, the more you feel worse. A healthy diet can help you attain a great body and in effect, make you feel good about yourself.

Exercising is looking good. Toning those muscles up also makes you strong and helps fight stress.
Didn’t you notice that the only time you like to dress up is if you feel good about your body? If you are obese, you wear clothes to hide that flab all the more making you look miserable!
The gym is not the only place you can make all these happen. Getting busy and physical in some of your daily activities can help you attain a good figure without pedaling and getting on that treadmill. You can jog on your way to the office, take the stairs instead of the elevator, enjoy a weekend by having a regular dance party, and so on and so forth. Please, I don’t mind if you go crazy with your ideas!