Tuesday, December 30, 2008

your attitude can take you places !!

The title says it all. Your attitude can make your hopes and dreams concrete. Many people know this but often find it hard to put to practice. It is easier said than done. And most often, we are just consumed with troubleshooting and complaining about life that we often forget that what really makes it work is wearing the right attitude.

Success is drawn more to you if you are positive, enthusiastic and willing to take risks.

If positivism can be bought from a store, it would have for sure been a sell-out. There are so many out there who need a little sprinkle of positive thoughts to help them move on. As a result, people like being around friends and family who in one way or another, help them cheer up. It is true that positivism can be contagious. There are numerous testimonies of successful people narrating that they owe their fortune to happy, positive individuals they surround themselves with most of the time. What’s good is that we all have the power to make this happen. You can carefully choose who you make a habit to hang out with. I figure if people have done this at an earlier stage of their lives, they’d live better and happier as adults. Attitudes develop and are adapted through time. You are a result of your experiences. Your happiness or depression now is a consequence of what happened to you in the past. If you think you have missed living a happy childhood, don’t whine. It is never too late to start today.

Are you enthusiastic enough to find life wonderful? If you feel like always waking up at the wrong side of the bed, you aren’t! A friend made a good point in telling me that there is never a “wrong side of the bed”, only the wrong attitude. Try wearing the right attitude to wake up enthusiastic in the morning and days would seem brighter and life less complicated after that. How about starting your day with a smile on your face, a great, cold shower to perk you up and telling yourself to have a good day ahead for a change? Nothing beats a good head start!
Risk is a hazard and you try to avoid it whenever possible. There are instances in life, however, when you need to face it head on if you want to get ahead from where you are now. Some brilliant, skilled people fail to conquer life only because they are so fearful of taking risks. On the other hand, there are ordinary people who get places because they decided to swallow that lump in their throats and face awkwardness, struggles and even dangers in their work and relationships. How many instances have you walked through storms in your life and managed to pick yourself up and walk forward? This is a question that could define how much of a risk-taker you are.

Remember that nobody is born great. Greatness is a summation of courage, resourcefulness, persistence exhibited in the good and the bad experiences of your life. Be thankful for the joys and the perils that come along with living. They make you stronger and make you realize the essentials of living. Further on, learn the trick of how to stay happy and that is to look at the bright side of things and be excited to face life’s ups and downs. Waking up everyday does require us to arm ourselves with decisions we are uncertain of, however, it makes life interesting and worth looking forward to in the morning!

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