Monday, December 29, 2008

3 basic clues that tell you your guy loves you

3 Basic Clues that Your Guy Loves You

Don’t wait till he goes poof. If he’s really into you, you’d be identifying symptoms of him falling for you.

A guy can treat you like a queen day in day out, but it does not all guarantee that he is really interested. Men are quite skillful at relationships that it’s helpful if you know how to play his game. He could make you feel wonderful and leave you overwhelmed by your own conclusions that he is in love with you, yet, he’s just a jerk faking it.

Find out if he’s really into you or not through these three clues:

Watch Out for the ‘I love You’ Blues

Not just when he says it. A guy can be overwhelmed by his hormones and will tell you anything at the spur of the moment. But when you ask him when he is a bit more rational and he does not frown, that’s it! Also examine the time and situation when he says it. Does he still say it even when you’re fighting? Is it saying it with a “too” at the end? Is it the vodka talking? Is it when he wants to have sex with you? You know, guys are capable of giving foolish sweet talk just to get in your pants!

Is He Happy Alone With You?

It might be okay if he doesn’t say the magic words at all. Not all guys are comfortable with being vocal about their feelings. Some feel vulnerable and in less control so they reserve having to say it when they really mean it. That’s okay right as long as he takes it beyond words.

You know he loves you when he smiles most times and rarely frowns. You find him spending loads of alone time with you. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – be it playing sports, watching DVDs on a lazy Saturday afternoon or just sleeping in bed with you. It’s cop-out if he often finds excuses not to be with instead of planning a getaway with you, if he does that, I’d say he’s losing his love grips then. If he goes out of his way to do things for you like seeing you everyday and cooking dinner for you, that’s a guy trying to impress a girl he really likes.

You’ve Got Yourself a Fans Club

If he constantly cheers for you and tells you how he loves your smile, your strut, the way you sway your hips or how you pull your hair back up, he adores you! And when he does, you like to keep it that way. Take his compliments seriously as these are reasons why he is attracted to you. Stage up a show of your assets to keep him aching for you. A love without lust will make it feel redundant and boring.

Knowing if he’s potential Mr. Right (someone who deserves you) is crucial so you won’t go wasting your time. If he doesn’t seem truly happy with you and just seems like he is faking love, don’t go about wondering too much about what went wrong. You probably already have done enough for him and if he’s still not getting the picture that you want more than what you’re getting, then he’s not worth it!
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