Thursday, September 25, 2008

miz helena is back

Hi to all here on my epifanatical page,

I want firstly to say a BIG thx to all friends from pijoo, you tube (yes im still there! ha!) and BC for all their feedback and praise, im truly touched and overwhelmed, and youve all put me in a fuzzy mood, so ive come here to share the love with you all today. Its a gawges day here in Sydney today, so its just adding to the ambiance.

Just quickly before I start on the brain rattle, I have to let you know that Miz Helena is back! Yes, Ive spent a good deal of the past week transferring it from the original blogcast blog to a better SEO friendly wp themed blog, and im over the moon! Everything just WORKS! Adsense for one, Im so glad is finally displaying, as up until now, all I was getting at the old site was PSA (public service ads) and testing it out via everything is displaying like it should. PHEW! My brain works so mysteriously at times, I dont know why I originally chose blogcast over wp or even blogger, so it was a move that was due ages ago, and im soo glad its been finalised and up and working A-OK. Just super stuff !!

The only thing I wasnt aware of, but quickly discovered, was that previous stumbled and dugg, etc, content are now inaccessible, thx to live stats feedjit telling me so. I see visitors come in on expired pages and thats not good. So to combat this, I must now go and redigg and restumble all posts that are there. Luckily, most of the content I stumble isnt mine, so it shouldnt be a hard task locating and fixing. So dont make this same mistakes that I did peeps. I thought it would be easy enough, just transfer and choose a good host and install wp, but its always the little things we always overlook isnt it? So just so you know, dont make this same mistake. My mentor was right when he said it wouldnt be that easy. Now I know what he meant. Oh sure it was easy enough doing everything, albeit time consuming, but when its all done, you look back and think, hey, that wasnt too bad, until these things pop up and nip ya in the bud.

Also, the links change, not the primary link of course, but all the individual posts that I link to from myspace esp. This too I found out after the fact. Another reason my mentor was right. I spent a good deal of the evening during this week relinking at MS to all the correct pages, and its not done yet! I have to cross link now. Meaning, some of the original posts at Miz Helena are now here at epifanatical, only because I am separating feel good, and relationship guidance. If you observe closer, Miz Helena is a mix of feel good and self improvement whereas epifanatical is solely dating and relationship tips. So even if the posts appear at my Miz Helena MS page I have to link to em here. It would be too time consuming to do otherwise, like delete em from there and repost at my epifanatical MS page, yes WAY too much.

Anyways, Im pleased about Miz Helena being back so much so that I made a You Tube video telling everyone about it:

I have just taken my your article world article directory online as well. As you heard me say in the video, its in its early stages right now, but with the help of my friendly coder and with the installing of a kool directory script, and spreading the word, I will be taking submissions from others promoting self help and dating tips. BC and pijoo are wonderful places to start with. I plan on making it a great info-packed place people can come to to find out all about how to deal with their personal issues and great resources they can link to. Im sooo excited about this project and its something ive wanted to do for ages, so im so glad im getting the opportunity to do it now. You only get one crack at life, so you need to get out there. Life waits for noone. You need to grab every opportunity you can with both hands and go for it!! So if you are one of those that come visit me and you are promoting self help and dating too, im very interested in hearing from you soon. Please keep coming back for updates with that.