Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wet delicacies

"his rigid velvety tongue spliced open my sodden lips with fevour,
plunging into the soft wetness,
the arching of my back inevitable
as he drilled into the tightness.
I raised my leg and rested it across his heaving back,
opening wider as the utterance of my soft moans increased.

the sensation of his rotating tongue continuing his fellation was definative,
the mire of name calling evading me,
bucking up against his bristly chin
the wetness spreading across his face as he feasted opulently,
his craving urgently devouring my quivering erect clit,
gliding his tongue over and around it
the delectation ascending rapidly

compelled to deflect,
i turned over onto my stomach
adorning his visual panorama
snaking my tight backdoor up to his lips
smothering him between my rounded mounds
the invasion strewing my brain,
tearing past my yielding pucker
the unbearable ache in my clit beginning
a single finger penetrating the swollen folds
losing all capacity for thought
as he darted in and out of my burning ring
screaming, writhing,
my whole body shaking from the rapture

he was finally inside me,
the world could end right then and there i thought
and I'd die a happy woman.
I squeezed my drenched walls around him,
and turned to watch his face intently
reaming his solid rod into me
again and again
feeling every inch of his forcefullness
as i mouthed obscenities
finger stimulating my trembling clit
as i exploded in spasms

he is close as he thrusts into my steamy soaking hole
roaring, cursing, pulling my hair
unable to contain himself any longer
plunging in further,
blowing his hot seed deep within my voracious walls"

- epifanatical