Saturday, January 3, 2009

what he needs to know about her

"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" says a best selling book by John Gray and nothing says it best.

Although countless of books and articles have been devoted to understanding men and women, most of us still struggle through the steps of relating to the opposite sex.

It's not even rocket science. In fact, men and women social characteristics have been repeatedly defined with mighty simplicity but how come we are still at a loss towards perfecting our relationships? The dilemma lies in the plain existence of the differences between men and women... the same differences disallow them to mesh well.

How much do you know about women?.. I'd like to enumerate a few distinct "womanish" characteristics that men must understand and help relate better with her.

Here are a few intriguing high and lows about a woman:

She is sensitive and she appreciates a man who could lower his guard down for a moment... to her, that spells trust and sincerity.. tell her she looks good.. discover new ways to surprize her.. notice the little things she does.. avoid neing nasty.. theres nothing worst than hurting a womans feelings by being insensitive

She likes to cry. On the contrary, boys were taught not to.... crying for her means a cleansing of the soul, an expression of love, joy, anger and hurt. Sounds paradoxical, doesn't it? .. that's why men get confused over outbursts and hysteria.... the best thing for you to do is ask her what she really feels...

She is often indirect and because men are the opposite, this poses a major problem... men often catch themselves reading between the lines... and in certain situations, women really mean "Don't go" after shes told you to "Go away!"... If this happens, don't listen to the words you hear, look at her in the eye.... women can barely hide what's inside. She is instinctive. It's their nature... they sense danger before it's even there... they know you are fooling around when you are... admit it, when women feels all of a sudden insecure, she is so because she has sensed something... so, don't go away mumbling "What did I do to make her think like that?" because most often that not, its her intuitive nature that has picked it up.

She constantly needs assurance. I wouldn't call it insecurity.. make her happy by providing her constant approval and appreciation... women find joy in perfecting their relationships while men find it in the success of their career and performance.... once a woman feels inadequate about what she does and begins to question if she makes you content and satisfied, there's a woman in distress!

She really believes that actions speak louder than words. Your little cheesy ways mean a lot to her... a loving kiss tells her more than even you saying "I love you"... phoning her from work to ask her how she is lets her know you care about her and that you are happy with her being in your life... send her a rose on an ordinary day and she will be exhilarated... and the best thing about it is she'll pay you back tenfold!

She is all woman.. grrrr. It is in her ways, the way she talks or whispers, her laugh, her moves - all of these things you find irresistible.... she doesn't even have to do something extra.... It's just the way she is and the moment you stop noticing these simple things is a time of alarm for both of you! She likes to talk. It is expression that frees her from life's poison.... It is normal to hear women talking about things you care less about... but sharing her life with you means she is trusting you and making you a part of hers too.

She needs you to listen. Men can barely put up with this because they are not built to pause and absorb everything that happened in life.... but there are those who have developed a listening ear.... once in a while, I meet some of these men and I see how women are attracted to them just because of that.

Writing this aims to help men clear the confusion about dealing with women.... men could spend a hundred dates and still find to fully understand women difficult... whether we admit it or not, women are a puzzle, a complex being unfathomable despite the many first-hand researches devoted to them... It doesn't help to teach them to act more simply because she is simply unique.... she wouldnt be a woman without these qualities... It is also the same summation of these characteristics towards complexity that makes her an undeniably awesome species.. get to know her today !!