Monday, October 31, 2011

devilish tips for great cybersex

the online seduction game, can be fun and exciting and perhaps challenging, we've all been there, for whatever reasons, trying to meet the man or woman of our dreams, however, there are some that are experts and there is equally some that dont have a clue. Most people think that they can get away with saying things online that they normally wouldnt in the real world, and that certainly is true.. things you normally would get slapped for or shocked by suddenly seem more appealing..

Today I will share my personal tips on how to have a great cybering experience. This piece is not for the faint hearted and not for those looking for a life long partner either. Here I talk about how to have great anonymous cybersex with a complete stranger, a faceless individual whom you havent met and possibly for that matter dont have a clue on what he /she looks like (according to Dan and Jen, 91% of online dating profiles are fakes!!)

It's true that cybersex is not for everybody, and it can be emotionally dangerous even if you're not in a committed offline relationship and risking infidelity. But hey.. cybersex is here to stay and we might as well learn how to do it in a way that turns us on and brings us the greatest satisfaction and pleasure.

Ok my tips for fun include:

Find a suitable cybermate. Go visit chatrooms, camrooms, dating sites, etc. you'll find alot of people are in the same situation. My 1st ever cyber encounter 2 years ago came from a personal international chatroom I had installed to run on my site. But any adult chatroom is fine. Camrooms are fine too and are becoming very popular, but watch the charges. I discovered this quite by accident when I picked up a hot Greek chick during my visit to a "free room" but ended up finding out I was billed $380 for a 45 min session. If you dont mind to pay to play then this is OK.

Start chatting if youve just picked up a stranger then its a good idea to start off by engaging in small talk first just to get comfy. During my 1st cyber the world cup soccer was on and I had a brilliant opportunity to talk about that before I started to seduce him. As hot as it may get, for guys I recommend not blowing onto the screen (use a see thru screen protector), and girls, not inserting things like joysticks, mics or monitors. I made that mistake and ended up I needed a new one. It would be damn hard explaining to your PC techie what was causing the keys to get stuck.

Be as wild as you want. Its all about using the imagination and playing with words. Learning how to talk dirty is the basis for great cybering. Whether you are typing with one hand or using a head set, hot words are the core. Read up on some hot erotica to add to the excitement and explore your wildest fantasies. Again when it gets hot, make sure you check your spelling, alot of the time, we are so caught up in the moment that we make silly typos like "Please fork me harder" or "suck on my clint baby"

Relax and enjoy. Its not a marathon, and for gods sake, pay attention to the tempo and whats going on. Dont say "kiss me baby" when obviously the guy is buried balls deep up your ass in doggie possie, unless your a world champion contortionist!! The beauty about cybering too is if its not turning you on and you wanna escape, cyberorgasms can always be faked !! and if you happened to fall victim to premature cybernation and dont feel like typing on and on, you can always pretend your puter has died. At the end of cybersatisfaction (or not) dont forget to say thanks. Thanks can mean two things here, thank god its over or thanks for a really wild time.

Reasons why we have cybersex:

- spur of the moment horniness, when your partner is away and you want to indulge but going out in the real world to look isnt an option for you

- the excitement of having sex with a complete stranger without any risks, sexually or physically.

- the fact that people find it hard to date in the real world, so they create a fantasy in their heads and that fantasy can be just as fulfilling as dating in the real world.

- according to Lance Olsen in "cybersex" "we have sex with machines because we cannot have sex with people"

How common is cybersex?

Well according to a recent internet Dutch study (Royal KPN NV- the largest Dutch net provider), a quarter of boys and 20% of girls have admitted to having cybered. Just like the sexual revolution in the 1960s and 70s of the past century, the internet has made whole new forms of cybering possible, and they are being used for the first time en masse by a new generation of youth.

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