Wednesday, October 22, 2008

follow-up reply to would you trust your wife going out alone with your friend?

Q: Wow, awesome advice! I appreciate it! The weird thing is, I agree with you! LOL I say "weird" because most guys wouldn't be okay with it. I agree with you on the "let her explore" part and will let her do that. Just so I know we're on the same page, define "explore" for me, like what that entails to you, etc. I took your advice and went out with them twice since reading your response and no, I didn't feel any jealousy or insecurity. I actually had a good time. It was weird, on one of the nights, she actually held his hand and kissed him a few times with me there and as crazy as it sounds, I didn't have a problem with it and it was good to see her happy and having a good time. They're going out tonight and they invited me, but I think I'll let her go alone with this time, so I'm not tagging along all the time. I know you're going to ask if her and I spend quality time alone and the answer is yes. We do a lot alone, have great communication, etc. Anyway, let me know your thoughts and thanks again for the great advice!

A: All I have to say again is WOW! You really are quite unique.

Im glad you liked my reply. By let her explore, what I meant is let her do her thing, (with respect for you in mind of course), it might be what they have been doing, like taking classes together like you mentioned, or whatever else. At least they have their interaction times.

OMG, WOW this is what I meant about being unique, I swear I havent met a guy as unique as you. I mean, you watched them kiss and hold hands? and it didnt phase you? What bf would do that? Im not meaning to say that its right or wrong, everyone has their limits as to what they can handle or not. But I gotta ask, what were THEY feeling about it? Both your wife and your friend? To have you there and they openly showed affection? Was it a friendly gesture or more? Did they seek your permission before doing it?

Could it be your wife has an exhibitionist fetish? She WANTS you to watch? and getts off on it? Have you discussed this with her? Its a lil hard for me to pass my judgement of the situation before you tell me more, im just an observer on the surface with this. Still, you say you didnt have a problem with it. Could it be then that its you that has the fetish? That you love to see your wife with other men? Have you examined this? Again, not that its right or wrong.

You must fill me in with what happened on their outing they had alone without you. Im sure there are things they get up to without you there, if they openly show affection with each other while you are there. I still think you guys have an ideal marriage. One of love and respect. and its great to hear that you also spend quality time alone with each other too, thats very important, and that you openly can communicate.

Looking forward to hearing from you again. cheers !

- epifanatical

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