Sunday, October 12, 2008

how to please your man

How to Please Your Man
I am writing on behalf of women who find trouble understanding what men are really looking for in women and their relationships. As gawky as it may sound, I went up to every man I know --- from my circle of friends, as well as those I have just met online --- and without second thoughts, asked them a question that would help me come up with conclusions for this piece...I am supposed to write a useful string of realistic facts that I should now throw at information-hungry women who are crazy about acing her relationship with her lover

I’m currently wearing a devilish grin as I write this. I know that there are quite a number of woman who are interested ….. no, in fact, very interested in finding out how to please her man. They say that a woman rocks a man’s world, and for a good number of women, that man is her world!

I’ve read packs of articles advocating that women should know a man’s sexual fantasy to make him happy... maybe there is some truth to this because if not, these ideas won’t sell... however, as I read these notes, I wonder if men are naturally perverted beings and that if women should just accept that... in fact, my girlfriends have accepted that and now have a complete yearly subscription of magazines that tackle these issues.

What’s surprising is – women of any type are mad about these issues... It doesn’t matter if she is liberated or conservative... most of them have ‘dilapidated’ copies of magazines of these sorts. She likes to rundown each tip over and over again and giggles at this new-found knowledge over coffee with their girlfriends. Men often think that girls are content with being chased and that they don’t care... well, I’ll tell you a secret.. they actually spend long hours in girly chats talking about men and painful make over sessions to please their mates. Talk about those Brazilian wax sessions!

Before I get any more raised eyebrows, let me point out that I’d like my piece to just augment women’s readings and for them to be cautious about being misled by what they know. What I want to emphasize is that men are more than what he says about himself. Though simple (only means less complicated than women), he is still complex. Contrary to what you know, he is more than physical, sex and lust. For you to please him, you need to know what he thinks, appreciates and loves.

I hereby, unearth the ten lover-teristics of men that will help women become better mates:

1. He believes that a way to his heart is through his stomach (after all, this is so not a cliché!)

2. Just like a woman, he too, wants to be appreciated and not taken for granted. (so, don’t be naïve and let him do all the surprising and the caring)

3. He expects you to be honest (although he’s finding this difficult to do too).

4. He needs to know and feel you love him (Yes, those three words and more! Even though he barely says it to you too)

5. He has to lust you to love you (so, you might need to put on those tiger boots or wear those sexy stilettos).

6. He frowns when you start to get loud (Therefore, don’t N-A-G).

7. He hopes you are happy with more than just material things. (I hear you sigh, but UH-HUH).

8. He needs your respect (yes, it also includes his privacy even now that you are a couple!) and support.

9. He wishes you also have your head in the clouds. Nothing makes you cooler than dreaming with him!

10. He wants to lean on you sometimes (he’s still human!).After all, no one’s perfect. Even Hercules needs his match who would be more than a pretty face, a mouth, a body, and a brain. He wants all of these to make everything work. Speaking of finding someone less demanding!

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