Sunday, October 5, 2008

my fabulous date and partay weekend YAY!

What a wonderful weekend ive had! One of the best in a long while. It was my sisters 38th birthday partay in affluent style. I dont know how she does it sometimes, managing a home, working and catering to her own partay! What a woman. Im so proud to have her as my dear sister. The guests were quite a mix. I met people from TV, to surburban housewives, to personal friends, to employees.

We feasted, drank elegant cocktails and got down and shook our asses till the wee wee hours, not wanting it to end and enjoying the atmosphere so much. My date for the evening was Mr C, my mysterious saviour from my Epifanatical on a Sunday moment and Picnic at Hanging Rock, if you all remember. I put on my recently purchased brown elegant spaghetti strap fitted cam with my tight jeans and strappy summer heeled sandals, with just a touch of Gio, and pulled my hair up into a high ponytail. Very sexy. He turned up on time dressed in sexy diesel jeans, and a to die for armani shirt unbuttoned just enough for me to start experiencing palpitations at the sight of his smooth firm brown chest.

We arrived just as the partay got started and it felt as if we were walking up the red carpet. Everyone turned to stare at him and began whispering "whos that?" As up until that point, I hadnt introduced him to anyone. He was slightly nervous about meeting my sisters and friends, so I gently guided him around to say hi and exchange plesentaries and get them out of the way, so we could just relax. OMG what a smoothy he was. I always knew he was a charmer, as I watched him take the ladies hands and plant a soft kiss on them. I was feeling quite heady from all the excitement he left in his wake, as he captivated woman after woman. It was if they were standing in line to be enchanted.

You know those moments when everything just clicks and flows? Well it was one of those. The music was brilliant, the dining opulent and the atmosphere pumping.

I just knew tonight was the night. The buildup has been excruciatingly painful to keep our hands off each other, as due to his unresolved feelings with his ex we have held back. But there was something about tonight that was stirring us. He has only recently been comfy with calling me baby, every opportunity he got he would come over and exchange killer stares that would moisten my pantees. Something about that moment when a man is comfortable in calling you baby that switches something on in a womans mind. I had visisons of Connie Summer in Unfaithful where the gorgeous Paul Martel walks into the cafe where she was with friends and sniffs his hand after its been touching her horny slit, and they ask her whos that? causing her to wriggle and squirm in her seat, then they fuck urgently in the back. MY GOD. What was he doing to me? Where were these fantasies coming from? We havent even been intimate yet past goodbye kisses.

He grabbed my hand and we started to groove to the strains of 80's old sckool funk, "Rock Steady" which was one of my fave in the clubbs. He held me close and I could smell his scent and feel the heat rising from his heavenly body. We danced and danced till he practically had to carry me off the floor. So we ended up going for a stroll in the garden. This is where things started heating up. A touch here, a kiss there, compliments, his unbridled urgency, all served to add to the unbearable electricity in the air around us. I was in a trance. My weakness was not allowing me to think properly. We had to get away.

Kissing everyone goodbye, and getting so many stares and winks from friends, we finally left. He drove as far as the next block before asking me if I was up for a drive to the beach. Haha. How did I know he would be saying that? I cannot escape that folks. He will always be teasing me about the beach. He reached over and grabbed my hand and placed it together with his on the gear shift, and we drove like that mainly in silence, it was like an invisible force was taking us there. Both anticipating what will become of the evening. Somehow in the very back of the realms of my mind I was thinking could I resist the lethal charms of this cutee.

Arriving and parking the car, we got out and stood around chatting for a while, deciding on what to do. He suggested we go for a long stroll up and down along the sand. So we stripped off our shoes and left them in the car and walked down to the kool sand. It was quite balmy and fresh, the remnants of the perfect day still apparent. It felt so soothing after wearing heels to tread on the soft stimulating sand.

We walked hand in hand alongside surf that was crashing in rolls right next to us, creating the ambiance of romance, stopping to wrap his arms around me, touching my arms, which sent shivers up my spine, and twitches in private parts. How much more of his sensuality was I able to handle? He told me he found me irresistable and warm, as we stopped for a break, almost at the edge of the cliff face. We sat down on the sand and lapped up the gorgeous surroundings. There was even a few seagulls out and about nearby.

I was so relaxed and feeling so mellow as we lay side by side resting our heads in our hands and getting cozy. We lay there looking at the stars, talking about the evening, having a laugh. It was nice. I snuggled up to his warm chest and lay my head on him, looking at him in the darkness, imagining what was going thru his mind. How can two people get this close without temptation getting in the way?

Pulling me closer after a few initial moments of fumbling, his lips reached down and found mine and we started kissing deeply. This was a test. Do I give in to the headiness? or do I restrain myself and not appear too keen? This has been our 3rd date and I still felt unsure, but from the deep recesses of my mind that movie keeps playing on in my head. You know the scene right? When Connie visits Paul and he tries to seduce her and she bravely tries to turn him down, but in the end cant and just grabs him with passion?

Our french tonging continued, he had me under his wicked spell, and was unleashing my inner whore with wild abandonment. Reaching to the tops of my jeans he was toying with the buttons and rubbing my stomach which had become exposed by his wondering hands. Pushing my camisole up further, he slid his hands up to my breasts and delishiously began to caress them, squeezing them gently and kissing me all around my navel area, automatically reacting by opening up my thighs. OMG whats happening here?

His hands were all over me, right there in the beautiful moonlight, pressing his lips close to my ear, his breathing quickening, saying how much he wants to lick me everywhere. Oh baby, when all of a sudden, a freakish wave came sneaking up and almost washed us away. Talk about dampening the moment! From here to eternity eat your heart out! Faaark we ended up soaked!

That put an end to that lil misadventure. We quickly got up shocked by the rude interruption, and starting to get all goosebumpy and shivery as the wind blew against us. We went back to his car and just stood there trying to dry off as much as possible. It was as if I was right and this was a sign. BRAKES! STOP! So im glad we didnt cross the line yet. I think I would have been so mixed up and so would he. My yahoo answers peepz were correct in their answers that night. Im not saying its right or wrong either way. If we did or if we didnt, but somehow, without me knowing how to explain it, this does feel the safer option.

Nevertheless, after we dried up, we went for a coffee in town and had a great laugh about it all. Never had we both had anything this exciting happen on a date. It sure was a fun weekend, and one which I will remember for a while. He dropped me off at home, kissed me goodnight, and I just had to jump online and rant. Holla at epi if any of you have had a time to remember as well. Would love to hear it!!

My pantees thou, never had a chance to dry!!

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