Wednesday, November 12, 2008

20 of the best recommended twitter resource links

last night I spent alot of time on twitter, following new tweepz and getting followed in return by some of em.. in the space of a few hours, I learn so much about the different tools to enhance your twittering experience, prompting me to share this knowledge with you all..

These are some one the better twitter apps.. ones im personally using and are recommended :

1) tweetburner - track your links on twitter and friendfeed drag the twurl this button up to your tool bar log in and you can tweet a link and message to both twitter and friendfeed

2) tweetstats - graph your twitter stats, per hour, per month, your tweet timeline and your @ reply stats.. tweet results to your twitter

3) tweetbeep - If you love Twitter, you'll love TweetBeep! Keep track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything! You can even keep track of who's tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL (like

4) tweetvolume - enter keywords or phrases to see how many times they appear on twitter

5) tweetlater - awesum tool Keep your Twitter stream ticking over with new tweets even when you're not in front of your computer. Or, use it as your personal reminder system. PLUS... Send automated thank you notes to new followers, and automatically follow new followers, if you choose to do so.

6) tweetcube - TweetCube allows you to share files on Twitter. Simple as that. Blast out your images, videos, music and more with just a couple of clicks, and your files are automatically posted on Twitter.

7) tweetboards - showing you all the people you want to see at once.. create a quikee quickboard, on the fly, editable tweetboard & display tweets based on time stamps

8) twubble - are you looking for more people to follow? Twubble can help expand your twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.

9) less friends - do the people you follow on twitter follow you? find out with this tool

10) twitter grader - measures the power of a profile, according to grader, it is calculated by people that follow you and their network worth, pace of updates and the completeness of your profile.

11) twitterize - Twittertise allows you to advertise on Twitter and track the success of branded communications with your customers. Using Twittertise you can schedule your communications on Twitter and using URL tracking technology measure the effectiveness of your traffic driving techniques on the platform.

12) twittad - another awesum potential money maker for twitter users TwittAd was formed to give Twitter users and advertisers the opportunity to meet for product placement & website promotion on a Twitter user profile. Our goal is to not fill Twitter with ugly & obnoxious advertisements. We give advertisers templates and ideas to help keep the integrity of Twitter background images.

13) addtweets - This free service allows you to add your latest tweets to a blog or website using a small piece of JavaScript code. Enjoy!

14) tweetdeck - TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.

15) twhirl - twhirl is another social software desktop client, based on the Adobe AIR platform.

16) twitresponse - Setup unlimited messages to be delivered to your twitter page when you want. Need a message sent 2 hours from now, no problem, setup a TwitResponse. Having a product launch, upcoming seminar, book release... Setup a TwitResponse to automatically notify your followers.

17) twitter jott link - post to twitter with your voice!! With the Twitter Jott Link, you can post to Twitter with your voice and tell all of your followers what you're doing.

18) easytweets - EasyTweets is a web-based marketing tool that makes it easy to use Twitter to promote and grow your business. With EasyTweets, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts with ease: schedule posts, post rss feeds, share links without logging in, see what others are saying and follow the conversations

19) twitwall - sometimes 140 characters is not enough. When you have a brand or a website to promote you need to get your voice out there, this is where the fabulous tool twitwall comes in. Think of it like a mini blog. its awesum.

20) twittin secrets - follow the best in the twittering biz.. for more great twitter apps and tools 100 World's Greatest Twitter Tips & Twitter Secrets The Ultimate "Twitter How To" Guide by Internet Strategist, Dan Hollings


PS another great tip is the igoogle itwitter tab - The iGoogle iTwitter Tab instantly creates a personal "Twitter Workbench" for maximizing your Twitter productivity directly within iGoogle. Once the iTwitter Tab is adopted you may login to your Twitter account from iGoogle, add customizations, and move gadjets around if you like. iTwitter Tab is complimentary to Twittin' Secrets, the 100 Twitter Tip series by Twitter strategist, Dan Hollings.