Friday, November 7, 2008

epifanaticals fave playlist

Hi everyone, its epifanatical AKA Miz Helena letting you all know about my new podbean music playlist site, haha I just had to start one of course. Well I spent a good deal of Friday afternoon setting it up. It was very generous of pod bean to suppy and host a free site for this.. so to say thx, I would like you all to come join and share with me.

Music is very emotional for me, I use to display my feelings alot and i tie certain situations to it as well. For example, friends that ive met and connected with, I usually like their tastes in music and might pick a track or two that I like also and enjoy it. Places ive visited that remind me of certain songs, I dont drink coffee in the mornings like most ppl do, so music is what wakes me, I choose a good classic rock song and spring outta bed with the music blasting in my ears. My exes have all had unique tastes and being with them and sharing life also meant sharing the music too. Ive been introduced to so many great bands thru friends and lovers. I go for my daily walk and it comes with me, as I stride along at a brisk pace, the music I choose compliments me. Places like last FM are really kool to find and enjoy music. I have an awesum playlist there filled mainly with rock and alternative, from Black Sabbath to Pantera to BLS and much much more.. if you too like your music loud and hard, then go visit me at last FM and add yourselves to my friends list there.

I welcome you to my fave playlist and of course will be adding more as we go along. So for now, thx for stopping by and listening in. I hope my choices have stirred you and possibly have taken you to someplace you might remember and have enjoyed. Of course there is also the music that reminds us of not so good times, like a break up for instance. But should we love that music any less? NO I dont think we should. We should embrace the good and not so good and remind ourselves that we have experienced life and its all a part of who we are. Every moment of life is a gift, and music is part of that gift. It can make us smile, laugh, cry and remember all sorts of mixed crazy emos, but its us. So let the music take you away.

So if you would like a podcast site like mine to add your own podbean podcasts on then click the banner below to get started.

Click here to visit me at my new podbean fave music playlist site