Wednesday, November 12, 2008

is traditional article marketing dead?

When was the last time you were highly satisfied with the
results you got from an article you posted?

And are you really satisfied with the return you get from
your writing and posting efforts?

You know the drill

You spend time writing an article people will read,

Then you submit it to an article site,

Then the article site owner gets,

Revenue from the ads he has placed on your articles page,
and he gets another back-link.

Oh, and of course your article is there for the finding,
when someone searches,

This is the service you expected, that's how it works.

But who gets the better half of the deal?

Have you ever wondered about why it has to be that way?

Many have.

Right now, that scenario is changing, Because the next
generation of article marketing is here now!

Well, just as every software is made better with each new
generation, article marketing is improving with this new

Of course you can keep using the old version, just as you
have been,

or you can go to the new generation of article marketing

Again, like a software, you can choose to utilize the new
features for your benefit, now or you can wait until later,
letting others who do, benefit now.

Some serious marketers have been so excited about seeing
this new improvement, they had a hard time getting to sleep
at night.

They wanted to put out a new article!

What will be your reaction?

Just go here....

Unlock the real power of your article marketing