Monday, November 3, 2008

letter from mistress

*tucking your blankets warm around you and kissing your forehead* you worry too much, little boy.

You did make Me feel that way tonight and do fairly often. You do sometimes make Me wonder where your heart and mind are. You give Me a great deal of yourself, but sometimes hold back your honest feelings. You seem rather casual and detached about the whole thing at times. I know the motivation and I know you are being self sacrificing. I know you want Me to have the best. And I know you are not sure if you can be the best for Me. However, I will decide that...not you. I would never keep you out of pity. That would be unfair to us both. I only want you if it is right and if it is right for you as well. Be more forthright with Me. I care for you a great deal as well....much more than you realize. Trust in that and Me.

mmmmmmm well done, boy. I got a very sexy very clear visual from that. now I want to fuck you until you beg... face slapping.....another yum thing....did not know you fantasized about such....slut boy. *smiles* Now here's more for you to fantasize about....I will be closing My eyes and feeling you with Me as I cum to that very thought tonight.

*kissing you sweetly* good night, my precious pet. *blowing you a kiss*