Monday, November 3, 2008

letter from submissive

I am wandering through the halls of the place. I have not been here in years and I am just finding My way around. Simply flowing from each section to the next and taking it all in a little at a time. Coming to a long hallway I step around the corner and see a large heavy door at the end of the hall. Feeling quite like Alice in Wonderland I cover the distance to the door slowly and steadily. Pushing against the heavy oak reveals a large room...a dungeon. Letting my eyes adjust to the relative darkness I find two candles on high stands flanking the door. Taking one of the matches from the table I light each one and then turn to take in the dancing patches of light like fairies playing against the walls. Looking around I see seeing various tools and toys like tiny soldiers of understanding quietly at ease against the walls. Traveling the perimeter of the room I let My hand trail lightly of the more interesting objects taking in their texture and scent. Stopping in the center of the room after My brief inventory I look more closely. Catching My eye is one particular toy. Bathed in a pool of light as if displayed proudly for Me. Clicking My shoes against the hard floor I make My way over for closer inspection. I reach out with my fingertips to caress the wood when I reach it. Carefully I take the heavy wooden paddle into my hand. I test the grip and balance of the shape. Striking it against My palm I feel it vibrate through Me. I smile softly relishing the power this paddle has when in the right hands. Mentally I catalog the many emotions it can inflict when wielded by someone who understands. I replay in My head some of the precious tears I have brought forth and the pretty marks I have left behind. I stand there for a moment quite lost in My thoughts.

Taking a deep breath I place the paddle back on the wall. Closing My eyes for a minute I stay in that place. Opening them I explore the room once more. Walking to the floggers, I let each fall slide through my fingers. The suede one catches briefly against my softer skin. The leather one glistens black snaking against my red nails. Another silk one plays between my fingers like butterflies. Walking further each step echoes off the walls. Stopping in front of the straps and belts, I feel a slow smile licking over my lips. Taking each one between my fingers, I measure the weight and thickness. Mentally I gauge the welts it would kiss into tender flesh. I picture the jump created when such an instrument is cracked through the air not even touching skin yet....just touching nerves....searing through the strongest hearts. Her sweet strong heart that yields only under My command. My eyes narrow and my heartbeat increases thinking about the urgency provoked by each strike. The small whimpers crescendo into pleas to be taken even further and further....higher and higher....until gently floating back like a feather into My palm. Then there are no barriers...just raw... forcing her vulnerability. Guiding her to weep tears that were never allowed into my lap. Rebuilding.

Stepping to the dresser where my private things are kept and opening the drawer. Taking out a small pong type and laying it carefully on top of the dresser. Turning back to the drawer and rummaging though it to find the other things I am looking for.

Leaning back over the dresser and seeing my little box. Black leather with a blood red buckle and a small heart shaped silver lock. Breathing deeper as the familiar comfort seeps into me ... my fingers caressing the well worn lid the fingertips toying with the cold lock. Slipping my hand into my pocket I retrieve a small key with the same heart shape in the handle as the lock on the box. I ease it into the cold metal and hear the passionate click as they connect and open. The metal warms under my touch as I remove the lock and place it on the dresser. Easing the top open on the box I reveal the dark red silk interior. Tenderly laid as a surgeon’s tools the arrangement inside never changes. Two letters tied together with a midnight blue ribbon. One shard of emerald glass beside it. A small flogger with a sterling silver braided handle. And the bittersweetness that exudes as sure as the leather scent that touches every part me.

Tenderly picking up the letters and pulling a loose end of the ribbon so that the top letter slips obediently into my palm. Carefully opening the well loved paper and absorbing the words as I have so many times before....“Mistress,

I have relived last night a hundred times. I offer this to you as a weak recount of my overwhelming feelings.

I can hardly control my excitement. My desire to please is so strong it seems to be pulsing through each vein, building into a warm…. no, a hot, ache in my groin. It’s as if all of my blood, my hot blood and my vivid thoughts are building at the center of me. And how it aches! The sensitivity is so real, so incredibly apparent that I find myself lost. My body is burning. And we havent even begun! I am still clothed, and you have just left the room, leaving me to prepare myself for your inspection upon your return. So now I must undress, expose my body and its passion for your whim. And how I want to please you! I can feel my hands shake, a cool sweat forming on my skin...nervous anticipation. If not for my blood racing through my body I could lose control! But, as I am learning quickly, that will not matter as I will soon no longer be in control of my own being. That will be yours for your use, for your desire, and as you see fit. Quickly I undress, my shirt first, my shoes, my socks, and slowly, my pants. As much as I desire to be naked for you, I am nervous. I have never been naked, alone, and exposed for an undetermined length of time. The pants fall to the floor and I hesitate for a moment....a shiver coming over me. I must hurry, you will be back soon, and I cannot begin with disapproval. My underwear falls to the floor. And I am free...I stand there, my body taught with anticipation. I tense, just a little, to try and impress you. Futile, I should realize, as you will soon see my body in such compromise that nothing will be hidden. My heart jumps and my flesh tingles....both awaiting something, anything, to touch them. Just the calm air of the room is bringing them higher....”

I turn the page over and drink in the feelings each word drums into my heart.

"Instantly my attention is drawn to the corner of the room. I can hear your heels clicking on the floor. One, two, three, |and I tense again, hold my breath, and wait. Your entrance. Your smile. My mind tries so hard to absorb so much, to feel the purity in your sex, the grace in your motion. I no longer feel awkward, I feel proud to display myself for you. Your hair, your eyes, those devilish eyes cutting through me, reaching into my soul, reaching to the depths of my mind and my body. Your strong shoulders, delicate arms and hands, those breasts, your thin waist, the perfect curvature of hips and thighs, your delicious ass and those long, muscular legs. I can feel your blood red lips smirk at me, pulling my thoughts to you.

The light glimmers, briefly, off of the black leather as you walk towards me. Your body, glistens in your attire, the sculpted form of pure sexuality, uninhibited and strong. You seem to make the room drop away, pushing a reality that is too plain to comprehend, to simple and naive to bother. But we are there. I can feel you, the power that radiates from your body, the sheer glory of the raw sexual energy. How incredibly awkward....but it feels so right. Here, I am here, and take me, all of me. Your smirk slowly grows into a wicked grin. You are close now. I try to keep eye contact, but it’s hard. So much to look at! Your breasts bounce, slightly, held back by the tight leather, your hips moving slowly, up and down, those heels, so erotic. And those lips. Those glowing lips. I stare, waiting for the words.

“Put your hands on your head..... I want to look you over.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I blurt out, and my hands are quickly on my head.

Slowly you make your way around me. A calculated path, each step examining another part, as if evaluating each. My Inspection has begun. The line has been drawn and I no longer have control of anything, and I know this.

As your hands travel over me you glance up to meet my eyes. “Pretty excited aren’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am, for you, only for you.”

“That’s right,” You murmur. You are close now. I can feel the heat as you approach me from behind. Your delicate hands reach out and slowly caress my hips. Your body moves close to mine and I can feel the cool leather against my hot flesh. Your hands move around my hips, gradually strengthening your grip. Up my stomach and over my chest...Your fingers massage my chest and make their way to my nipples, gently squeezing them. I can feel the sensation radiate through my body, a warm, but sharp, sensation that brings me awareness higher. The sensation quickly vanishes as your nails dig in to my stomach, leaving white trails as the first marks of your journey through my body and mind. Your hands now caress me, gently massaging my muscles, urging them to relax. You lead me to a nearby chair, and taking a seat, you point down.“Over my knee.”

I am there....sliding across your lap uncomfortably.

There is a pause as you examine my situation.. You are making me wait.


“Unnn,” escapes my mouth, as the slap comes unannounced.“Count for me and no whining.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”





I am lost in the sensation. First, the simple compromise of my body. I have never given control to anyone, let alone ever been over someone’s knee! But my thoughts evaporate as my ass begins to burn and burn and burn. By the time you are done, my body is aching from the front side and the back. Two opposite, but somehow wholly connected, each feeding the other and further stimulating my arousal.

You allow me to stand now. My mind amazingly reels faster. The burning in my ass is a warm pain, something that I am acutely aware of but find not altogether unpleasant. And so it is understood now. This is the way it will be.


Your devoted and smitten submissive"

I gently nod My approval as I fold the letter once again and whisper out loud, “ The way it will be forever. You are Mine.”