Monday, November 24, 2008

QF's craps and strippers

Just back from the most amazing weekend getaway in Melbourne. One of the best in a while. I have lots of dear friends in Melbourne which I love escaping to twice a year, once in March for the AU F1 GP and then in November for a nice break before the Xmas rush.

On the Friday evening a group of us ended up going to the casino for some quiet drinks and a few rounds of craps and blackjack. First time I played craps and I thouroughly found it so much fun. Its all about precision shooting and control, perfecting your toss, betting either with or against the dice. On a one roll bet, (twelve crap) I picked up a nice lil win of almost $170 on a $5 bet. I might have been lucky at craps, but I was crap at blackjack, getting too cocky and always busting. But we had so much fun. The weekend was just taking shape.

Saturday morning we boarded the ferry for a ride out to Williamstown for a extended birthday sushi lunch. Such a quaint historic part of Melbourne, with an island village atmosphere, full of yesteryear charm, that I havent managed to explore in depth until now. When I asked the waiter for a QF, the look on his face was priceless. He hadnt had someone ask for one for a while. I instructed him on how I liked it and he happily complied. Me and my big mouth. You see, QF's are the type of shotees you can down very fast and keep coming back for at a reasonably quick pace. Its only on the ferry ride back did it register just how much I had. LOL

On the Saturday evening, the birthday celebrations continued in St Kilda, my fave place to be seen at and the home of Melbournes best nightlife and bars. We managed to squeeze into the White Bar at a late hour. Sitting just above street level, almost opposite the famous Albert Park F1 street circuit, its the koolest place to be seen, with drink in hand, grooving to the best DJ talent. The QF's flowing in abundance once again. I met a cute frisky 32 year old that showed off his dancing skills, then wanted to show me more of his talents, but got grass cut by my friends. LOL At the end of the night, I was thinking if I had this many QF's in reality, I would be one happy woman. We walked home, and it was fuckin freezing. (yeah I no its late November, I couldnt work it out either) Luckily we were staying nearby.

Sunday afternoon, we had tickets to SEXPO.. the one event I dont miss out on every year, whether it be in Sydney or Melbourne. Sexpo is the ultimate health, sexuality and lifestyle expo, that I love going to for new ideas, browse the latest in toys and accessesories, watch the shows, buy the koolest showbags and meet the stars. Sunday afternoon was packed. We scored a DVD and entered the comp to win a 18k gold vibrator at the Twisted Toys stand. This years expo had a lapdance room for both guys and girls, pole dancing, porn star Jesse Jane, Gold Coasts Bad Boys, amateur strip shows, and so much more!! What fun!!

Sunday evening was chill time, so we veged out on pizza and cones.. manicures and pedicures.. had a ball with our showbag goodies .. and drooled over Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. mmmm

For those of you that are unfamiliar with QF's.. (Quick Fucks) this is the correct way to make em..

1 part Midori
1 part Kalhua
1 part Baileys

layer in equal parts in shotglass, kalhua first, then Midori, lastly Baileys and swallow!!