Monday, November 3, 2008

slavery reward

He comes home from his thirsty. She meets him at the door. “Come on, boy. I have something in the yard for you to do. “

“Yes Ma’am,”

he follows Her to the backyard. As he rounds the corner he draws in a soft breath. He sees heavy chain link restraints attached to a tree.

She grins, “You were hoping for yard work, I suppose?” She watches him squirm a moment and then Her tone hardens. “Take off your clothes.” She quickly secures his wrists and chains him to the only tree in the yard with absolutely no shade from the harsh summer sun. She goes to a small table and produces a small pitcher of water and a glass which she fills a quarter of the way full. She brings the glass to his parched lips and hy drinks it desperately. “You will earn more as we go, pet.” She coos as she moves behind him. Seconds later he hears the crack of the whip. She doesn’t actually make contact but just lets the sound wash over him. He jerks and every muscle tenses as he rises up on his tip toes. She stands silently behind him until his muscles begin to slowly relax. Her whip slices through the air and into his back.

He writhes away and She says sweetly, “ Awwwwwwww......I am going to have to kiss that and make it better.” He relaxes again as She steps closer anticipating the feel of Her soft lips on his skin. The whips cuts him two more times. She walks in front of him to look into his face. His head is down from the heat of the sun beating down on his face. She gently pulls his head up to look into his eyes. She softly kisses his lips and then is gone again. He listens.....wondering where She went.....until he feels Her breath on his ear, “Do you want to feel My touch, boy?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he sighs.

Immediately he feels the sting of what feels like twenty whips....a cat o nine tails. Before he can even cry out it is striking again and again. He moans in rhythm with the whip and yanks against the chains. After twenty strokes She is back in front of him. She grabs his face and forces him to look into Her eyes. “Do you like My new toy, slut?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he whimpers.

She laughs softly and goes back to the table getting another glass of cool water. She stands in front of him and takes a long sip of water. Then pressing Her lips to his She lets the water slowly trickle into his mouth. Over and over She dances this dance until the glass is gone. The She walks Her fingers up the chains and toys with the lock. His heart races.

She chuckles, “You don’t really think I am done with you, do you?” He groans a little but does not answer. Before he can tell where She is he feels the cane bite into the right side of his back. He tries to look to the right but She is already at the left landing the next strike. His head jerks to that side to see Her standing there with Her patented smirk. “Do you want more, boy?” He hesitates not sure of what the answer should be.

“Yes, Mistress....” he says slowly.

“Perfect,” she smiles. The next stroke is even harder. He cries out and turns his body away. After ten repetitions she steps in front of him and gives him a little kiss. He leans into Her trying to stay close to Her mouth with his own. She pulls away and waves one finger at him, “You have to earn that, precious.” She stalks behind him and says coldly, “Now, this is going to hurt you a lot more than it is going to hurt Me.”

His whole body tenses and he is squirming and trembling. Then Her hands are on him rubbing soothing aloe into his back. He relaxes into Her touch and She says in a calming voice, “Feel better, My sweet boy?” He shakes his head yes. She reaches up to unchain his hands and he sinks to the ground kissing Her feet. She runs Her hand lightly through his hair and murmurs, “That’s My good boy.” She crouches beside him and hands him a glass of water and he drinks it down fast.

She takes his hand and leads him into the house watching the chill bumps rise along his back as the air conditioner touches his heated skin. She pulls him into the bathroom and stands him in the shower. She turns on the cold water and washes him head to toe with a washcloth without saying a word. He shivers as She dries him. She takes him to the bedroom and tells him to lay down on the bed. She slips onto the bed beside him and softly runs Her hands over his chest. “You are such a good pet.”

“I am I happy please you, Ma’am,” he says softly.

“You do, baby. Do you want Me, little boy?” He nods....eyes clouding with desire. She leans closer and kisses him gently and then more passionately. She drags Her nails up his side and hy begins to shake. She slides Her leg slowly up over him to pin his waist to the bed. He automatically arches up to Her. She slips Her hand under him to run Her fingers over the marks on his back. He winces slightly and kisses Her harder. She wraps Herself around him and moves him on top of Her. He is watching Her eyes carefully and She smiles into him. He kisses Her lips lightly again and then trails kisses down Her neck and over Her collarbone.....down over Her breasts and lower down Her stomach occasionally glancing up to see Her nod slightly giving him permission to explore Her body. She allows him to take his time and savor his reward. Then She takes him by the hair and pulls his mouth back to Her heavenly lips. Melting him with Her kiss She guides him to grind into Her. He begins to tremble uncontrollably as this is the first time he has been allowed on top. He remains perfectly still until She smacks him lightly on the ass urging hym into motion. Faster and faster they move together. Breath coming harder. Muscles tensing. Until they are swept away by the intensity of the moment of soul touching soul. In the quiet moments after they drift into each other and quietly rest in each others arms.