Friday, November 21, 2008

some really good news

Ive just recieved some really exciting news this week and it couldnt of come timely enough..since im just about to board a plane for my extended weekend bi-annual getaway. I attended for my follow up specialist appointment this week and I was thrilled to learn that my 5mm PE or (Pulmonary Embolism - a blood clot in the pulmonary artery of the lung) has completely dissolved. YESSS!! Now to most of you that dont know about PE or think this is dull.. believe me its the most GODSENT exciting news for me.

You may recall reading my "a warning to those who work long hours online"story of how I was stuck down a few short months ago with PE, which I developed quite suddenly and without warning, which most ailments of this nature tend to do. I was hospitalised for 3 days with intense and acute spasm-like chest pains, particulary on deep breathing which scared the fuck outta me at the time and it was only after undergoing 2 scans that it was picked up. I was commenced on blood thinners in hospital immediately (Clexane and Warfarin) and am to continue with this treatment for 6 months. This was the reason why my overseas trip had to be reluctantly cancelled. But I have now been given the all clear with flying again. YAY!!

My doctor has told me to continue with Warfarin till the 1st Feb 2009, and then I am to return for a blood test 2 weeks after the treatment is completed. Then see him again for a final time (hopefully) in early March 2009.

The scan images below are part of a range of different CT scan images I took during the diagnosing period before I was hospitalised. The PE is clearly evident in the 1st & 2nd scan images (left side pulmonary artery) It was during my scan in hospital that they discovered my PE had completely dissolved, but the results of those not being avail till recently. So that meant during my follow up visit, no repeat scan was needed. I am over the moon.

Oh btw, I did manage to purchase my to-die-for tote. AND a fabulous black leather jewellry travel case.

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