Monday, November 3, 2008

tonight you will be my sacrifice

Whispering against your ear, “Tonight you will be My sacrifice. Laid out before Me in tender compromise.”

You keep your eyes down and say softly, “Please, Ma'am.”

Lashing you to the bench... leather cuffs biting your wrists. Your body pressing nervously against the wood. My knee sliding up between your thighs...parting them....exposing you for My whims....pressing just briefly against your heat. Stepping away I pick up two floggers, one in each is My softest. Slowly I begin to caress your back with the suede...steadily swinging back and forth lulling your skin into a soft pink and your mind into comfortable waves of submission.

Switching hands to the hard leather flogger I jolt you from your softness...popping you hard across the shoulder. Wincing you duck your head between the bars resting your cheek against the cool wood. Reaching forward I yank your head back up by the hair and bite a slow hard line down your neck marking you as Mine. I soak in all your delicious little sighs and moans. Letting go of your hair I step back and bring the flogger down over and over across your shoulders deepening the color to crimson....deepening your soft cries to harder groans. Laying My cheek against the back of your shoulder, I feel the heat of your soft shudders against My skin. I drag My nails lightly up your side and pressing the fabric of My white button down against your tender back, I slide My leg up the side of your thigh grinding barely against your ass. I step back again not touching you at all.....watching you tremble.

Bringing My whip down hard I slice into your back....whipping you again and again until you are panting and writhing....waiting for you to cry out for Me. I push you farther until you are moaning in time with every hit....until you are shaking.....gasping.....until the tears. I stop and walk in front of you cradling your face in My hands....watching your glassy eyes...stroking your cheek. I walk back behind you again. Slowly unbuttoning My shirt, I let it slide off My shoulders to the floor. Stepping close to you, I press My cool flesh to your hot skin...My breasts against your sore back. Sliding My hand down over your hip.....then feel how hot you are for wet from taking My pain. You lean your head back against My shoulder, your lips parted slightly. Leaning into you I push you hard against the bench. Your hips trapped between the wood and My hand....barely stroking you and pushing My body into the welts from My whip. Bringing you to the edge, I stop and step away.

Your body shivers as the cool air washes over it. Picking up My small cane, I drag it up the inside of your thighs slowly bringing hungry groans from you...tapping it very softly against your swollen head....then bringing it down hard across the back of your thigh. You draw in your breath fast and hold it. Slowly and deliberately I stripe you from the bottom of your ass to your knee. You jump and cry out until I get the tears I want from you. Finally taking My short cane I carefully cane the word “slut” into your ass. You feel My fingers tracing out the word and whisper “your slut, Ma'am”.

Coming back in front of you....stroking your hair...cupping your chin in My hand and bringing your eyes up to meet Mine, “Yes only Mine, little boy.” I slowly kiss away every tear....murmuring to you how proud you make Me and what a good boy you are. I walk back behind you and reach up to carefully release your restraints taking care to hold you so that you don't fall. Sliding to the floor with you, I wrap a soft blanket over you and hold you....your head in My lap....My hands in your hair....resting together.