Wednesday, November 12, 2008

twitwall.. making the most from twitter

140 characters? WOOT TF? Comon, lets get real!! Who can say what they have to say in 140 characters?

Maybe if your a man/woman of a few words, or say a quickee, like hi hows it going, perhaps, but if your anything like me, you wanna be LOUD, and give people the works!!

So, whats the solution? Well, im here today to tell you all about a very lil known twitter app (but free and available to all twitter members!) called twitwall. OMG.. yes twitwall!! and word is spreading fast!

Let me explain a lil about what it is and what it has the power to do. If you have a product, a brand, how-to tips, or just want more space to babble on and have your say, then twitwall is the answer.

With twitwall, think of it as a miniblog, but so much more.

Twitwall, of course, is used in conjunction with twitter and you can add links to your other social media sites as well. (facebook, myspace, stumbleupon, you tube, digg, etc..) It supports html for images, links, and even you can even embed video and podcasts. Its unreal!! Its like your own public space on twitter without the restrictions!!

Its a great place to announce your latest posts, post how-to videos, polls, links to your websites, promotions, lead captures, product recommendations, basically whatever turns you on.. Ive started my very own twitwall and you can too! If your not a member, go sign up NOW!!