Tuesday, February 10, 2009

the words we find the hardest to say

for some people, its hard to say I love you, or im sorry when you dont feel I love you or that your sorry. We have all been desensitized to some extent, by the way we bottle up our feelings time and time again, that when it comes to saying it when we want to say it, we feel it becomes almost meaningless and void.

some people cannot grasp the true meaning of love and forgiveness, and more so, feel an inadequacy that those simple spoken words are not enough, and that they are uttered for all the wrong reasons, too soon, too late, or being dictated they are a sign of weakness and vulnerability.

another interesting characteristic, though many can’t and don’t say, I Love You, they think that their partner understands that fact. They believe that love should just be known. Unable to express love, they feel that they should just be understood.

This couldnt ring true enough when I walked in on my bf shaving one morning. He had just applied a thick layer of white foamy shaving creme, and I told him he looked like a cute santa clause. He replied by saying this is how he will look like when he's 80, and he hoped I will like the look. WHOA! I felt he seemed to be emanating I love you at me, but why were the words so hard to say?

Saying I love you is soul bearing, creates a sense of permanency and carries alot. Its kinda like it says look at me im ashamed and naked. In the case of men, they feel like they are giving up their control, to most men power equals survival mechanisim, and the fact it means a huge leap of trust. In a world built around dominant competition and rivalry, the idea of trusting is somewhat alien to a mans nature and revealing their vulnerability is something that most men find extremely hard to do.

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