Wednesday, December 17, 2008

3rd reply to would you trust your wife going out alone with your friend

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lol yes, I did watch them hold hands and kiss. It didn't phase me in a negative way. I actually thought it was cool that she was able to do that in front of me without having to hide it.

I don't know what he was feeling when they did that.

She told me that at first, she felt weird doing that in front of me, but as the night went on, she said she became more comfortable with it.

As to whether what they did was a friendly gesture or more, I think a little of both. I know she loves him, so I guess it could have been both. Not sure what she was thinking when they did it.

Maybe you know better (coming from another female). They didn't seek my permission. I guess it all came natural to them. I don't think my wife has an exhibitionist fetish. I think she's just attracted to him and is very close to him.

As for me, no, I don't think I have a fetish, I just love her, support her and want her to be happy. As for their outing, it's 2:00 A.M. and they're still out! lol Should I call her on her cell, or let her be? lol Anyway, it's great to be able to talk to someone about this. Thanks for listening and thanks for the great advice!


It can very very hard for others to comprehend how you are feeling and your relaxed attitude. I mean, im pretty easy going, have a good threshold for what gets to me, but even I am amazed at what im hearing.

Kissing and you took it all in stride?? OMG. You say your wife doesnt have exhibitionist fantasies, but going by what you say by she eventually became comfy with doing so makes me think otherwise. Here is what I think...

she knows your OK with things, and feels good about that. She may sense that it kinda turns you on, and she wants to see your reaction. The more you show it doesnt phase you, the more it fuels her fantasy. This is from an outsiders prospective. and most will see it this way. So she pushes it to the edge as far as she can.. Would it change things if you try look deeper and you discover that it does turn you on? and the fact that you guys are both friends with Steve, I mean what does he do after taking your wife out? shake your hand at the end of the evening and say thx mate? You must have the foreberance of steel to be able to be with them while they openly display their affections so blatently.

I think you should call her. Its 2.00am and they are still out, so a call of concern is prolly what shes's expecting. Dont be surprized I think if she reveals stuff you were prolly leading up to expect. It was kinda headed that way.. more so now because of the openness with kissing in front of you. Question is.. can you handle it?

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