Thursday, January 29, 2009

11 do-able ways to boost confidence

Congratulations! Reading this article is the first step towards wanting to be a better person. 11 realistic do-able ways on how to look and feel good about yourself. You will exude a glow that people will notice. So maybe you dont have a million bucks but you definitely can feel like it!
It’s easy! Add a little spice of determination and commitment into the regimen and things will start to turn around soon enough.

Avoid feeling stressed. Don’t forfeit opportunities for you to exercise. If work drains you out, try an easy workout of two rounds of 15 sit-ups when you wake up and before going to bed. This will flatten your stomach and when done regularly, develop those abs you are envious of. If you need to do more than that, you can always hit the gym. Sweating those toxins out really does wonders not just for your body but also on how you look at life.

Watch your diet. No, we are not aiming for you to becoming anorexic. It’s eating anything you want in moderation and at the right time. There’s no point starving or keeping ice cream away. If you do that, you are in danger of over-indulging when you get a chance.

Have you also heard how getting enough sleep and drinking plenty of water hydrates your skin and makes you look fresh? It’s true! If you wanna try something different and refreshing, why not add Liquid Chlorophll to your filter drinking water?.. natures very own super green food can be found at any good health food shop..

Dress to feel comfortable and to look good. There are people who often excuse themselves from purchasing good looking clothes and say they only dress for themselves. Theres something about treating yourself every now and then that makes us feel great.. it might be as a reward.. or just because you want to.. whatever the reason.. making the effort to look good is a huge confidence booster.

Teach your mind to be happy. Staying positive is the key! Believe in what’s best and not in what’s worrying you. Our mind is very powerful that if you train it to side dish the negative thoughts and focus on the good parts, it eventually will. Successful people have learnt to pay attention to the bright side and weed out negativity. So should you too!

Be kind to yourself. Pat yourself on the shoulder if you need to. Value and never criticize nor insult yourself. Don’t be calling yourself names like stupid or idiot. It is a no-no. These are ego downers and are never helpful to boosting your self esteem. Nobody needs you to be perfect. We are all entitled to mistakes. You are no different if you stumble but you will be when you learn to laugh at yourself and move forward. Throwing self affirming statements while you look at the mirror every morning will actually boost your self confidence and will give you a good kick to start the day off.

Love yourself. I’m not saying be narcissistic. What I’m telling you is I can’t love you back if you don’t love yourself first. At least like your own skin, accept the flaws and live with it. People come in different colors and sizes. It doesn’t matter which shade or shape you are. While looking like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt is a bonus, it is not important. You can be imperfect and people will still like you. It’s all in the attitude and knowing that impressions that last are those that make big impact in other people’s lives. What impression of you are you leaving people?

Fall in love with what you do. It’s not healthy to keep minding what others think about you. You are actually happier when you do what you genuinely enjoy and not because it’s what is expected. You should never complain and blame others why you didn’t succeed in your career or relationship. Significant others may influence our decisions but remember that life is what WE make it, not what THEY make it.

Don’t stuff your ego with lies. Interestingly, there are individuals who make up stories to make themselves look bigger to others and even to themselves. Flatter yourself this way and be sure that this could back fire in the long run. Recognize the REAL YOU and show people that. Friends actually know when you lie or not. But showing them you are human and that you have flaws and you don’t mind laughing at it makes you more likeable and sincere. You’ll forget to frown at yourself too.

Don’t be afraid to show who you really are. I see my friends trying to keep it cool but end up repressing their emotions. Letting off steam sometimes is healthy for you and those around you. This applies for all human beings - mean and women alike. Breaking that fa├žade by venting feelings relieves tension and anxiety and lets people understand you more.

Sincerely care about others. Life is not about you and you. It’s a conglomeration of social relationships working towards finding life’s purpose. It’s not man after himself. If I mind you and not just me, I’d feel good about not being selfish and making someone else happy.
Think about all these. Then, if you have the urge to ask yourself why you should start doing this, why not also ask yourself “Why not?”.

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