Sunday, January 25, 2009

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5 Personality Traits to Make You Stand Out

I was driving home one night thinking about helping a friend stand out amongst a crowd and getting noticed. Earlier that day, while we were having coffee, she vehemently told me that she finally want to snap out of always having to be in the dark side of the room and be unheard and unnoticed. She is 33. Sadly enough, this is an issue that people of any age, face.

I ended my conversation with this friend assuring her I would try to think of ways to help her find a ‘cure’ to her condition. Since the coffee break was not enough for her to vent her feelings, I told her we could meet again the next day before I offer my piece.

As I get into the car, I tried to weave solutions to this case. I also must ensure that my suggestions should be doable by anyone who aims to test it. How do you help people quit their roles of being a wallflower or the great hero’s buddy by the way?

First of all, don’t go haywire. This condition is ‘treatable’. And the first medicine that you need to take for starters is to get out of those shadows and put on your own mask and save (errr, entertain) the world. People like to be entertained. So long as you don’t bore your audience, you are the man! So, be that man and make a statement.

Yet it seems that making a statement among your friends, family and colleagues is a daunting endeavor. Some people, however, are born lucky and they make one without a sweat. Some are just born beautiful, smart and funny and no matter how many times you exclaim that it’s not fair, it still doesn’t change things. So, what happens if you are not? There’s hope. And going blonde and joining the cheerleading squad for you to be popular is not your option. Besides, that’s not what we are aiming here for. Let’s try something simple, concrete and permanent ways to be a PERSON THAT MATTERS.

Say, you have someone you admire. What makes you like that person? You like that person because there’s something unique about him or her that inspires you. It maybe the looks, the wit or something he or she does. In the same way, find what’s best about you and bank on it.

Thinking about this as I drove farther, it dawned on me that this is what it’s all about – to be noticed, you have to invest in your own assets. Since you can’t be Eddie Murphy or Will Smith to be noticed, you can however, imitate their personalities and people will think you are just like them!

A few more seconds, I began thinking of famous ‘personalities’ that people find agreeable. I was thinking that if we could learn to wear these personalities like clothes to look dapper, then wouldn’t that be great?

Here are the five great personalities that I came up with the moment I reached home. All you need to do is choose which personality traits you think you have and practice on it.

The Model. It’s all about posture. You don’t need to have super good looks but just the confidence that you are comfortable of yourself. Remember that people sense your self-esteem and it directly affects how they look at you too.

The Clown. Be the one who cracks the joke. Don’t be the joke. Learn to laugh at yourself. Everybody makes mistakes. If your boss caught you sleeping at work, just say something like “In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.”

The Mannequin. Dress right. It’s not about following the trends but dressing in what looks good on you. Emphasize your best features. Wear colors that complement your eyes or skin. Flaunt your assets.

The Driver. Don’t be contented to be always in the backseat. Have an opinion about something. For this to be achieved, it will be necessary to read up. Get ahead and be a leader (when you are confident you can do it). If you do this once or twice, people will remember your contribution and will most likely tap you the next time without you having to volunteer.

The Expert. What is your passion, your skills or your interests? Build on these and develop your skills more. It flows naturally if you love what you do. Say, you are good in Math, travel, astronomy or fashion. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you are good at something! The next time people come across such topics, you would be the first person that would come to mind.

There’s nothing more satisfying than being remembered for who you really are (namely your looks, skills, talents and ideas). You may be known for how you carry yourself (model), for your sense of fashion and style (mannequin), for your bright ideas and leadership (driver) and for your genius (expert).

Emphasizing your strengths is the key to becoming ‘someone’. What’s great is we all have strengths and assets. Go find yours and think how you can go about it. As for me, I still have to get back to that friend and hand her these 5 personalities she could choose to wear for her to look dapper!

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