Sunday, February 22, 2009

have you found love at twitter?

with todays fast-paced plugged-in world...the social network is fast becoming more and more the places to meet potenial date or relationship partners.. places like MySpace .. Facebook.. Friendster and now Twitter have have taken over as virtual chatrooms where people flock to to socialise and meet.

Theres even 2 well known twitter meeting points for single tweeters looking for love.. Robert Balousek, contributor on the blog, has already launched a service called Twintro where you can follow and get updates from interesting tweeters. There is also Tweetheart.. (which im a member) whom you follow and a profile is created under whichever category you prefer.. you are out there where you have the opportunity to potentially meet hundreds of likeminded twitter singles.. gay.. bi .. swingers .. TV/S or straight

Is everyone catching on? theres even a service in the making for a social dating network called Twitterpated. Which instead of asking "what are you doing?" will exclaim "who are you looking for?" .. seems so ..

So here I was sitting here tonight contemplating just how many twitterers have found or are seeking love or even using it as a tool to flirt.. perhaps flirting via DM's .. then progressing to IM's, camming or even actual real world meetings for something more than just friends.. some might even have a twitter disaster or funny story.. I would love to hear of your experiences.. you can remain anon or change names.. thats fine.. so long as we can share .. please post your stories below..

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