Tuesday, February 17, 2009

hot sex tips for men & women

Watch those Nipples. There’s so much you can tell by watching a woman’s nipples, as you are making love. When she really likes what’s happening to her, the nipples will swell up and grow to sometimes twice their normal size, and if she doesn’t like what’s going on, they will shrink again. Nips are your sex thermometer. Keep it HOT!

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When giving your guy a hand job, don’t forget his balls. I know a lot of guys who prefer a good hand job with some serious ball play, to both blowjobs and intercourse. Just start out by stroking and gently massaging, as things build up to a peak, you can get a lot more strenuous and he will dig it, but just be sure to keep watch for any reactions to pain.

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Strip poker is an excellent game to revive those old feeling of lust for your partner. A game with 2 to 6 couples, I prefer 4, makes for a crazy evening of safe and controlled, but wildly erotic playfulness. No one needs to actually be unfaithful of course, but the fact that the temptation is there just drives the whole group sexually wild, subconsciously.

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Sometimes a couple can spend a great session of erotic intimacy, just masturbating each other while kissing and playing around. There is a certain freedom that comes from the ability of not having your pelvises fused throughout the entire event, so you can check things out and experiment from other angles that otherwise would never be available.

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The top 10 favorite “Kinky Locations” to have sex, according to women polled between the ages of 18 and 45, are, in order from #1 on down to #10, The Beach, Elevators, Moving Cars, Nature trails, Hot Tubs, Dressing Rooms, In front of hotel windows, Public Restrooms, Balconies and Pools. The hottest place, but a huge risk nowadays, Airplanes!

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Dirty Talk Safe Zones: A lot of men love “dirty talk” during sex, but, with social conventions and such, many women aren’t comfortable, as it makes them feel cheap. They have their virtue to protect. No problem, create an agreed upon area or time frame, where anything goes and no one can judge or hold a grudge. A safe place to just play

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Public Sex: It is a proven, scientific fact that the combination of the adrenaline rush and the increased blood flow created by the speeded heartbeat, leads to very intense and extremely sensate climaxes. The very thrill of being in a strange or dangerous place, creates an adventure in the psyche, which is where 75% of sex actually takes place.

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Or-games: No more war games, make love not war. I say it’s time for Orgasm Games or what I like to call, “Or-Games!” Play! Sex is supposed to be fun, exciting, stimulating, instinctive, unpredictable, spontaneous and creative. Invent scenarios, play roles, or just goof around, enjoy one another’s company, make each other happy. Have FUN!

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Take your partner right up to the very brink of orgasm, and then slowly bring things back down to a stand still. This creates an extreme sense of exaggerated anticipation, which heightens the senses, each time they get close, but stop. Like a car shifting into higher gears, when your partner finally hits ecstasy, they’ll be cruising at about 150 M.P.H.

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