Sunday, March 8, 2009

2009 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

frak me.. what a celebration.. one of the best this year has seen.. Mr C and I were in a cant bloody wait for it frame of mind for weeks leading up to it and what fun we had.. arriving just as the last of the floats was trailing slowly down Elizabeth St alongside Hyde Park.. we were of course trying to chase it down before it hit Oxford St but were overcome by the crowds.. an estimated 500,000 of em!! stomping over beer bottles and broken glass..

we ended up staying in the park where along with thousand other revellers decided to partay on there.. the music was sooo loud.. the atmosphere so happy and there was soooo many lively characters that were so hard not to deliciously ogle over.. devils.. nurses.. sexy school girls/boys.. slaves.. mistresses.. coppers.. fantasy boys/girls.. at every turn there was a feast for the senses..

Mr C was dressed in tight black addidas bike shorts.. open black industrie shirt.. Docs and YES!! my sexy man did come in eyeliner and lippy !! YAY!! pleased my boy lived up to his promise.. I was complimenatry in off the shoulder black fitted cotton silky and flowing black almost knee length goth skirt with heavy eyeliner and fake lashes and glossy pout.. I wore my black slides and applied heaps of body shine..

we took a slow walk down to a packed out Oxford and ended up squeezing in the Xchange.. booty scootin and watching all the beautiful people.. then later at the Courthouse where we stayed until the wee wee hours .. lots of rowdiness.. spillage on to the street.. passed out people.. but all in all a fantastic time had by all.. below are some of the pictures from Hyde Park.. and a fantasic video I managed to snag from You Tube .. enjoy!!

This was the first pic I took when we arrived.. the tail end of the actual parade.. the view across to Hyde Park from Bathurst St Elizabeth St along with dozens more were closed to traffic.. traffic from Bathurst St diverted north along Elizabeth

These are pictures from the scene at Hyde park where we stayed for most of the night before we ventured in Oxford St

And finally makin it home.. reflecting on the night