Saturday, March 14, 2009

friends with benefits

Hi All,

Wow what a lovely Sunday and weekend Ive been having. Saturday was me day.. I took myself off to the beautician for a day of pampering. I got a pedi, manicure and a mild dermabrasion facial. My facial skin now feels smooth and fresh. I usually get these treatments done every 3 months or so and try more often in the summer months. Saturday night Mr C and I escaped for some pool and a few drinks with some friends in town, later spending the night at his place watching all night DVD's.

Sunday it was the usual family BBQ gettogether.. and then an afternoon drive to our usual haunt.. which we decided to have some fun at. As you all know from.. Epifanny On A Sunday we played out a re-enactment with an 'alternate' erotic outcome. I am in the midsts of writing about this encounter as we speak and should have it published in a few days. So make sure to look out for it. I will of course announce it in the DATING GAME FORUM as I do so.

Anyways.. tonight, as we were sitting at the beach, we began delving into the more interesting aspects of our relationship. It seems his stubbornness has finally effected any chance for him to get back with his ex, (yes its complicated) despite of constant urges of what should be done. Although it may sound complicated, im not in the traditional sense the other woman. No. It has never been that way. Its more an exclusive friends with benefits type of arrangement, that has just worked well for both of us. I cannot see him as my fulltime boyfriend, nor do I desire to be in the girlfriend/wifee role. What is that exactly? Well you know, picking up after him, cooking, washing up after him.. taking his shit.. no thanks.. so in this way we have the best of both worlds.. we live apart.. have seperate independent lives.. but we urgently come together for fun times and for friendship.. he tells me everything about what goes on in his life.. shares his joys and fears.. and openly tells me his thoughts about us.. one positive aspect I know for sure is non-existant in normal togetherness.. he trusts me implicitly and I with him.. doesnt get all hung up if I have other male/female friends.. and we get along famously.. so I think to myself.. why rock the boat.. why change things??

Perhaps some of you have been in a friends with benefits type relationship? What do you define as friends with benefits? Would love to hear your thoughts.. both positive or negative..

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