Tuesday, January 10, 2012

does your partner have roving eyes?

Looking. We all look. We have eyes. Sometimes roving eyes. Does your partner gawk at others in your company? Do they give lame explanations or just shrugg it off? Does this bother you? Should it bother you?

Well, newsflash: beauty is eyeball grabbing! Im as straight as they come and even I eyeball at such beauty!! However, I have to be honest to say it was never like that in the past. My ex was a constant eye rover, whether with me or not. I never use to speak up about it, but naturally was fuming inside. The reasons why I didnt were not too appear that it "got" to me, in the hope he would sense it didnt bother me, so it would cease. But it did, and it didnt. It gave me the feeling he saw me as someone he was comfortable with instead of someone he was attracted to as sexy. I would think that I wasnt attractive enough to him, that he wanted other women, and worst of all, that he was a potential cheater. This just strengthened when he use to get the shits if I dressed in low-cut tops or great fitting jeans and he'd say to me: dont wear that, other guys might check you out!! Even when a good-looking guy caught my eye and I so much stared, he would get touchy.

If men/women consciously refrain themselves from looking, they do so as not to evoke jealousy, tears and anger from their lovers. When you pester them about it, the trouble now is that whenever you go out together, your aware that theyre trying VERY hard NOT to look at others - and that is nearly as bad as when they do. By all means, if you want to control every lil thing your mate does, then turn your relationship into a police state, but be prepared for resentment, and more secretive behaviour as they now know what ticks you off.

Fast forward a few years, now in a new relationship, I now join in!! Its impossible to control roving eyes in both male or females unless you date a legally blind person or chain them to the house. Simple. You might be ogling coz spring is in the air and suddenly theres an influx of scantilly clad bronzed bodies on display. To witness a woman in a mini skirt after drab layers of winter garb is such a refreshing sight. Your man cant help notice and im sure you cant either. I love how my boy checks out women, I dont feel threatned, in fact I point them out to him and we both indulge. Same goes for men. We women cant help looking at gorgeous solid bodies, faces, buns, legs. Ok, maybe we are a lil better at discretion, but we still ogle.

Bottom line is theres a saying that goes: Dont worry where he/she gets their appetite from, just as long as they eat at home.