Wednesday, July 8, 2009

have you ever had anal sex?

anal the taboo forbidden desire... not all of us love it or have had it.. but the majority do think about it and quite a few have engaged in it.. whether its with a regular partner.. gay/bi/straight.. with total strangers.. sex workers.. masturbation.. anal does cross our minds and most of us love it and get turned on by it.. xxtreme anal and double penetration anal we see alot of in movies.. and it looks ohh so hot and tempting.. but how many of you have actually had anal?.. and how often and in what way?.. take the time to fill in this poll so we may all find out just what you freaks are into and what turns you on about anal.. do u use protection?.. lube?.. have you experienced ass to mouth?.. oral in the anal area? .. anal with a stranger?.. gay/bi anal?.. have you used anal toys?.. do u enjoy anal xxtreme?.. have you ever been an ass slave?.. do you worship butt?.. are you concerned about any mess?..have you ever been fisted anally?.. does anal hurt?.. do you prefer anal to regular sex?.. i could go on and on about anal..

be honest and answer as many that apply.. all info is anon so let have sum fun and find out what turns us on.. and lets share the knowledge..

its pretty straight forward.. just select your answers.. and cast your votes!!