Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the importance of using the correct lube for anal sex

As much as we love anal sex, there are a few that are quite clueless that know what is the correct lube to use. This is a very important part of preparation for anal sex, for comfort and safety reasons. Firstly, the anal passage lacks its own natural lubrication, can be quite sensitive, tight and suseptible to minor cuts. Therefore, the correct lube is of paramount importance.

There are lots of lubes on the market. Water based, oil based, desensitising, natural, flavoured, silcone based, warming, cooling, tingling, enhancing, & moisturising. However, the safest and most practical lube for anal sex is plain water based ones. Water based lube is longer lasting and thicker textured which is suitable for anal sex. The use of oil based lube can weaken the rubber of the condom, so is best avoided and reserved for regular vaginal sex, masturbation or private indulgance with sex toys. Under no circumstances should you use a spermicide/HIV lubed condom, as this can be very irratative. Nonoxynol-9 the common ingredient found in these condoms was created for use as an industrial cleaner. It is abrasive and may cause cuts to the anal passage, thus increasing the chances of spreading disease.

If fear of pain is causing some apprehension of trying anal sex, you may find a water based desensitising lube more to your liking. This not only lubricates, but also has additional benefit of creating a slight numbing sensation that can help reduce the pain.

For a truly smooth almost pain free anal sex experience, the selection and use of the correct lube is important for both partners. Getting it right first go will enhance your experience and definately make it more pleasurable. For you guys thats good news, as a happy satisfied partner will want to repeat the performance. What fun that would be to have a willing sexually attuned partner ready for anal sex whenever you are.

Here are some of the lubes I highly recommend for comfortable anal sex:

desensitising water based lube

plain water based lube

plain water based lube