Saturday, July 25, 2009

my first year at twitter

TWITTER is no doubt the most fastest growing social network platform esp in the last 12 months. There really is no right or wrong way to 'tweet' in my opinion, despite all the so called "twitter etiquette how tos", people flock to twitter for very diverse and equally different reasons, for some its to build and establish their biz and for others purely for the interactivity.

I am one of those people. I have been using twitter now for aprox a year and have many times come close even to calling myself a "twitaholic". My usage of twitter has varied. I find I get into different "twittering moods". For example, I may use music or quotes to put forth my feelings, ramble, sneak in subtle innuendo, interact, post links to my articles or fun stuff and generally try to make others feel good about themselves.

All in all, twitter has taught me alot in human behaviours. I have learnt people can be shallow, kind, mean, caring, uncaring, rude, straightforward, quiet, selfish, happy, mushy, pushy, almost every kind you can find on twitter. This is what makes it quite a good mix I find, esp with my moods. Sometimes I cant stand all mushy goodness and all I want is someone to stand up and tell it like it is, expose the raw human emotions of this life, and other times all I want is pinky softness and backrubs. Twitter gives me this, so I just slot myself in and become one of the crowd. Singulary, we may think we dont contribute much, but as a collective, I believe we are a very powerful voice.

Twitter too is responsible for my decision to cull back my use of social networks. It wasnt that long ago that I became a member of every major SN out there, you name it I was there. But in the end it all got so time consuming, not to mention it eating away at your valuable productive time. So thesedays twitter serves as an all in one service for me. I can post links, photos, videos, pass on relevant info to my followers all thru twitter, without having to use seperate networks. It saves me alot of time and allows me to concentrate my efforts in one place rather than stress at the thought of updating stuff everywhere. Just the way I like it.

Twitter yes is here to stay, and I believe will keep expanding. I have enjoyed my first year at twitter, have met some wonderful people, learnt alot, and equally been taught alot. Freedom of speech rules and everyone big and small alike have their right to express themselves.

Followers come and go its a fact of life. You cant make everyone happy, but there is a market for everyone, whatever point your trying to make. Below is an interesting audio from the editor at large from the Oxford Dictionary on the findings of their closely studying twitter behaviours.