Friday, October 15, 2010

Go Choco Loco With Your Lover

I love chocolates—and I know it’s not only me who has a passion for Hershey’s Kisses and M&Ms. These sweets are believed to be aphrodisiacs and let me say now that I believe it 100%! After all, romance, passion, foreplay, sex… they’re all heavily affected by your mind right? And if you believe that chocolates can help bring out the ‘wild woman’ out of your partner, then so be it!

Chocolates can do wonderful effects on our body. Since they are made from plants, they inherently contain natural components that promote good health. In fact, it is said that dark chocolates reduce high blood pressure.

A small bar is enough to also lower bad cholesterol in the body. Eating chocolates gives an immediate boost of energy and vigor. Moreover—and also very fortunately—chocolates have also been found to have a certain effect on one’s desire for sexual activity.

They are said to strengthen a woman’s libido, resulting in an increased interest and desire for sex. As for men, chocolates stimulate passion and vitality and a remarkable increase in sexual desire can be noted. No wonder men always resort to chocolates when they date women!

Short Choco History

According to aphrodisiac history, the belief started with the Mayans, who drank chocolate for fertility. They would even use a chocolate drink concoction during marriage ceremonies.

In very recent studies though, chocolates have been discovered to have phenylethylamine, a chemical that’s detected when one falls in love. And get this: the same chemical rises up to the brain during an orgasm!

Serotonin is also known to be present in chocolates. This chemical gives one a feeling of pleasure. These two substances are mildly addictive. But women are known to be more susceptible to the effects of phenylethylamine, thus making women more ‘chocoholic’.

If you’re still not convinced, then maybe results of a study (by Italian researchers no less!) published in The Times in 2004 will. According to that research, “Women who have a daily intake of chocolate showed higher levels of desire than women who did not have this habit. Chocolate can have a positive physiological impact on a woman’s sexuality.”

Chocolate as a Sex Tool

Now if feeding your woman chocolates does not give you a hard-on or if she just ends up eating the whole box without even giving you a second glance, then there’s something wrong with your delivery.

That’s right. Chocolates are so common now that they don’t really conjure up images of sex right away so don’t just buy the average chocolate bonbon. Why not try Kama Sutra chocolates! That’s right; there are chocolate bars being sold online now that are shaped specifically to match Kama Sutra sex positions!

If you want to take this a step further, cook up your own Kama Sutra-shaped chocolates. But this time, add some chili flakes to increase the aphrodisiac factor.

Now what can be better than vanilla ice cream topped with warmed chocolate? That would be vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate eaten off your lover’s body!

Put some melted vanilla ice cream on your lover’s naked breasts and lap it up! Now, immediately follow this up with some warm chocolate sauce and suck off all of that too! Other areas you can try this are her neck (yes, her neck!) and of course… her pussy!

Here’s another idea. Why not buy edible chocolate undies! Present this to your woman; urge her to try it on with one promise… that SHE will be your dessert tonight! You can also turn the tables around of course. Put on a chocolate-flavored condom and ask her to give you a blow-job. I guarantee she’ll be sucking away with gusto!

Ok, now here’s one I actually first heard from one of our subscribers. Edible body chocolate paint… that should be applied with a very soft and tender paint brush. Imagine how she would feel as you glide that tickly, feathery, chocolate-laden brush all over her body. By the time you reach her groin, she’ll be panting like crazy!

There is truly no end to the wonders of chocolate as an aphrodisiac! In fact, I dare say that of all the aphrodisiacs that are popularly known, chocolates are the most readily available, are some of the most inexpensive to buy, are a joy to be eaten by both men and women, and are actually believed by scientists to increase sexual appetite!

So what are you waiting for? If I were you, I’d be running out the door to get some chocolates now!

About The Author:

Gabrielle Moore is an expert on female intimacy.. teaching men and women the true art of seduction.. mindblowing sexual techniques and new and exciting ways to please your lover

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when do you know if he's right?

When Do You Know If He's Right?

How many dates does it take to make a decision about whether or not you want to pursue a relationship?

I've always been curious about this aspect of dating, because very few women have comparable experiences. With some dates, the knowledge is immediate and instinctual. With other dates, months may pass before the endearing nature of his laugh, his smile, his character becomes apparent.

I know that I am a slow warmer. I am wary when I meet a man for the first time. I am dubious of his intentions. I read innuendo where none was intended. It takes me time to let down my guard.

It's not because I'm naturally a suspicious person. It's because, in the realm of relationships, I've been burned enough by bad apples.

I'm representative of most women my age. By one's thirties, one has experienced enough bad relationships to associate the dualities of pain and pleasure with a man. One is never sure how much to trust.

But this isn't natural.

Twenty years ago, I loved all boys. I played with them innocently and full-heartedly. Boys were my playmates, my cohorts in crime, and my teammates for games. I could think no evil of boys. Their strange preferences for dirt, body odor, cars, and constrictive underpants were simply idiosyncrasies of fascinating playmates.

As I grew older, I realized that boys could no longer be trusted to play innocently with me. My first two male friends in college were cool--a jazz musician and an Apple Mac gamer--until I realized they "liked" me. I quickly dissolved the friendships. I wanted the innocent companionship and friendship of my childhood male schoolmates. I didn't realize that maturing would erase that possibility completely.

When do we women lose our innocence with men? And can we ever regain it?

In my line of work, one great danger is to take relationships and attraction too seriously. Many women feel that the potential of the man they are seeing is a matter of life or death. Instead of having fun playing with him (like a child with a favorite playmate), they evaluate his potential as a father. They situate any future relationship squarely in the realm of adulthood. The rest of their lives is at stake.

My flatmate tells me that the definition of compatibility as a couple is when his or her issues are compatible with your issues.

That's a pretty adult view of the situation.

I have a different view. I believe that you know a man is compatible with you if he likes to play the same "games" you like to play. Maybe you like to tease in a certain way; maybe there's a certain game in bed that you like to play. Maybe you like to go out; maybe you like to mountain bike. If he likes to enjoy himself and have fun and laugh in the same ways as you, you've found a potential soulmate.

We all knew back in childhood that there were some children that we could play with for ages, and there were others who liked games that didn't interest us. It's the same with men and women.

Yet in our attempt to find a suitable man, we often forget to look for one that we have fun with. One that makes the kinds of jokes we find funny (and laughs at our jokes). One that is up for any crazy scheme we propose. One that will make our life happy and light-hearted, not just important and successful.

Life is serious and dry enough. We don't need relationships to replicate those patterns.

Relationships should be a haven from life's dry seriousness. You should be able to feel like a child with your partner, unembarrassed at the silliest of games. Together, you will be responsible for forming a life, raising children, making a home ... but all this will only be enjoyable if you can laugh together.

I have been out on dates with many successful, intense, highly attractive men. I admire them, appreciate them, and learn much from conversations with them. These are the men who will shape the world. No woman can fail to respond to their power.

But as for myself ... in my little, humble world ... I envision my ideal future as one in which there is always laughter, in which I can return to childhood with my spouse and play those games that I didn't get to play enough before I grew "old." I want us to be able to chase one another around the room, have pillow fights, and wrestle. I want us to tease one another, share silly jokes, and dissolve the seriousness of a working day with the magical spell of humor.

So, I suppose, the answer to my question is that it takes exactly the number of dates you need to decide whether you've found a companion you can play with. Some kids find a game they can play with each other right off the bat. Other kids end up trying lopsided games that one but not the other likes until they either find a game they like in common or give up.

Trust your child-heart's instinct. Ask yourself ... if you were a kid, would you play with this guy? Or would he be one of those kids who tries to control the game, or change the rules, or cheat?

A partner who makes life more fun is a treasure indeed,

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About the author:

Amy Waterman is a professional writer specializing in attraction, dating, and relationships. She has extensive experience in helping women find love with her insightful and powerful secrets into attracting love and making relationships work. She is currently the host of the latest edition of "How To Be Irresistible To Men," which is part of the 000Relationships Network.

Her innovative program is a powerful instant-access multimedia course with a comprehensive supporting workbook. Additionally, members receive a number of bonus e-books on topics ranging from overcoming shyness to kissing, a 160-minute online video library, secrets of self-hypnosis, their very own personal email consultation, and much, much more! The "How To Be Irresistible To Men" Premium Course offers all women – single or not - a dynamic and comprehensive toolkit to attract love into their lives and establish strong and supportive relationships.

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Hot Foreplay Buttons

There are 101 things that you can do tonight that can make your woman’s blood boil a little hotter. A lot of men think immediately that this involves new and difficult sex positions or even the use of sexual aids but really, just KNOWING which pleasure buttons to hit is all it takes. Read on!

Foreplay Buttons

One: While making out, make sure your lips and tongue give attention to your lover’s neck. Ok, a lot of men know that already and you’ve probably applied that technique yourself… but what about that soft and tender patch of skin in front of her ears?!? While kissing or licking this soft area, whisper something sweet or something lewd! Now that will get your girl going.

Two: Break away from kissing her just a bit and then lick her lips. While licking her lips oh so gently, whisper that you can’t wait to lick her down there too!

Three: Just when she’s wet and panting, glide your hand down there and caress her through her undies. And then say something with the word ‘soaking’ in your sentence.

Four: Make your way to the bed and as she’s lying there, deliberately get off the bed and put some distance between the two of you. Now undress, making sure she sees exactly how turned on you are. You don’t need to engage in full-on self-play but touching yourself once or twice to show how long you are for her is a good idea.

Five: As she lays down naked in bed, run a silk tie or silk scarf all over her. Now ask her to turn around and this time, as the silk tie or scarf runs over her spine, follow it up with your hot tongue.

Six: Instead of a striptease, why not ask your lover for a ‘bed dance’ instead? This is when she dances completely naked all over you as you like completely naked on your back. Have her sashay all over your face, chest, and yes, down there.

Seven: While giving oral, place a pillow under her to elevate her mound. This will give you more access, and her, more pleasure.

Eight: While out on a weekend drive, pull over somewhere semi-secluded and then ask her to pleasure you or bend down and suck on her breasts.

New Twists on Old Games…

One: Instead of the standard 69 position, why not place your manhood between her breasts instead while you guys in this position.

Two: Or why not do the ‘inverted 69’. This is when she sits on you but instead of using your mouth on your manhood. She sits up and uses her hands on you instead.

Three: This time, while she’s on top, ask her NOT to remove her clothes. Instead, lift up her t-shirt or lingerie every now and then so you can get a ‘peak’ at what you’re doing down there.

Four: Take her from behind but instead of being on your knees, do this lying down. The pleasure will be more intense!

Five: Don’t be shy to ‘rough each other up’ once in a while! So tonight, don’t go to your bedroom; don’t even lie down. Do it against a wall with your clothes still on and just about 10 minutes before somebody is due to visit you! The roughness, the wildness, and the thrill of being caught with your pants down – literally! – will make this the hottest sex ever!

Six: While she’s on the ‘woman on top’ position, ask her to SLOWLY turn around (face your feet instead). As she does this, stay as unmoving as you can in bed. This will enable you to feel every inch of her on your manhood as she twists and turns.

Seven: Morning sex is so underrated! Tomorrow morning, why not engage in slow sensual sex OR take her rough over the bathroom sink as she tries to brush her teeth!

There you have it. There’s lots of ways you can increase the hotness meter in your bedroom (or elsewhere) without having to engage in anything you may consider *taboo*. Just let your imagination run a little wild and just go with it! You never know what reaction you’ll get from your partner until you try.

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About The Author:
Gabrielle Moore is an expert on female intimacy.. teaching men and women the true art of seduction.. mindblowing sexual techniques and new and exciting ways to please your lover

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why Its Called A Break-Up

Why It's Called a Breakup

A few months ago, I read Greg Behrendt's book on breakups, It's Called A Breakup Because It's Broken. I am a huge fan of He's Just Not That Into You, and I expected great things from the sequel.

It disappointed me. Not because the information wasn't good. Not because the style wasn't lively and engaging.

It was simply because nothing was revolutionary.

He's Just Not That Into You revolutionized my perspective on dating. Friends who read it suddenly "got" why previous relationships had dissolved. Greg explains that the simple reason why some relationships stuck together and others didn't was because the guys who are really into you want to be with you ... no matter WHAT.

Why didn't he call after the second date? He just wasn't that into you.
Why did he dump you? Because no matter how he claimed he felt about you, he just wasn't that into you.
Why should you not want him back? Because breaking up with you proved that he's not into you as much as you deserve.

The latter is the entire topic of It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken.

How a woman deals with a breakup tests her emotional maturity more than any other scenario. In order to grow as a woman, you MUST learn how to deal with breakups well, without poisoning your ability to love again. That's why studying this topic is so important.

At Triple O Relationships, we receive emails from so many women wanting to know how to get their previous boyfriend back. In fact, it would be fair to say that getting an ex back is one of the top three issues women hope we'll solve.

The problem is that 99.9% of these exes aren't worth having back. Many of them are abusive, have a personal life in shambles, are already with another woman, or have proven through their actions that they're unable to act in a mature way in a relationship or make the commitment to trying to become a better person and partner.

Yet these women would prefer to be with an imperfect partner than to be alone. Of course they would.

We all prefer the demon we know. Being single again means facing the dating scene, the lack of someone to depend on, no one to cuddle with, and putting on false bravery to one's friends. It is stressful, lonely, and hard to be single. It's an emotional challenge to feel fulfilled when there is no "special someone" in your life to whom you can give the gift of your abundant love.

But Greg's answer to the situation isn't adequate, either.

In his book, Greg tells us, "You deserve better than that ex of yours. He just wasn't that into you; otherwise, he wouldn't have broken up with you. Never settle for that. Demand a man who's truly into you."

Is getting over a breakup really that simple?

I don't think it is.

Don Miguel Ruiz, in The Mastery of Love, explains that the amount of abuse we tolerate in a partner is equal to the amount of abuse we heap on ourselves. If a woman is used to telling herself that she's ugly, that she fails at everything she tries, and that she's not capable of performing in the world without someone holding her hand, then she'll accept--and even feel most comfortable with--a man who reinforces these beliefs.

For example, if your partner makes a cutting comment about the horrible dinner you cooked that night, and one of your beliefs about yourself is that you are a bad cook, then you will accept his comment and berate yourself even more for not being better in the kitchen. If, on the other hand, you feel quite self-assured about your competence in the kitchen, you will challenge him on it and refuse to let his rudeness slide.

As a result, many women find it difficult to set higher standards for themselves in the dating world without re-evaluating how well they treat themselves.

Women who have a litany of negative self-comments running through their heads will accept partners who criticize them.

Women who don't value or respect themselves will accept partners who don't value or respect them either.

So what should we do?

Greg does his best to pump up our self-esteem. He calls us all "Superfoxes." He wants all of us women grieving over breakups to believe that we are totally hot babes who deserve princes. But (to point out the obvious) Greg doesn't know each of his readers personally. Greg's belief that I am a Superfox isn't enough to transform whatever personal beliefs I have inside about myself.

The 000 Relationships perspective on breakups is much more simple. Yes, women need to improve their sense of self-worth. Yes, women need to set realistically high standards when choosing partners. However, the only thing that women need to know when a breakup occurs is this.

It wasn't meant to be.

Can I repeat that? It wasn't meant to be.

If he decides that he no longer wants to be with you, then clearly it wasn't meant to be.

Let me explain.

A relationship is composed of two people. When one of those people backs out, then there is no longer a relationship. Even if the two people decide at a later date to get back together, they aren't simply continuing the old relationship. That's over. They are starting a new relationship, with new rules, that may be completely different from what they had in the past.

The number one thing women need when a breakup occurs is faith that things are happening as they are meant to happen, according to the Divine Plan that the Divine Power has for each one of us.

For me, my faith in the Divine helps me accept when life takes a different path to the one I desire. It doesn't mean I'm fatalistic. On the contrary. When I am in a relationship, I am actively seeking to improve it, to be the best partner I can be, and to grow in love.

But I am in the relationship ONLY to give my gift of love and learn how to give that gift better. I am NOT in the relationship to ask for what I give to be given back to me.

Most people, unfortunately, operate on the barter principle of love.

I'll give you love if you give me love.

If I give you love that isn't returned, then you owe me.

If I give you love, and you throw it back in my face and walk away, then I have the right to hate you, because you're a bad person for not wanting to accept my love.

That's just plain ugly.

If you want to learn to face a breakup maturely and grow even more beautiful, more loving, and more open as a result, then this is what you need to do.

Love through the breakup. Love him. Love him even though he isn't yours. Send all your love to him as best wishes for his future. Use the opportunity to grow in love and embrace all that was best in yourself when you were with him.

Don't let the poison of the dying relationship enter your soul. Don't take away from the relationship the arguments, the hurtful things he said or did, and the mistakes made. You can forget those now. It's over.

Just take away the beautiful things. Take away how you felt in your best moments. Take away how you felt your heart open, how you learned to give him more than you'd ever given anyone else.

Then let him go with love.

I firmly believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason, and I trust that the reason lies in the Divine. I don't have to know why a man broke up with me; I simply have faith that God is leading us both down the right path for each of us.

So when a man breaks up with you, all you need to do is recognize that this particular relationship wasn't meant to be (even though you may start a new one later down the track with the same person) and let the decision rest with the Divine. Believe, if it helps, that he wasn't the one who dumped you; it was the Divine Spirit acting through him for the benefit of you both.

It's called a breakup because life has different paths for you at the moment. Breakups don't have to hurt. They're only about rejection if you make them about rejection. You have the power inside yourself to decide how you are going to make meaning of the end of your relationship.

If you are a mature woman, you will bid him goodbye and bless his future with all of your continued love, and then you will turn to the Divine and meditate on the what possible plan the Divine has for you that requires your newfound freedom.

If you are like most women, you will despise him, transform all the love you once had into hate, focus on the pain, and let your self-esteem plummet in the face of rejection.

Which choice do you prefer?

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About the author:

Amy Waterman is a professional writer specializing in attraction, dating, and relationships. She has extensive experience in helping women find love with her insightful and powerful secrets into attracting love and making relationships work. She is currently the host of the latest edition of "How To Be Irresistible To Men," which is part of the 000Relationships Network.

Her innovative program is a powerful instant-access multimedia course with a comprehensive supporting workbook. Additionally, members receive a number of bonus e-books on topics ranging from overcoming shyness to kissing, a 160-minute online video library, secrets of self-hypnosis, their very own personal email consultation, and much, much more! The "How To Be Irresistible To Men" Premium Course offers all women – single or not - a dynamic and comprehensive toolkit to attract love into their lives and establish strong and supportive relationships.

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Why You Should Ditch The Rules

"Why You Should Ditch the Rules"

A long, long time ago, the path from courtship to marriage was clear. Women waited for men to ask them out, allowed men to pay for every date, and breathlessly anticipated a marriage proposal.

Back then, the rules of courtship were clearly defined. There were things a woman did ... and things she should NEVER do. Only a vulgar and shameless woman would pursue a man.

Many of today's so-called "time-tested secrets" for meeting and attracting Mr. Right come from that era, an age in which men were MEN, and women were WOMEN, and gender roles kept them an arms-length apart.

Playing by those rules today isn't just old-fashioned; it's just plain limiting. Today, we as women have more freedom than at any other time in human history. We can work in whatever job we want, live wherever we want, and date whomever we want! Why, then, would we willingly step back under the yoke of courtship Do's and Don'ts designed in a culture that's long past and good riddance?

Because, in the often-confusing modern dating world, rules make us feel safe. Do's and Don'ts can keep us from making mistakes. Dating "rules" (like ending a phone call first, or not accepting a weekend date after Wednesday) can prevent us from getting rejected.

Or can they?

If you keep yourself from doing certain things around men and make yourself do others based on FEAR that you'll make a mistake or FEAR that he'll reject you, then you're setting the foundation for a relationship based on insecurity.

It's the same error our grandmothers and great-grandmothers made so many years ago: they looked to the MEN to define whether they were in a relationship, what form it would take, and how long it would last.

As a result, the only way women were able to influence the outcome was through indirect means – such being mysterious, playing "hard to get," and not letting on how they felt – to get what they wanted.

Today, it's wonderful that men and women both can be so open, honest, and direct about topics that were taboo just a few generations before. But with this freedom comes power ... and a great deal of confusion.

Even though the old rules were restricting, at least they gave us the confidence of familiarity. We knew what to do. We knew what the man's role was, and we knew what the woman's role was.

But if men and women each have an equal say in dating and relationships, then who is supposed to make the next move ... and what even IS the next move?

The old dating Do's and Don'ts simply are not flexible enough to account for the way society has changed and the diversity of cultures that exists.

That's why I believe it is so important that we develop a new paradigm for dating and relationships that reflects who we are as modern women in a modern dating world.

That's why Amy Waterman, author of "How to Be Irresistible to Men," and Marie Forleo, author of "Make Every Man Want You," got together to produce a dating course unlike any other. They set out to show how women can find out what to do in ANY dating situation, in a way that's appropriate, effortless, and completely IRRESISTIBLE ... all without resorting to outdated Do's and Don't that may not even apply to them!

Their collaboration resulted in the riveting audio program, "Make Every Man Want You MORE!" Over the six-lesson course, Amy and Marie lay out the essential tools every modern woman needs in a modern dating world, what it takes to move a relationship along from casual to committed, how to navigate tricky dating areas like communication, sex, "baggage" from your past, and more.

Single women today can feel enormously pressured to live up to a high standard in ALL areas of their life, from their careers to their appearance to their love life. If you don't want to settle for anything less than excellence in life AND love, then "Make Every Man Want You More" will teach you how to effortlessly and flawlessly achieve your goals.

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Being the Bad Boy

How to Attract Women: Being the Bad Boy

It seems that when it comes to men chasing women, guys are divided into two camps: the nice guys... and the bad boys. This is a very extreme way of looking at things, making men think that they have to make some huge decison with serious repurcussions, like choosing between the Jedi and Dark Side, good and bad, black and white. But what about the middle ground? If you're a nice guy who puts women on a pedestal and lets them get away with everything, you certainly can't let them keep doing this. But if you're a bad guy who treats women like yesterday's garbage, you're not gonna do much better either. So there's got to be some compromise. Here are my seven proven techniques for getting women by embracing your "inner bad boy"--while still allowing yourself to be you.

1. Surprise them.
If there's one thing girls love, it's a surprise. There's nothing better than keeping them on their toes. Do this by going against social norms; for example, giving her the "black power fist" when she's expecting a handshake. Or walk up to her and challenge her to a game of thumb wars. As you're having a great conversation, say you've gotta leave. This all goes a long ways towards making her heart flutter, and making YOU more attractive--without being a complete dooschbag.

2. Do the unexpected.
Unfortunately, nice guys always do what they're SUPPOSED to do. They say hello, ask sincerely how a girl is, stare in awe as she says she's a model. BORING. Nah, you've gotta release your inner bad boy by doing the stuff you're NOT supposed to do. Show her you're fun, show her you're fearless: flirt shamelessly, grin at a sexual comment, tease unabashedly. You don't have to be a complete jerk to do these things, just a guy who's confident that he'll get away with things that aren't "the norm". Girls love to not know what to expect, so do the unexpected!

3. Be a rebel.
I'm not saying to break the law, but don't always go by the rules. Show her you're fun, break conventions here and there. So what if there are people watching! Give her a big kiss in the middle of the street. So what if boardwalk is closed? Take her for a romantic midnight stroll Who cares if the speed limit is 50? Drive her at 75 and watch her scream in delight. You don't have to be a complete jerk to show a girl some fun.

4. Get physical.
If you're not already at a gym or into martial arts, now is the time. Girls love a guy who can kick butt. It's the part of the bad boy that makes them feel safe and secure. So get to work on your body--nothing says irresistible like a man in shape who can kick some butt.

5. Make her feel safe.
Show her your confidence, your self-assuredness by taking her hand, walking on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street, and never backing down from any situation. That's not a license to get into fights, just to make her feel protected.

6. Tease.
This is a strategy you can't go wrong with. Bad boys never let a girl get away with unacceptable behavior. If she's talking like she's the greatest person ever, they'll joke, "Man, if this lady's ego gets any bigger we're all gonna have to evacuate!" If she says she's a model, say something to the effect of, "Oh yeah? Is that it?" And show her your value by saying, "Listen, I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to stay around. Your mouth is destroying my ear drums." In other words, don't be afraid to joke around and put her in her place!

7. Develop attitude.
I just can’t emphasize enough how crucial having a winning, confident attitude is. You don’t care what others say. You don’t care what others think. No matter how a woman reacts, it just blows right over you. That’s because you’re always in control. No woman—whether beautiful, popular, or rich—has power over you. You don’t need anyone, you’re not dependent on anyone, and you don’t have to cling to anyone. If she thinks she's too good for you, you get right up and move to the next girl, because you're a catch and you know it!

Remember, you don't have to be a complete bad guy to get the girls. Just embrace the winning characteristics of bad boys, and you'll be lining up women left and right!

Don't forget, if you want to learn more about using "the inner bad boy" to attract more women, visit my website at:

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Now it's YOUR turn!

About the author:

James is the author of the latest edition of "How to Be Irresistible to Women PREMIUM."His years of dating experience and international travel have tutored him in the art of meeting and seducing females the world over and introduces a worldly approach to dating and developing real relationships necessary for the modern man.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

amsterdam windows

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Amsterdam windows’? Well, this term actually refers to the red light district in Amsterdam, an area in the main city of Holland where prostitution is legal. In the red light district, women in this profession stand in front of window displays to entice male passersby to select them and come in for pleasure.

The shower sex game Amsterdam windows comes from this and for you to play the game, you seriously need some glass shower stalls!

Amsterdam Windows 101

This sex game is great for your relationship and has different elements in it. There’s the play on voyeurism (on your part), on self-pleasuring (on both your parts) and on role-playing (on her part) so let’s get started!

For this sex game, you can opt to engage in foreplay or not. Opting for foreplay means you can easily be on your way to playing the sex game but opting for the latter has some fun too. How? If you don’t engage in foreplay, then it’s up to your partner to bring you to a level of arousal without touching you!

For great tips on foreplay and other ways to spice things up, read my free report. Go ahead and download it now from:
great tips on foreplay

Now for the mechanics of this sex game…

With the bathroom dimly set, your partner should stand behind the shower stall and turn on the shower. She should have a sexy, white t-shirt on so you can clearly see how her nipples get turned on by the blast of water running down her body.

As for you, you’re sitting on a chair on the OTHER side of the glass shower stall. Hello voyeurism!

Your partner should now put on all her charms and get you as turned on as much as possible. She can continue on to have her t-shirt on or she can proceed to take an achingly slow shower, making sure you can see all those suds slide down her body and how she touches herself all over. This part brings out the role-playing in her. She can pretend to be in an adult movie shower scene!

To increase the heat factor, she can then move on to more daring moves such as pushing her body against the glass for your torment or… start self-pleasuring yourself. At this stage, you may also want to do the same thing. Note that on this move, you are both fulfilling a sex fantasy that thousands of couples dream up everyday… the fantasy of watching your lover play with him/herself!

How the sex game Amsterdam Windows ends is totally up to you. Here are some scenarios:

- You guys can stop as you both reach your climaxes apart. (Each behind his end of the shower stall glass, sexy!)

- You can join each other under the shower and proceed to making love. (A personal favorite of mine!)

- Or you guys can switch roles! This time, it’s YOUR turn to try and bring her to slow and sexy torment.

Note that through the duration of this sex game, there must be NO communication between the two of you whatsoever. Act like strangers, with the one sitting down getting turned on simply by what the other chooses to do from his/her end of the ‘window’.

As if this sex game is not steamy enough, there are other things you can add to modify the sex game to your further liking.

- Make the objective of the game the shortest time a partner can make the one sitting down reach a climax.

- Add music to the equation. You can pre-mix music that alternates between soft and sexy and rough and hard. With this element, the one behind the glass should coordinate his/her sexy movements to the music.

- Add video to the equation. If you guys know of a really hot shower scene in a movie, get a clip of it and play it. In this scenario the objective is to make the one behind the glass ‘act out’ the scene completely.

Be your own adult movie stars. Discuss if you want to videotape the whole sex game for your viewing pleasure later.

The sex game Amsterdam windows has a lot going for it. It brings in many sex fantasy elements that you guys can finally engage in without necessarily being too shy or coy about it. By simply adding the element of the steamy, glass shower stalls, it’s amazing how couples can be so ‘free’ and finally make their fantasies come to life.

For more SEXY and EROTIC ideas to enjoy the WILDEST SEX ever, go to: more sexy and erotic ideas

Friday, May 21, 2010

take her to the wild west

The Shower Cowboy and Cowgirl sex game is a fun way to engage in sexual playful banter. It’s a nice deviation to other sex games that actually require couples to be slow and quiet.

This sex game though can be a bit deceiving. It starts of more on the fun side but the consequences are extremely sensual, making it the perfect sex game for beginners. You know, those who are not yet fully comfortable getting naked in the bathroom with their lover there as well.

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How to Play the Shower Cowboy and Cowgirl Sex Game

First off, you guys need water pistols! Get into the bathroom with your undergarments still on. Fill the water pistol with water and try as much as you can to drench your lover’s underwear with water. (It would be fantastic if she’s wearing translucent undies!) This would be a great voyeur-type of experience for you!

What about her then? She can of course do the same. In fact, you guys can try and ‘shoot’ at each other at the same time and after a given period (bring a timer inside the bathroom), check which one’s undergarments are more drenched in water. The one that’s more soaked loses and as such must remove all his/her clothes off!

The one who’s now completely naked should stand against the wall while the other one is on the opposite end of the bathroom. The one still with clothes should then try to ‘aim’ at his/her lover’s body. This time though, instead of using water, use diluted chocolate.

Use anything that has a bit of colour and is EDIBLE. After, say 30 seconds or so of ‘shooting’, the shooter gets to lick off each and every part of the other’s body that was hit by the chocolate. Of course, the shooter should hit as many erogenous zones on his/her partner’s body possible.

To learn more about erogenous zones and how to boost her pleasure, read a free report that you can download from: how to boost her pleasure

Shower Cowboy and Cowgirl Sexual Playing Cards

A variation of this sex game is to make use of adult playing cards. Draw a card and see which body part you should aim for. If you hit the spot, then draw a card from the Kama Sutra set of playing cards (or any similar deck) and perform the deed on the card. On the other hand, if you miss the spot, your partner gets to draw from her ‘penalties box’ which can either be sexually related or a chore you have to do!

Another variation to this sex game is to make full use of that timer you brought along. Pick a card to see which body part you should aim for. If you hit the spot, then draw a card from the Kama Sutra set of playing cards (or any similar deck) and perform the deed on the card but this time, only for a specific period of time. You can have another deck of cards where you can pick out time or simply apply an ascending time period. So for example, you can start off the time period at 5 seconds, and then for the second deed, go for 10 seconds, and so on.

Shower Cowboy and Cowgirl Bull’s Eye Board

This time, instead of ‘shooting’ at each other, aim at a sexual dart board of some kind. Shoot at the board with your water pistol and see which sexual activity it lands on. You then of course need to do the deed so aim for sexual activities that you’d like to perform instead of receive. If you don’t hit anything on the board, then you completely miss your sexual treat and it’s your partner’s turn to aim at the board!

As mentioned above, a sex game involving shower pistols seems to be more fun than ‘serious’ and as such is a great way to encourage your partner to start engaging in sex games. Of course, as you can tell from the likely consequences that that’s quite deceiving. But don’t worry, once your lover is already into the game, it’s quite hard to back off from it because of the sexual pleasures it can bring.

Just remember that there’s really no ‘competition’ here. Don’t get annoyed if you miss treats or if your partner never seems to hit a target! Just think of all the practice you need to do to get this right.

Discover more sexy games that you can enjoy with your partner day and night! Check out my hot tips now. Go to: more sexy games

Enjoy yourselves!

the female orgasm revealed

Thursday, May 6, 2010

older woman younger man.. the cougar factor

your on that great night out with friends, when almost instantly you spy him from across the room.. a wink.. a smile.. a few dances.. drinks and conversation... you suddenly realise this perfect specimen before you is a few years younger.. in fact alot younger!

Hollywood has long dictated that the ideal pairing is the suave worldly older man with a stunningly beautiful woman on his arm.. and with the social stigmas of labels like cradle snatchers, older women not that long ago were made to feel ashamed of their desire for the younger male.. but these days thanks to couples like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher many more May-December romances are on the increase!

According to a recent AARP poll almost one-third of women between ages 40 and 69 are dating younger men (10 or more years younger) and one-sixth of women in their 50s, in fact, prefer men in their 40's.

For most older women bouncing back from a divorce.. and now free of the burdens of raising kids.. are finally financially settled.. more sexually attuned to their needs.. and adventurous.. choosing a younger mate is almost instinctual.. most older women are not after the proverbial white picket fence.. but instead are choosing fun.. adventure.. and a companion to share the fun times..

The increasingly common coined term of "40 is the new 30" couldnt ring true enough in todays day and age.. older women now have more options.. in careers.. having kids.. looking after themselves.. progressive medical advances.. and are looking better every day, and for their part.. younger men find older women appealing because of their confidence.. less sexual hang-ups.. and their desire to experiement and generally finding them much more interesting than their younger counterparts.

For me personally, dating 30 year olds again in my 40's has certainly been exciting! as we get older we can get set in our ways.. and its refreshing to meet someone that can shake you out of your comfort zone and share the same intensity about life. A guy that is attracted to a woman who knows what she wants and who she is.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wet delicacies

"his rigid velvety tongue spliced open my sodden lips with fevour,
plunging into the soft wetness,
the arching of my back inevitable
as he drilled into the tightness.
I raised my leg and rested it across his heaving back,
opening wider as the utterance of my soft moans increased.

the sensation of his rotating tongue continuing his fellation was definative,
the mire of name calling evading me,
bucking up against his bristly chin
the wetness spreading across his face as he feasted opulently,
his craving urgently devouring my quivering erect clit,
gliding his tongue over and around it
the delectation ascending rapidly

compelled to deflect,
i turned over onto my stomach
adorning his visual panorama
snaking my tight backdoor up to his lips
smothering him between my rounded mounds
the invasion strewing my brain,
tearing past my yielding pucker
the unbearable ache in my clit beginning
a single finger penetrating the swollen folds
losing all capacity for thought
as he darted in and out of my burning ring
screaming, writhing,
my whole body shaking from the rapture

he was finally inside me,
the world could end right then and there i thought
and I'd die a happy woman.
I squeezed my drenched walls around him,
and turned to watch his face intently
reaming his solid rod into me
again and again
feeling every inch of his forcefullness
as i mouthed obscenities
finger stimulating my trembling clit
as i exploded in spasms

he is close as he thrusts into my steamy soaking hole
roaring, cursing, pulling my hair
unable to contain himself any longer
plunging in further,
blowing his hot seed deep within my voracious walls"

- epifanatical

Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 Australian F1 Grand Prix Review

GIDDAY everyone! Just back from spending a brill few days in Melbourne, mainly attending the xxciting 2010 Formula One Grand Prix that was held between 25th-28th of March in beautiful Albert Pk south of the city!

I got to see alot more of the city during this time and also spend time with my girl, taking lots of piccies and doing some shopping. It was short, but I enjoyed every moment of it!

for the full review go to>> Full 2010 F1 AU Grand Prix review

below is a short video of us walking on the track after the race watching the damaged cars of Kobayashi's Sauber, Buemi's Toro Rosso, and Hulkenberg's Williams being towed away! XXCITING stuff!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

boots & heels & feet worship

ahh the wonderous beauty of the female foot adorned in the highest of heels or boots.. can instantly bring a man to his knees to worship their mistress in a most absolute obsessive way..

we all know the delish rewards of high heels..

not only do they scream sex.. but they accentuate and lengthen giving the appearance of a slimmer sillouette.. the height of the stilletto shifts our centre of balance creating a sexy sway to our strut.. the intimidating authoritive clicking of heels on the floor.. all which guys are drawn to and love! adding a few inches of height to your frame as well creates the feeling that your soaring over him!

with all of these positive attributes.. its no wonder men are like helpless puppies when in the company of a mistress adorned with the sexiest of heels or boots

if you are like me.. you dont have go thru the agony of actually wearing and walking in heels to make a man submit at your feet.. NO! simply wearing them and sitting with your stockinged legs crossed bareing a lil suggestive thigh is sufficient to start any foot fetishist's heart beating fast!

here are some of mizzys tips for hot foot/heel/boot play with a willing foot slave:

** order him to kneel by your feet.. and serve as your foot stool.. a stern clicking of your heels or fingers will have him jumping to attention.. lovingly desiring to be given the opportunity to serve and obey

** request that he remove your shoes and give you a stimulating foot rub.. making sure to rub your stockinged soles along his chest and face smothering him as your demands increase

** shoe sluts dream of lavishing their attentions on their mistresses by being allowed to lick and suck on mistresses heels .. and you shouldnt hold back.. collar and leashes come in handy here.. while you relax and watch TV or chat on the phone.. your dutiful sub can be shining your heels

** adventurous loving mistresses take things further by indulging in trampling.. there is a variety of ways you could use your heels for trampling.. having sub laying down and using the heels to step on him.. stomp on him.. even kick and poke him.. the most die-hard foot fetishists are generous pain sluts as well as heel worshippers.. so this scenario is ideal for that extra kink

** pedicures.. there is no reason why a man cannot give his mistress the pampering she deserves and demands and what better way to show his love than by giving her a wonderful relaxing full pedicure.. mistress does after all need to look good in the heels she is wearing..the submission factor is greater when you force him to study womens rags to learn the correct pampering techniques and punish him if he doesnt do it to the satisfaction of his mistress

use his lust for heels to your advantage and enjoy yourself relishing in the power!

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Miz Helenas Sex Toys Shoppe

Hi peepz! Im delighted to announce the arrival of my BRAND NEW sex toys shoppe, Miz Helenas Sex Toys!

and what a better time to indulgue in that special treat for Valentines Day!

Ive been in the business of Sex Toys for over 3 years now, starting off promoting and reviewing toys with Eroticsity Sex Toys, where I mainly write erotica and ran a buzzing 18,000 + member forum at. But the time has come to begin a fresh start in conjunction with Miz Helenas Dating Tips as a base for offering and recommending the best sex toys for your pleasures.

The range is extensive and caters to all tastes male and female bi gay and straight. here are some of the delish goodies on offer:

The Screaming O Vibrating love ring with soft and stretchy band that helps him maintain a longer, harder erection.

The Don Wand
This clear plug is topped with a beautiful combination of red and amber glass to add to the distinction of this little gem.

Wet Warming Intimate Lube Experience the HOTTEST member in the Wet family of fun and sensual products. Wet Warming intimate lubricant gently heats on contact!

Waterproof Wall bangers Tongue Get wall-bangin' orgasms and mind-blowing satisfaction with this vibrating tongue tickler. This wiggling wonder teases and tickles you with four speeds of pleasant pulsations and thrilling vibrations.

Cock Toss Glow In The Dark
This Glow in the Dark dong can be set up for hours of fun with a cock toss game.3 Toss Rings included. A must for any bachelorette party!

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how to give her an orgasm

Is it really so hard to give a woman an orgasm? Many say it’s difficult but many men also claim that it’s very easy… IF you know what to do. So the question is, do you?

Any health, loving and lasting relationship counts a great sex life as a key ingredient. And if you look around you, it’s probably not hard to tell which couples are truly happy with each other. These are the couples that still look at each other with lust in their eyes! So what’s their secret? It’s probably because they are BOTH sexually satisfied in their relationship.

A lot of people know that women don’t reach an orgasm as easily or as quickly as men. What many don’t realize is that this does nothing but build sexual frustration. And sexual frustration manifests itself in many negative ways in a relationship; until one day, you both wake up and realize that you no longer have passion in each other and in your lives.

The good news is it’s really not hard at all to make a woman reach an orgasm. But you both have to work at it, which, if you think about it, is part of the fun as well!

How to Make Her ‘Come’ – A Step-by-Step Guide

You may find this step-by-step guide useful. It is one of the many tools that Gabrielle Moore, an expert on sex education has created.

Step 1
Engage in a lot of foreplay! Foreplay is very important because it helps her relax her mind and make her more focused on the lovemaking at hand. It’s also a great way to bond as many women associate foreplay as a man’s way of taking time and ensuring sex is not just a physical act but about intimacy.

Foreplay can start hours or even days in advance and is really limited only by your sexual imagination. As you keep this ‘sexual tension’ high, you’ll find that it’s actually easier to bring her to an orgasm once you do engage in sex.

Step 2
If foreplay is the ‘primer’, oral sex is the next big step. Many women actually claim that oral sex is the ONLY way they can reach an orgasm so if you both want it to be that way, then don’t resist.

When you do go down on her, don’t rush it. Show her that you really love her by lavishing her genitals with your undivided attention. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination so to speak.

At the start, just tease and lick softly and lovingly. Once she’s focused on that part of her body, increase the tempo. When you notice that her breathing is getting faster and harder or if her legs are becoming taut, move your attention to her clitoris. Tease it by drawing small circles around it with your tongue and then apply more pressure and lick faster.

If she gives any indication at all that she’s really turned on, remember this: DON’T change anything. Keep the tempo of what you’re doing and she’ll reach her orgasm soon enough.

Step 3
If your tongue doesn’t bring her to an immediate orgasm, don’t despair. Don’t forget that your fingers can be put to good use too! Use your index finger to ‘trace’ the outline of her labia. Be sure to touch her gently. This is guaranteed to electrify her body. After this, place your index and middle finger together and then draw circles around her clitoris.

Pay attention to her body (is it in a pleasured, relaxed state or is it pulled taut like a string?) to gauge just how turned on she is. Don’t forget to pay attention to her moans and groans as well.

You can alternate using your tongue and fingers to stimulate her clitoris and just like what’s advised above, if she indicates something that’s really turning her on, just keep doing it!

Step 4
If clitoral stimulation has not brought on an orgasm yet, then try G-spot stimulation! Assuming that she’s already hot and wet, slowly insert your index and middle finger inside her womanhood, palm up. Once inside, position your fingers to the “11 o’clock”. Slowly try and locate a small bump or swelling (like an engorged clitoris). Once you find this spot, congratulations… you’ve located the elusive G-spot!

Step 5
You can stimulate the G-spot in many ways. You can tap it with your fingers, draw lazy or frenzied circles around it, or flick it wildly like a light switch. If you wish, you can use your thumb to stimulate her clitoris while stimulating her G-spot. This will surely give her an orgasm to be remembered!

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Friday, February 5, 2010

sex and calories

It has been known for many years that sex is good exercise, but until recently nobody had made a scientific study of the caloric expenditure of different sexual activities. Now after original and proprietary research they are proud to present the results. (with thx to @Siddharth via email)

With her consent..... ......... ......... 12 Calories
Without her consent..... ......... ...... 387 Calories

With both hands....... ......... ........ 8 Calories
With one hand........ ......... ......... 22 Calories
With your teeth....... ......... ........ 85 Calories

With an erection.... ......... ......... ... 6 Calories
Without an erection.... ......... ....... 315 Calories

Trying to find the clitoris.... ......... .. 8 Calories
Trying to find the G-Spot...... ........ 192 Calories

Missionary.. ......... ......... ......... .. 112 Calories
69 lying down........ ......... ......... . 178 Calories
69 standing up.......... ......... ...... 312 Calories
Wheelbarrow. ......... ......... ......... 386 Calories
Doggy Style....... ......... ......... .... 400 Calories
Italian chandelier.. ......... ......... . 972 Calories

Real........ ......... ......... ......... 112 Calories
Fake........ ......... ......... ......... 315 Calories

Lying in bed hugging..... ......... ....... 18 Calories
Getting up immediately. ......... ....... 36 Calories
Explaining why you got out of bed immediately. .....816 Calories

If you are:
20-29 years old......... ......... ...... 36 Calories
30-39 years....... ......... ......... .... 80 Calories
40-49 years....... ......... ......... .... 124 Calories
50-59 years....... ......... ......... .... 972 Calories
60-69 years....... ......... ......... .... 2916 Calories
70 and over........ ......... ......... .. Results are still pending

Calmly...... ......... ......... ......... 32 Calories
In a hurry....... ......... ......... .... 98 Calories
With her father knocking at the door... 1218 Calories
With your wife knocking at the door.... 3521 Calories

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

why men shut down a personal account

Hi guys.. I have been getting alot of interest on the "why men shut down" article I posted a few months ago, but im here today to expand on it a bit more.. with my very own personal account.. perhaps us women will never know the answers fully to this question.. I think that couldnt be truer after what I experienced recently.

anyways.. just a recap on the original article.. men shut down I believe for 3 main reasons:

1) he is less emotional - while we women 'freak out' he might be analysing the situation to be of less importance and doesnt know what all the fuss is about. when he sees you pressing on, his instant reaction is to clam up and avoid you.

2) he wants to do his best to avoid conflict - and his natural reaction to this is run! he cant deal with the messy consequenses, and cant handle emotions like resentment, hate and feeling like his manhood will take a battering!

3) hurting his male pride - while we woman will never understand how cold a man can seem at times.. the way he sees it is he wants to avoid any negative blow to his manhood. we are designed to take the good and not so good.. but for a man.. that can mean a demorilizing blow and would rather block these vibes out.


so when I recently wrote out an rather long email to a dear male friend outlining my reasons why I needed to take a break.. all I got in return was nothing! No response.. cold shoulder.. no idea on what his side of coin was.. he kept me in total silence.. by his reaction you would think I had murdered someone close to him.. never to be forgiven

I tried looking at it deeper.. but it was impossible for me to say for certain.. I had no feedback from him.. no reply to messages.. so I finally gave up

the way I see it (speaking of course from what I know of him and what my thoughts are) I feel:

his male ego is fragile and has taken a battering.. he is confused.. hurt.. let down.. prolly blaming himself in some small way (but never admitting it) . stubborn.. out for "you did this to me.. now watch what im going to do to you" mentality..

because of the time that has passed and he feeling bad.. he doesnt know the way to approach me now.. even if there is a shred of friendship left inside.. he doesnt know the correct way to put things on the mend.. his silence has proven this

so my final conclusions (going back to the original post) is YES.. his male pride has been hurt.. YESS he cannot handle his emotions.. YESS he may think this situation is petty (altho the fact that he has been avoiding tells me it has gotten to him otherwise he would be fine with everything) and YESS he wants to avoid a confrontation.. he cant stand to have a emotional woman in his ear telling him where things went wrong..

anyways.. I am quite saddened by his overall apathetic indifference after what I considered a great start to a great friendship.. so I have now finally let it go.. he knows my thoughts and feelings towards him.. perhaps its now up to a matter of time to let things cool off.. to start seeing things clearer

so just for laughs.. I wanna post the hillarious video below.. spoken from the mouths of the boys themselves about what it takes to keep ya man happy! you will find it very funny when he makes the very suggestion that is discussed in this article!.. well.... so it MUST BE TRUE! grrls! LMAO... enjoy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

why do nice girls choose bad guys?

Have you ever stopped and noticed why some of your nice girlfriends choose the guy from hell? Have you done this ? I have always wondered why some of the most nicest intelligent friends choose partners that are clearly bad news. Its not only women that fall for men who treat them badly.. perfect, gorgeous men are also suckers for women that are trouble. Below are a few reasons why I think this might occur...

1) the challenge many women are just not interested in nice guys. They find them boring, predictable and too perfect.. they enjoy a challenge, and may not admit it but find an assertive, dominant alpha male exciting and sexy. What they are attracted to in others is at times based on unresolved issues within. They become a 'crowd pleaser' who sacrifices their real persona to win approval. They may come across as fractious and end up drawing the attention of someone that bears that vigor for them.

2) early conditioning parents are the most powerful role models. How many times have you heard someone say "I never want to end up being like my parents?" yet as they get older, the more they virtually morph into them. The stronger the ties and the more they dont work upon becoming their own person, the more they can be sure that they eventually will mimic their parents. Chances are they will not even notice they are doing it. The conditioning is so congenital it seems almost normal. With the lack of personal growth, and perhaps dysfunctional social impairment, we are more likely to select a mate who is identical to one of our parents.

3) low self worth we attract like. people usually treat us in the manner we treat ourselves. The law of attraction is alive and well in how we feel about ourselves. If we have low self esteem, this will be evident everywhere. Our lifestyle, job, relationships, choice of friends, lovers. We develop a help, rescue me attitude, when we should be looking to change that behaviour. Our low self worth is responsible for being treated disrespectfully, we view the world thru the lens of our own perceptions and beliefs. If life seems depressing, thats all we see. When we change, everything and everyone around us does too. Suddenly, others start changing their behaviours.

The need for love and intimacy can lead us to make fleeting decisions when choosing a partner. Instead of getting to know each other, we now jump into bed with anyone that shows us interest. Sexual involvement brings with it a whole multitude of psychological and impulsive emotive issues that can create complications long before we really know the person we are involved with. To bring out the best in our mates, become a great mate.

For further reading I highly recommend:

admirable you There Are Many Who Struggle To Make New Friends And Suffer From Loneliness, That Is Where Admirable You Comes Into Play. A Valuable Guide To Building Self-Confidence, Believing In Yourself And Making New Friends!

increase your confidence be totally confident around women using self-hypnosis


Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was at the beach today, being a very hot almost 40C and decided to climb the grass hill to sit under the shade and have lunch. It was here that a small boat on the water in the distance caught my eye and immediately gave me the most intense emotional feeling.

It gave me the sense that we are like that small boat sometimes. Lost, adrift, directionless in life. It looked so small against the ocean. It was as if the ocean was the whole world, engulfing us, throwing us about and we are rendered powerless.

These were just a few of my thoughts today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

how to become a succulent kisser

so you may think your a succulent kisser.. but do you really know the difference between kisses that tingle the spine to ones that feel so dull and unnatural? are you a spontanious kisser or one that just reserves the meeting of lips to occasions like a quick peck in the mornings or evenings because thats what is expected? .. boring..

Now dont get me wrong, im not saying kissing your partner in greeting every morning or evening is bad, heck no, mutual morning/evening kissing is a lovely way to show the love and connect, but what I mean to say is, most couples have forgotten how to kiss passionately and to do it to catch the other unawares or just because you want to surprize them and break the monotony. *how exciting!*

think about the very few first dates youve been on and how succulent kissing was something you did for pleasure, to explore, and as a lead up to and during foreplay and sex. It was incredible. You both seemed lost in each other, and all the gentle nibbles, heavy breathing, moaning, responses, and body contact made it hard to stop. Am I right?

well today I share 5 tips on how you can learn once again to become a passionate irresistable succulent kisser. Its not like you never knew, its just the flame needs reigniting.

1) share an intimate moment .. emotionally connect with your partner.. include lots of touching, eye contact and attention. When the physical arousal of a succulent kiss combines with the emotional connection of sharing an intimate moment, be prepared for fireworks!

2) shut the world out and go wild! lose yourself .. relax.. let nothing else matter. Theres something about feeling total abandonment that can make us want to kiss forever. Have you ever felt the 'urge' to kiss? I mean really looking at your partner and all of a sudden overcome with such a buring desire to suck on his tonsils?

3) tempo succulent kissing is all about the flow. It starts off soft.. becomes urgent.. then pauses to breathe and to stare into each others eyes. Allow it to find its natural tempo. The build up.. the cool down.. the connection thru eye contact and exploration.

4) be imaginative its not only about the lips.. succulent kissers know how to experiment and adapt to their partner and explore away from the mouth.. kissing eyes.. the neck.. and nibbling on earlobes.. varying the pressure and creating lil ripples of spontanious pleasures.

5) banish nerves nothing is worse than being uptight about whether you are doing it correctly.. or feeling self concsious about every lil detail. Relax and enjoy.. its not a marathon.. do what feels right. Feeling tense will ruin the moment and kill any enjoyment. Allow yourself to relax and go with the flow.

If you take the time to connect.. are completely at ease and in the moment.. allowing expression and passion to find its natural tempo.. you will then find becoming a succulent kisser will be much more intense and enjoyable. Whether it be warm soft kisses or deep tongue frenchies.. its all about being responsive.. and training to teach yourself to read things like signals and body language and just going for it!!

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