Wednesday, February 10, 2010

boots & heels & feet worship

ahh the wonderous beauty of the female foot adorned in the highest of heels or boots.. can instantly bring a man to his knees to worship their mistress in a most absolute obsessive way..

we all know the delish rewards of high heels..

not only do they scream sex.. but they accentuate and lengthen giving the appearance of a slimmer sillouette.. the height of the stilletto shifts our centre of balance creating a sexy sway to our strut.. the intimidating authoritive clicking of heels on the floor.. all which guys are drawn to and love! adding a few inches of height to your frame as well creates the feeling that your soaring over him!

with all of these positive attributes.. its no wonder men are like helpless puppies when in the company of a mistress adorned with the sexiest of heels or boots

if you are like me.. you dont have go thru the agony of actually wearing and walking in heels to make a man submit at your feet.. NO! simply wearing them and sitting with your stockinged legs crossed bareing a lil suggestive thigh is sufficient to start any foot fetishist's heart beating fast!

here are some of mizzys tips for hot foot/heel/boot play with a willing foot slave:

** order him to kneel by your feet.. and serve as your foot stool.. a stern clicking of your heels or fingers will have him jumping to attention.. lovingly desiring to be given the opportunity to serve and obey

** request that he remove your shoes and give you a stimulating foot rub.. making sure to rub your stockinged soles along his chest and face smothering him as your demands increase

** shoe sluts dream of lavishing their attentions on their mistresses by being allowed to lick and suck on mistresses heels .. and you shouldnt hold back.. collar and leashes come in handy here.. while you relax and watch TV or chat on the phone.. your dutiful sub can be shining your heels

** adventurous loving mistresses take things further by indulging in trampling.. there is a variety of ways you could use your heels for trampling.. having sub laying down and using the heels to step on him.. stomp on him.. even kick and poke him.. the most die-hard foot fetishists are generous pain sluts as well as heel worshippers.. so this scenario is ideal for that extra kink

** pedicures.. there is no reason why a man cannot give his mistress the pampering she deserves and demands and what better way to show his love than by giving her a wonderful relaxing full pedicure.. mistress does after all need to look good in the heels she is wearing..the submission factor is greater when you force him to study womens rags to learn the correct pampering techniques and punish him if he doesnt do it to the satisfaction of his mistress

use his lust for heels to your advantage and enjoy yourself relishing in the power!

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