Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Phrase Turns People On More Than Any Other?

What phrase turns your partner on more than any other?

If your sweetheart lost all inhibitions, what “naughty” act would he or she want to try? Would your beloved get turned on if you shampooed your pubic hair and then neatly trimmed it for you?

You might not know the answers to these questions but imagine if you did. How turned on would you get? There is an easy way to find out the answer to your partner’s most secretive, lustful feelings and fantasies. Ask.

Well, just coming out and asking might be….. awkward.

Just coming out of the blue and asking these potentially risky questions can actually sabotage the intimacy. I have discovered a much better way.

My friend Michael Webb (one of Oprah’s favorite relationship and intimacy experts) has come up with an incredible list of 500 Intimate Questions for Couples.

These questions are professionally designed from Michael’s 20-plus years of experience in helping couples in this area. He wisely lays out the questions in the right order so that you being in safe territory and build trust before the really deep and erotic questions come up.

I’ve heard some really powerful stories from men and women who have used these questions to not only connect deeply, but to have the hottest, passionate nights of their lives.

You can get access to the 500 questions right here:

Do YOU KNOW the #1 Secret to the deepest intimacy & the hottest sex?

Warm Regards,

Miz Helena

P.S. In our personal experience and from the stories our readers have shared, asking just a few of these questions will probably build up a LOT of sexual tension. So be prepared for what will likely follow