Sunday, July 13, 2008

epifanny on a sunday

Hello to all.. what a day its been.. Sunday for me is usually a reserved family day where everyone gets together and has BBQ lunch and catches up.. alfresco of course ! Mom really goes overboard with all the trimmings. A typical Sunday lunch menu would consist of 1st course her home made lasagna.... (mmm did i hear you drool?.. ) .. followed by BBQ seafood or veal, oven-roasted potatoes, marinated grilled peppers, greek salad, fresh crusty bread and lil nibblies like home ripened greek olives and fetta cheese. We usually spend a few hours over lunch, eating, catching up, chatting, laughing, taking pictures. Then around 5-6 ish everyone kisses and says farewell to each other and leaves.

After everyone leaves.. I usually help with the cleaning up and then afterwards sit and chat to mom about the day and go over the events..

I love a Sunday evening drive to the beach and today wasnt any different. I got changed into my jeans and ugh boots and long coat and took off to Bondi, one of my fave places to be seen at. Even in the middle of winter, it still comes alive with young rev heads showing off their sexy cars, romantic couples walking hand in hand, families out for a healthy stroll and tourists. Its the one place I like to come to.. to sit and reflect upon the week and do some serious soulsearching. I usually get out, cross the road buy an ice cream cone then come back across and find a seat and sit and admire the view, watching all the beautiful people passing by. Then go for a stroll up and down..

It must of been my lucky day, coz when I got there I found a car space almost right away, right in the middle of 2 shiny new BMW's. As i inched in, I noticed the owners were standing against the car chatting, as I pulled in and came to a stop. I seen I had little room in which to open my door safely if they didnt move from where they were, so i gathered my small coin purse, ciggies and lighter and stepped out..

Stepping aside to allow me to open my door, I thanked them and slammed it shut behind me. I turned to go and felt a tug on my coat. Turning to see who it was, I seen I had snagged my coat in the door. How fucking embaressing. I tried opening it again as sometimes is the case when something is caught between, but it wouldnt budge. It seems I had shut it pretty good. Lucky the two guys werent watching what had just happened, otherwise it would be too much. I tried pulling on it and it wouldnt come out, so i reached for my keys and discovered they werent in my pocket like I thought I put them.. Oh my.. where were they?. Did I drop em?. I searched the pavement and nothing. Oh fuck no.. dont tell me. I peeped inside the car and sure enough there they were swinging in the key slot..

mmm.. what to do.. what to do?.. think ... hmm.. my phone was in the car so I couldnt call the NRMA to come fish em out. I only had enough coins on me to buy my ice cream. My credit card was in the car.. hmm.. breathe .. think.. whats plan B?.. look as if nothings up?... smile and enjoy the surroundings?.. erm.. ok lets try that. I leant against my door and crossed my arms. It was cold and very windy but lucky thats one thing I did have, my warm coat on but you cant stand in one spot at Bondi without feeling the cold so it was only a matter of time before I prolly froze to death...

Trying to act non conspicuous.. I tried pulling open the door again and tugging on my coat, but still no luck. Dont tell me I came all this way and I get no ice cream tonight?.. boo hoo. I dont know why I was thinking of the ice cream when I should of been thinking of how pathetic the situation was. At least if your walking around you kinda blend in, but you dont stand a chance when your stuck in one spot..

I was sure the 2 guys discovered my predicament, as I seen they were eyeballing me often. Talk about turning red!! Could I possibly ask for their help? I pictured me doing so and it seemed so hillarious.. "Excuse me.. hi guys.. nice night isnt it?.. oh and btw my coats caught in my door, could you help me remove it?" or "Hey.. i'll buy you an ice cream if you help me with my coat" NO WAY!! so I just stood there arms folded, leaning against the door, silently cursing under my breath..

I could rip it out I thought, ive seen movies where that has happened. Could it work here for me? so without seeming too obvious, I reached behind me and pulled with all my might. I have to add this particular coat of mine is made of 100% thick cashmere wool with silk lining and is as tough as nails, so do you think I succeeded?.. no fucking chance.. oh but wait.. what if I took it off and slung it over the side? I would be free then and surely no one would be able to steal it being permanently attached unless they were desperate and were a hairdresser or a barber and had their tools with em. What were the chances of that happening?.. hmm.. i'd say being Bondi and a Sunday evening the chances would be good.. drats.. plus I would definitely then freeze to death if i did, I only wore a skimpy black short sleeved off the shoulder top underneath.. double drats..

Oh well suffer you.. suffer suffer suffer.. looks like its camping out night tonight for you.. hmm.. not a bad way to get mugged, raped and frozen to death I was thinking and ironically a lil while later, I spotted a "No camping overnight sign" a lil in the distance and thought, but hey.. I have an excuse dont I? if the ranger did eventually catch up to me.. hihi..

I'd say over 3 hours must of passed with me just standing there and seen the 2 guys were starting to leave... (oh no dont leave me... please dont leave me...) I had to act swiftly. It wouldnt be long and the car park would begin to empty out, leaving me with just the bench dwellers for company.. oh well.. at least I could sip on their wine to warm up, it would certainly numb the pain I thought.. lol

I eventually gathered up the courage to let fly.. "Hi guys".. "You wouldnt believe whats happened. I snagged my coat in the door and locked myself out, would you be so kind and ring the NRMA for me?" PHEW!! that took some guts let me tell you. They both smiled and walked over and said.. "oh and we thought you were standing there admiring our cars.." .. haha... yeah right, cute I thought.. "well yeah.. I was kinda forced to now that you mention it". I was sandwiched between them both. One trying the door and the other the coat and I really felt like the damsel in distress.. ok no go.. even from them. So whats next?.. NRMA time guys?... hmm yes.. that would be good. Might still be here till morning waiting on em like a frozen popcicle, but what the heck at least they would sort it out...

They called for me and I spoke to the operator and explained my situation and the sweet thing was after I hung up and thanked them, they said they would wait with me for them to arrive. Oh thanks so much guys thats so nice of you. What a Godsend they were..

We stood there making small talk and having a laugh about it all. It was fun to see the humorous side to it. Ive locked my keys in before but never trapped like I was tonight. Never thought a coat would cause so much commotion to happen ever. It could have been much worst thou. What if I had been struck down with larangitis and unable to utter any sound?, What if the ranger turned up and I was told to move on?, What if....?.. no lets not go there...

Well the NRMA did eventually turn up about 2 hours later and they did manage to open up the door and I was freed!! Wow what a feeling it was just to be able to move around! I thanked everyone and said if they werent in a hurry, I would like to buy them a coffee. They said it was kool, so we crossed the road and found a small lil cozy spot and ended up having a brilliant fun night. They both gave me their numbers just in case I ever was stuck in Bondi and needed help again.. lol.. well hopefully not that kinda help anyway... ;)

I guess the biggest lesson here to be learnt is.. wear shorter coats.. (◠‿◠)

Miz Helena