Tuesday, September 30, 2008

how much do you fear rejection?

If you were to track the daily happenings that flatten people's emotions, you would likely find rejection at the core. The sore feelings that accompany such thoughts as, "Why did my friend brush me off this morning?" or "My husband is watching TV when he should be paying attention to me!".

Yet feelings of rejection are very real. I used to feel it… my heart became numb, my mind already closed, and I had already accepted the fact that i was about to be rejected again. Fear of rejection is having your little mind inside your head imagining all sorts of ways that others may reject you. One of the reasons why rejection can cause us so much suffering is that in our minds we often tie rejection to so many other ugly words that cause us even more pain. Humiliated. Inadequate. Useless. Loser. Not good enough. Pathetic.

Fear of rejection can strike in many areas. Love, life, work, choosing friends.

If you are terrified of rejection, you may have thoughts like, “My self worth depends totally on whether other people approve of me and accept me. If people do not approve of me, I’ll be completely devastated and feel horrible because it means I’m worthless. If anyone rejects me it means that probably everyone will continue to reject me my whole life.”

Fear of rejection can come from many sources; from being rejected as a child, or feeling abandoned or unloved, and in addition, people often spend a lot of time looking for, and finding, 'evidence' to support their idea that they are being rejected… A partner talking to someone else can be transformed from an innocent chat into a 'sure sign' that they are about to leave you. Lack of contact from a friend can lead to feelings of anxiety and anger as you assume they don't want to spend time with you. The most important thing to understand about fear of rejection is that it is driven by emotion.

The key to understanding fear of rejection is recognizing that this fear is driven by emotion (what you feel) rather than thought. People often mistakenly attribute their fear of rejection to their thoughts about what the behaviour of other people means.

I never use to understand this. I use to think it was me. I assumed people saw right thru me and judged me for it, which reinforced that feeling in me and kept me in a constant lock and key status, and fed my insecurities even greater.

But seriously, whats the worst thing that can happen? Someone looks at me and says no? Ok well that sucks but hey I know I cant please everyone. Not everyone has the same thoughts, ideas and perceptions as me, and I now accept that. Not everyone has to like me and that’s fine. Over time I have grown a lot and I am so proud of myself for the risks I have taken and the times Ive put myself out there. I haven’t always gotten the answer I was hoping for but I can at least be proud of myself for taking the chance.

I wouldnt say ive totally overcome my fear of rejection, but ive realized that roughly over the last year ive made HUGE progress in getting over my fear taking chances and putting myself out there like I never would have before. I put my heart on the line numerous times more then words can explain, and every step along the way I was terrified to be turned down and get hurt but ive taken my chances and risked so much that ive come to the point where I can say that even if things dont work out how I want, at least I did everything I could of done and took every chance I had available.

For excellent resource reading I highly recommend this:

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

would you choose water over wine?

Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear
And I can't help but ask myself how much I'll let the fear
Take the wheel and steer
It's driven me before
And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal
But lately I am beginning to find that I
Should be the one behind the wheel

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes

So if I decide to waiver my chance to be one of the hive
Will I choose water over wine and hold my own and drive?
It's driven me before
And it seems to be the way that everyone else gets around
But lately I'm beginning to find that
When I drive myself my light is found

So whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes

Would you choose water over wine
Hold the wheel and drive?

- Drive by Incubus

Would you kill the Queen to crush the hive?

These lyrics have been swimming around in my head today as I sit and reflect upon, well, my whole life in general. Would I choose water over wine? Do I follow or deviate? Frankly, I think to myself, how many times have I allowed the influence of the collective to control me, consume me, creating someone im not deep down, long enough to feel disgruntled? Everyone has their bad days, including me! Heck, I can have bad weeks! I‘ll move forward, backward, side to side and get stuck in the mud along my journey. The hive “the collective“ our sick society have set the standards. Do I conform, or detour and take control of my own destiny? There are questions, and the fact of the matter remains, there is only one question truly, “Who thinks they can do what you do better than you?” The only person who can do what I do is me.

I ponder about what I have chosen

On the surface, its so easy to choose to run with the herd, to feel normal. I keep thinking about that. I want so desperately to say ive chosen the herd, because I want to feel an accepted part of society. I keep reminding myself that the powers of this world are always going to be testing me because of that choice. When I break it down, I say to myself but accepted by whom? Theres a whole world out there in the same predicament as me. Someone else that longs to fit in, are controlled by fear and be someone theyre not. A world that has different perceptions. Without clear definitions, constants. Why do I allow fear to drive me?

Nothing in life is constant. Our choices are half chances. Sometimes im on a high, life is great, I feel like ive conquered Mt Everest on some days, I peak, then I can equally fall flat and feel depressed over the tiniest of issues. I challenge myself to feel. Take the good with the worst, and learn from the experience. Only then do I find my personal growth moves forward, but hey, that’s life right? Joy, love, pain, loss Ive had my fair share through out my journey. Even in times of adversity, after the tears have dried up, and love and strength have prevailed, I have learnt to use the knowledge of that suffering in a more positive way to canvas achievement, become more benevolent and be reflective of my emotions.

So what price do we pay to try and conform? A life that is dictated from the minute we are able to walk to the day we die? Creating fear, labels, classes. Causing stress, depression, disease, and family disintegration and fragmentation. Fear doesn’t respect anything, including itself. You cannot make your own choices. Fear keeps us in a constant state of control. “Poor me, im not intelligent enough, im not attractive enough, im not strong enough, im different to everybody else” Self pity, anger, jealousy, resentment are controlled by fear and fear controls self pity, anger, jealousy and resentment. With fear, there is no justice. We make ourselves pay a thousand times for our suffering.

Stop trying to let fear control your life, stop trying to influence what you cannot control. Stop knocking your head against a brick wall. Take a risk, deviate! Take the wheel and drive! Make your own way, don’t follow in the footprints of others only because of that’s what is expected of you. When you take life head on, you face your adversaries. Focus on what you truly want, stay true to yourself, respect yourself, and your fear slowly dissolves away. Life becomes more simple for you. Time to find yourself, time to love everything you do and how you do it and take some risks. Live your life for you and not others. Walk a higher path and hold your own.

They say the only 2 constants in life are death and taxes. Everything else is open to uncertainties, and hey, shit happens. We cannot control that. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has their off days, and everyone at some time in their life wishes they had done things differently or better. Let your light shine. If you do your best, you cannot ask for more than that. Imagine you are an actor in a play. Your aim is to play the part to the best of your ability. So whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

picnic at hanging rock

I just got back from a lovely picnic on the beach with a good friend of mine. We shared a nice romantic lunch of taramosalata (greek caviar) and crusty bread with lil nibblies like ripe firm greek olives, salad and feta. We even opened a bottle of wine and shared that between us. It was gawges. The setting was right, the weather even better. It felt like we were feasting on a beach somewhere in the greek isles, with the sun over us, bathing us in glory and sublimity. He held my hand as we both were laying side by side laughing and chatting about nothing in particular. When all of a sudden, the conversation changed to what do we expect in a relationship. This made me very uneasy. I know its strange for me to say that, but all I could think of was his past and what I deal with on a constant basis online. Let me explain. You see, my friend is freshly single again. Hurt by his previous gf whom he caught out on a lie(s) and found out she was fucking his best mate. OOOOPSS. He told me it has done his nut in. Of all people, she fell for his best mate, now they arent even together anymore. She wants him back badly, but he wont hear of it. It has shattered his manly ego and he cant deal with it.

He has told me bits and pieces of it leading up to today thru chats we have on the phone, other friendly dates we've been on and online, but today he was more candid and open, revealing stuff I hear about only on my dating column. Its silly for me to see it that way, but its true! I mean, ive been away from the problems of relationships for 7 years now, and BAM! I get to hear of things again. I have to say I have been prepared a lil by the agony aunt column im involved in, but its a different matter when its right in your face. I dont take it personally, I mean, Im not his ex, so I dont think he sees all women as bitches. I care about him alot, and i tried to be as gentle as i could. I knew I can be honest with him and truthful, as we are not seeing each other as lovers yet, we are very good friends only at this stage, so I advised him as a friend would.

Ok so I took the chance and just blurted it: I told him the affair was just a CONSEQUENCE of deeper seated problems his relationship was enduring. Not the reason why. Not laying the blame at all, I told him that whatever issues she was having was because SHE was having them and it wasnt his problem. Some people are quick to lay blame and say things like "Oh you were never there for me or you dont understand me" and most people think these excuses are feasible to lay blame, but in all honesty, they arent! I asked him Was everything going ok in your relationship? I dont say this to lay blame, rather to make you aware of what could be the cause. Maybe she was feeling bored, unhappy about some recent event, or just plain devious. and all this is NOT meant to be directed at you, its her actions. We must remember we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions, and not those of others, we cant start laying blame with ourselves. Its what the individual is feeling, not their partner, whatever the excuse. Do not be too hard on yourself I told him. Do not blame yourself and be thinking its you. We all do things in life because we want to do them, not because others tell us to. So, think of it this way. Your gf had issues. It was her decision to do what she did. Ok its a low act, I must admit, esp since she ended up cheating on you with one of your supposedly best (dead beat) mates, but dont beat yourself up over it.

I went onto further explain, we are all responsible for our happiness, noone else can make us happy or create happiness but us. Ok they can perhaps do things for us that will make us look at them lovingly and think they care for us, but true happiness lies with us. So its nothing that you did or didnt do that would have influenced her decision to start the affair. Truly, look at this deeper. I will give you an example of my ex and I. He meant the world to me at that time, forever showing affection and love, being there for him, praising him, forgiving him, I eventually seen his true colours. He ended up betraying me and my confidence, embaressing me publically and in front of my family, using violence and cheating on me. And I use to ask myself the big question WHY? wasnt my love enough? Wasnt I always there for him? Wasnt our sex life just fabulous? Didnt I respect him enough? Didnt I make enough effort? Didnt I make him happy? Didnt I? didnt I? didnt I? I drove myself mental on some days trying to figure things out. Then came the getting caught out cheating part when he said he wont ever do that again. That was the last straw. I couldnt cope with the yoyo direction my life was taking. It took me a while, but i eventually stopped laying the blame on myself. He had his own issues and it had nothing to do with me. Whatever the reasons he did what he did was his own responsiblities. I went thru hell, and was emerging a better person, so I didnt need his shit on top of me too, so we split, and then he started to go thru hell knowing I wasnt there anymore, and begged me to come back, but I stayed strong. He had to figure out his problems himself. I wasnt going to be his doormat any longer.

He stared back at me, and for a moment I was thinking he was going to get all defensive and stuff, but he was looking at me in a different way. More a thinking way, full of thought provoking facial expressions, and eventually after a few minutes spoke up.

He revealed that he still loves her even though his ego wont allow him to see it. He knows this is true coz he drives past her house often just to see who's there, rings up and hangs up, and frequents places they use to as a couple. He even has remained friends with a few of her friends and asks of her constant. He feels he is out to punish her. Thats why he wont take her back or sit and talk with her, even though he is dying to. OMG. WOOT?

People do make mistakes, even MAJOR mistakes. I told him for his peace of mind he SHOULD have that talk with her. She made 1 major slip, not 10. Even if he is sooo hurt still, he should listen to what she has to say. Just to hear of what her issues were. I told him to be prepared for tears and for things to be revealed that maybe he had no clue over. But its nessassary. Perhaps then you can commence on your journey forward or even remain friends with her instead of being so bitter. Communication breakdown accounts for alot of the time when things go wrong in relationships. Forget the day to day happenings. Its what we say or fail to say to each other that matters. The little things that mean alot. Thanks, appreciation, respect, love, little cheesy gestures, yes they all have meaning, and not only with words either. Communication is a whole range of factors. The spoken word being a large part of it, but you also have to consider actions too.

He began to grow silent. My words were obviously sinking into the depths of his consciousness. I told him to not be afraid to show the love. Love is NOT weakness. Stop torturing her. She needs to know you are there. But, do not be overly eager about it either. Shes vulnerable at this time, and on the rebound from a shattered human error she is probably realising the magnitude over right now. You both need the strength love can provide. So give it time, but make it known you are there. The phone is a good place to start. Just call her up and say hi. Dont use it to argue or lay blame. Just keep it neutral and talk about your day and whats been hapening in a non threatening way. Do this at least weekly. Then just follow the natural progression from there. Believe me the power of forgiveness will lighten your emo mental load. Resentment, hatred, unforgiveness just serves to eat you away, so let it go. Even like I said if this is just to be used to resolve your issues, do it! You will be surprized to discover a few truths (and untruths) as you open and be honest. Can relationships survive an affair? Yes it can, keeping in mind what I said earlier, if you both love each other and if you are willing to work on the issues that caused the affair in the first place, then you will both find it is possible.

Nevertheless, the drive home from the beach was also thought provoking!!
For further reading about surviving an affair I recommend:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

miz helena is back

Hi to all here on my epifanatical page,

I want firstly to say a BIG thx to all friends from pijoo, you tube (yes im still there! ha!) and BC for all their feedback and praise, im truly touched and overwhelmed, and youve all put me in a fuzzy mood, so ive come here to share the love with you all today. Its a gawges day here in Sydney today, so its just adding to the ambiance.

Just quickly before I start on the brain rattle, I have to let you know that Miz Helena is back! Yes, Ive spent a good deal of the past week transferring it from the original blogcast blog to a better SEO friendly wp themed blog, and im over the moon! Everything just WORKS! Adsense for one, Im so glad is finally displaying, as up until now, all I was getting at the old site was PSA (public service ads) and testing it out via browsershots.org everything is displaying like it should. PHEW! My brain works so mysteriously at times, I dont know why I originally chose blogcast over wp or even blogger, so it was a move that was due ages ago, and im soo glad its been finalised and up and working A-OK. Just super stuff !!

The only thing I wasnt aware of, but quickly discovered, was that previous stumbled and dugg, etc, content are now inaccessible, thx to live stats feedjit telling me so. I see visitors come in on expired pages and thats not good. So to combat this, I must now go and redigg and restumble all posts that are there. Luckily, most of the content I stumble isnt mine, so it shouldnt be a hard task locating and fixing. So dont make this same mistakes that I did peeps. I thought it would be easy enough, just transfer and choose a good host and install wp, but its always the little things we always overlook isnt it? So just so you know, dont make this same mistake. My mentor was right when he said it wouldnt be that easy. Now I know what he meant. Oh sure it was easy enough doing everything, albeit time consuming, but when its all done, you look back and think, hey, that wasnt too bad, until these things pop up and nip ya in the bud.

Also, the links change, not the primary link of course, but all the individual posts that I link to from myspace esp. This too I found out after the fact. Another reason my mentor was right. I spent a good deal of the evening during this week relinking at MS to all the correct pages, and its not done yet! I have to cross link now. Meaning, some of the original posts at Miz Helena are now here at epifanatical, only because I am separating feel good, and relationship guidance. If you observe closer, Miz Helena is a mix of feel good and self improvement whereas epifanatical is solely dating and relationship tips. So even if the posts appear at my Miz Helena MS page I have to link to em here. It would be too time consuming to do otherwise, like delete em from there and repost at my epifanatical MS page, yes WAY too much.

Anyways, Im pleased about Miz Helena being back so much so that I made a You Tube video telling everyone about it:

I have just taken my your article world article directory online as well. As you heard me say in the video, its in its early stages right now, but with the help of my friendly coder and with the installing of a kool directory script, and spreading the word, I will be taking submissions from others promoting self help and dating tips. BC and pijoo are wonderful places to start with. I plan on making it a great info-packed place people can come to to find out all about how to deal with their personal issues and great resources they can link to. Im sooo excited about this project and its something ive wanted to do for ages, so im so glad im getting the opportunity to do it now. You only get one crack at life, so you need to get out there. Life waits for noone. You need to grab every opportunity you can with both hands and go for it!! So if you are one of those that come visit me and you are promoting self help and dating too, im very interested in hearing from you soon. Please keep coming back for updates with that.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

online dating tips

Online Dating Tips

The girl of your dreams is not just hanging out in your neighborhood, but she is also just a click away!

Just like the way business surges its scope wider, tapping the world, the dating scheme is expanding into the net giving us limited opportunities to choose our man or woman. It’s easier to find a girlfriend now even if she lives in another state. Just a few chats and voice calls and there you are on your way to meet the woman of your dreams. Even interracial marriage is widely becoming more possible. More western men are marrying Asians. Asians are migrating to the west giving countries more ethnic variety.

But here you are shaking your head and saying that going online to get a date is an insane idea but it has worked for many couples. But why are you even reading this? So, it did cross your mind and if you and any of your friends are contemplating about giving it a taste test, let me give you a briefer.

Where the trend is – is where business is. Scammers proliferate making individuals who are trying to find their love in a road less travelled (or is it still?) their victims. As more and more people traffic the net, more and more opportunists are on the outlook on who to take advantage of. So, get your ammos out and be careful!

Is net dating really just like regular dating? Well, maybe and maybe not. For one, you don’t need to worry about how you look every time you go out to date. Who cares if you are in your pajamas? You just have to get those teabags ready, a few cookies and you’re all set to sit on your computer and type away.

But before you start anything, be savvy, cautious and smart about how to go about it if you don’t want to end up being fooled or outwitted.

Here are a few guidelines:
Know who you’re talking to. Although some think that “love at first chat” can happen the way “love at first sight” does, you are actually posing yourself to the same, real dating dangers if you fail to get to know the person better. If you are truly interested to move further from your usual hi- ASL, U R Hot chats, devout time to ask questions and watch out for inconsistencies. When your lie radar fails you, listen to your instinct. If something doesn’t feel right, then chances are it isn’t!

Watch out for the red flags. Online – they are: people asking for money, someone you particularly really like but you feel like being sidestepped, someone always looking for sex all the time (admit that people get more naughty online and if they ask this more than they should, they probably are just talking to you to get it), your chat-mate is picture perfect, refuses to be or never been on cam (you might be talking to someone who’s pretending to be a model ) Believe it or not, some people will express love even during your first conversation. Don’t fall into the trap. There are those who use their charm to get their way with things. If what you’re seeing and sensing is too good to be true, there’s a good percentage that who you’re talking to is a jerk!

Be honest about who you are. While it’s easy to lie and be who you want to be online, it all comes back to you when you like the one you are talking to and you have been lying all along! Be sincere but don’t give out too much information about you especially if you have not known the other person for a long time.

Be thoughtful. If you are fond of calling on the phone, giving her a visit at the office or at home or sending her flowers and cute little love notes if she lives a few blocks away from you, you can do the same online. Having a long distance relationship, in my opinion, takes more nurturing in the courtship phase just because you don’t really see or touch each other. So what do you have to do now? Don’t fret as your thoughtfulness can be communicated through emails, e-cards, voice messages and if you prefer to be more personal, the snail mail still works!

Patience makes your love go round. When your sweetie is thousands of miles away, love will never be enough. Patience will get you through against the currents of your relationship.
What I’m really saying is -- don’t be stupid and go madly and unreasonably in love with someone you haven’t even met. While emotions may be hard to control, it doesn’t necessarily have to affect your brain. Be guarded; listen to what your mind has to say. If who-you-have-fished-out is worth your heart, your pure intentions will show and you both will endure whatever comes your way. Good luck!

Frustrated with the Online Dating Scene?, for further reading, I highly recommend this:

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

self esteem-what names do you call yourself?

Self esteem is a major factor that enables us to achieve a balanced and satisfying life. Our self esteem is shaped by the personality we are born with, the family environment in which we grew up, feedback from others and our own evaluation of how well we cope with life's ups and downs. Self esteem is a motivator that inspires behavior, but behavior also inspires self esteem.

Therefore there is a continuous feedback loop between the way you act, and the level of your self esteem. Self esteem takes a major hit. But self esteem is supposed to give courage to a person and belief in oneself in the most excruciating conditions of life.

Self esteem doesn’t necessarily show on the outside, but it does affect the way you live your life, your relationships, your work and your success. Self esteem is not about bragging that you are the greatest or that you are perfect. Its more like quietly knowing that your worth alot (priceless in fact!). Self esteem is the key factory for your success in anything that you do.

Self esteem means to hold oneself in high esteem, feeling worthy of a good life and good treatment by others. Self-esteem results from self-respect and respect from others.
Listening to what our inner self has to say is essential. For example, have you ever felt like you had a feeling something was the right thing to do. Listen to your opinions without always having a better or wiser answer. Help yourself to explore your own ideas. Listen to how you treat yourself - the internal conversation. How many times have you scolded yourself if you make even the most tiniest of mistakes? like "What an idiot, how can i be so stupid?". Low self-esteem makes it difficult to identify strong points but it does not mean you do not have them - only that they are unfamiliar to you because of the negative self talk and that of others you have allowed to listen to. Why are you still listening? You cant change your past but you can change the way you talk to yourself today.

Instead of saying, "I never do anything right" you could say "I have done many things right.".You could even make a list of things you have done right. It helps to do this work in a special notebook or journal. Instead of dwelling on the bump on your nose, recognize your fine sense of humor, your lovely complexion, the good relationship you have with your spouse. Focus on your accomplishments.

Parents provide the earliest influence on children. By modeling leadership in their own lives, parents profoundly affect the kind of leaders their children become. Parental practice, for one, is a major factor especially to the growing child. How our parents treat us will determine how we treat ourselves when we grow up and how we let other people treat us.

Individuals with low self-esteem will often begin the day feeling negative, worthless and possibly ugly. This builds during the day, as actions and comments from others appear to validate these feelings, perpetuating the cycle of negativity, frustration and anger. Individuals are not likely to change their behavior unless they first change how they see themselves. If a child accepts the position that s/he doesnt have the capability to succeed in school, chances of academic success are obviously diminished, regardless of intellectual ability. Individuals with truly high self esteem feel good about themselves and continue believing in themselves regardless of what others think of them. Some people feel good about themselves only as long as others support them and approve of them.

Self esteem is how a person perceives his or herself. There are various factors that a person should have a positive attitude about including the value he or she gives to him or herself as a human being, his or her career and his or her achievements in order to develop a high self esteem. Self esteem is one of the dimensions of mental health of a person. Poor self-esteem is said to be one of the effects of depression.

Self-esteem is one of the most crucial elements in our anti-stress armour. It influences attitude, which in turn affects our reactions to stress. Self-esteem is based on our knowing about . Self-esteem is essential to our ability to function in a healthy way. Without the foundation of a solid sense of self, we are unable to take the risks and make the decisions necessary to lead a fulfilling, productive life.

Media also plays a big part in ones self judgement. If your definition of being socially accepted consists of being 5'10', blonde, skinny, full perky breasts or the male equivalent of 6'5', broad shoulders, 6 pack abs, perfect killer smile and tight buns, how do you feel you measure up? More and more people are feeling the effects of fear based media. Companies that use these tactics, feed low self esteem and teach unreachable idealism, creating a society which is unsatisfied with itself and one obsessed with outer perfection.

Placing primary importance on our outer appearance is valuing the consequence over the origin, in other words appreciating the wrapping more than the gift. Exterior emphasis denies the whole, the absolute, the soul and our uniqueness, creating feelings of fear, anger, jealousy, self hatred, judgments of inferiority and superiority, worthiness and worthlessness, depression, eating disorders, competition, entrapment, and quiet desperation. But we can learn to get back to love. We do possess self love, in varying amounts and we see signs of this whenever we are critisised and berated. I mean how many times have you leapt to your defence either outwardly or internally when someone has tried to put you down? Where does this inner voice spring from? We need more of that inner voice to stand up and say YES! we are worthy and do matter. Take the time today to look at yourself. Noone is perfect. Learn to accept the fact that its Ok to be less than perfect. Start with you. Love everything you do and learn to laugh at yourself and life. Take care of your health, eat right, exercise, smile more, respect yourself and learn to say NO.

Celebrate your strengths and achievements no matter how small or large. Having healthy self esteem does not mean feeling perfect. It is just not being continually plagued by self doubt. I wish you success!!

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