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your attitude can take you places !!

The title says it all. Your attitude can make your hopes and dreams concrete. Many people know this but often find it hard to put to practice. It is easier said than done. And most often, we are just consumed with troubleshooting and complaining about life that we often forget that what really makes it work is wearing the right attitude.

Success is drawn more to you if you are positive, enthusiastic and willing to take risks.

If positivism can be bought from a store, it would have for sure been a sell-out. There are so many out there who need a little sprinkle of positive thoughts to help them move on. As a result, people like being around friends and family who in one way or another, help them cheer up. It is true that positivism can be contagious. There are numerous testimonies of successful people narrating that they owe their fortune to happy, positive individuals they surround themselves with most of the time. What’s good is that we all have the power to make this happen. You can carefully choose who you make a habit to hang out with. I figure if people have done this at an earlier stage of their lives, they’d live better and happier as adults. Attitudes develop and are adapted through time. You are a result of your experiences. Your happiness or depression now is a consequence of what happened to you in the past. If you think you have missed living a happy childhood, don’t whine. It is never too late to start today.

Are you enthusiastic enough to find life wonderful? If you feel like always waking up at the wrong side of the bed, you aren’t! A friend made a good point in telling me that there is never a “wrong side of the bed”, only the wrong attitude. Try wearing the right attitude to wake up enthusiastic in the morning and days would seem brighter and life less complicated after that. How about starting your day with a smile on your face, a great, cold shower to perk you up and telling yourself to have a good day ahead for a change? Nothing beats a good head start!
Risk is a hazard and you try to avoid it whenever possible. There are instances in life, however, when you need to face it head on if you want to get ahead from where you are now. Some brilliant, skilled people fail to conquer life only because they are so fearful of taking risks. On the other hand, there are ordinary people who get places because they decided to swallow that lump in their throats and face awkwardness, struggles and even dangers in their work and relationships. How many instances have you walked through storms in your life and managed to pick yourself up and walk forward? This is a question that could define how much of a risk-taker you are.

Remember that nobody is born great. Greatness is a summation of courage, resourcefulness, persistence exhibited in the good and the bad experiences of your life. Be thankful for the joys and the perils that come along with living. They make you stronger and make you realize the essentials of living. Further on, learn the trick of how to stay happy and that is to look at the bright side of things and be excited to face life’s ups and downs. Waking up everyday does require us to arm ourselves with decisions we are uncertain of, however, it makes life interesting and worth looking forward to in the morning!

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Erotica has also had a very large, if unacknowledged, role in the development of our entertainment and electronic media. To serve its audience, the erotica industry has always been in the forefront of the adult world. Erotica differs from pornography in that it celebrates rather than degrades human-sexuality . It preserves the mutuality of sexual activity, is not exploitative, controlling, objectifying, addictive, a "using" activity, or affected by prurient interests.

Sexual pioneers such as Betty Dodson encouraged women to discover themselves through masturbation and Nancy Friday revealed the hitherto-unknown world of female sexual fantasy in her book My Secret Garden . Sex and erotica are increasingly developing from a niche product into a consumer article that is part of normal everyday life. A completely different self-image and change in values are emerging with the elimination of taboos linked to the subject and the social transition.

Sex and intimacy are not fads, theyre of major interest to everyone, regardless of what they say. Romance, intimacy, and sex have even taken Jesus to number one in a Tom Hanks film. Sex films became more hardcore, and lost a lot of charm in the Seventites.. nowadays erotica is more tasteful, subtle, and more in tune to the needs of women.

Erotic know how is seeped in history.. erotic literature, be it Victorian or contemporary, serves the same purpose. It provides an outlet for sexual feelings which certainly exist, but often cannot be overtly expressed. Erotic lesbian stories, once relegated to the back pages of seedier men's magazines, now appear prominently in books released by feminist, romance and mainstream publishers. The tone and explicitness of stories vary, but the best ones emphasize characterization and plot in addition to steamy sex scenes.

Erotica should be the joyous embrace of living, a celebration of our sexuality . I have written many erotic stories and have explored the delectable kinkier side .. both on paper and in life.. and the richness of understanding sexuality has exposed and transformed me into a woman who knows what she wants..

Erotica writers have to consider many things a vanilla writer would never have to consider. Do you tell people what you do? erotica for me is an outlet to explore to indulge to express and to experience.. erotica writing is my future and my future looks wonderful.. i write with the pseudonym angelxx .. and shes provocative, passionate and peppery

Monday, December 29, 2008

3 basic clues that tell you your guy loves you

3 Basic Clues that Your Guy Loves You

Don’t wait till he goes poof. If he’s really into you, you’d be identifying symptoms of him falling for you.

A guy can treat you like a queen day in day out, but it does not all guarantee that he is really interested. Men are quite skillful at relationships that it’s helpful if you know how to play his game. He could make you feel wonderful and leave you overwhelmed by your own conclusions that he is in love with you, yet, he’s just a jerk faking it.

Find out if he’s really into you or not through these three clues:

Watch Out for the ‘I love You’ Blues

Not just when he says it. A guy can be overwhelmed by his hormones and will tell you anything at the spur of the moment. But when you ask him when he is a bit more rational and he does not frown, that’s it! Also examine the time and situation when he says it. Does he still say it even when you’re fighting? Is it saying it with a “too” at the end? Is it the vodka talking? Is it when he wants to have sex with you? You know, guys are capable of giving foolish sweet talk just to get in your pants!

Is He Happy Alone With You?

It might be okay if he doesn’t say the magic words at all. Not all guys are comfortable with being vocal about their feelings. Some feel vulnerable and in less control so they reserve having to say it when they really mean it. That’s okay right as long as he takes it beyond words.

You know he loves you when he smiles most times and rarely frowns. You find him spending loads of alone time with you. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – be it playing sports, watching DVDs on a lazy Saturday afternoon or just sleeping in bed with you. It’s cop-out if he often finds excuses not to be with instead of planning a getaway with you, if he does that, I’d say he’s losing his love grips then. If he goes out of his way to do things for you like seeing you everyday and cooking dinner for you, that’s a guy trying to impress a girl he really likes.

You’ve Got Yourself a Fans Club

If he constantly cheers for you and tells you how he loves your smile, your strut, the way you sway your hips or how you pull your hair back up, he adores you! And when he does, you like to keep it that way. Take his compliments seriously as these are reasons why he is attracted to you. Stage up a show of your assets to keep him aching for you. A love without lust will make it feel redundant and boring.

Knowing if he’s potential Mr. Right (someone who deserves you) is crucial so you won’t go wasting your time. If he doesn’t seem truly happy with you and just seems like he is faking love, don’t go about wondering too much about what went wrong. You probably already have done enough for him and if he’s still not getting the picture that you want more than what you’re getting, then he’s not worth it!
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day out at the beach

today was a day out at the beach.. picnicing.. swimming.. baking.. the vid below was taken as we waded into the water with my fone.. up to the waist.. koolish is a good word to describe it.. nevertheless, we had alot of fun.. feeling a lil singed.. mmmmm


driving on xmas eve

hi folks.. these vids below areof driving to pick up the goodies for xmas.. the vid originally was over 16 mins long but had to split it due to exceeding upload requirements at UT.. we just ramble on about stuff.. roadrage.. laughs.. etc.. i hope you enjoy.. and it gives you some idea what its like to drive on Sydney streets..


Thursday, December 25, 2008

is this santas house?

Look at what we came across on the way to a Xmas eve partay last night.. SANTAS HOUSE!! this has to be seen to be believed.. every inch of the double story Victorian mansion was covered in crissy lites..


Friday, December 19, 2008

zeitgeist the movie remastered

what does christianity, 911 and the federal reserve all have in common?


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

3rd reply to would you trust your wife going out alone with your friend

Reply to follow up of would you trust your wife going out alone with your friend?

lol yes, I did watch them hold hands and kiss. It didn't phase me in a negative way. I actually thought it was cool that she was able to do that in front of me without having to hide it.

I don't know what he was feeling when they did that.

She told me that at first, she felt weird doing that in front of me, but as the night went on, she said she became more comfortable with it.

As to whether what they did was a friendly gesture or more, I think a little of both. I know she loves him, so I guess it could have been both. Not sure what she was thinking when they did it.

Maybe you know better (coming from another female). They didn't seek my permission. I guess it all came natural to them. I don't think my wife has an exhibitionist fetish. I think she's just attracted to him and is very close to him.

As for me, no, I don't think I have a fetish, I just love her, support her and want her to be happy. As for their outing, it's 2:00 A.M. and they're still out! lol Should I call her on her cell, or let her be? lol Anyway, it's great to be able to talk to someone about this. Thanks for listening and thanks for the great advice!


It can very very hard for others to comprehend how you are feeling and your relaxed attitude. I mean, im pretty easy going, have a good threshold for what gets to me, but even I am amazed at what im hearing.

Kissing and you took it all in stride?? OMG. You say your wife doesnt have exhibitionist fantasies, but going by what you say by she eventually became comfy with doing so makes me think otherwise. Here is what I think...

she knows your OK with things, and feels good about that. She may sense that it kinda turns you on, and she wants to see your reaction. The more you show it doesnt phase you, the more it fuels her fantasy. This is from an outsiders prospective. and most will see it this way. So she pushes it to the edge as far as she can.. Would it change things if you try look deeper and you discover that it does turn you on? and the fact that you guys are both friends with Steve, I mean what does he do after taking your wife out? shake your hand at the end of the evening and say thx mate? You must have the foreberance of steel to be able to be with them while they openly display their affections so blatently.

I think you should call her. Its 2.00am and they are still out, so a call of concern is prolly what shes's expecting. Dont be surprized I think if she reveals stuff you were prolly leading up to expect. It was kinda headed that way.. more so now because of the openness with kissing in front of you. Question is.. can you handle it?

** taken from my dear cupid personal love column .. previous replies to would you trust your wife going out alone with your friend and follow up to would you trust your wife going out alone with your friend

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before and after marriage

marriage is a lovely institution.. until things start to get ugly.. after marriage.. read the conversation below from the bottom to back to the top.. come to your own conclusion..


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dating married men

according to Dr Kamal Khurana, a marriage and relationship counselor explains, "Women who fall for married men are usually seeking attention and emotional support. Since married men seem to be more experienced and mature, they get attracted towards them. Owing to their experience, married men understand the emotional needs and desires of women better than their single counterparts. However, men usually get attracted to other women as a result of a deficiency or a lack of satisfaction (emotional/sexual) in their present relationship. "

although prolly ashamed to admit it, many women are involved in affairs with married men. A study published in the Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy in 2002, revealed that 45-55% of married women and 50-60% of married men engage in extramarital sex at some time or another during their relationship. This gives us an idea about how much extramarital affairs are on a all time high.

some of the reasons men and women stray are:

ego boost the newness and attraction experienced early in the marriage, wears off and routine sets in. When we meet people outside the marriage and they find us attractive, it can be a huge ego booster. More than often, affairs can be reassurances that we still got it and can still attract members of the opposite sex. Also a huge number do so to escape the huge responsibilities that plague them at home. Kids, the job, paying the bills, they long for some fun and relaxation, take their minds off the drudgery for a while.

boredom again, married couples lives fall into humdrum routine, and they do not have the time or the know how on how to revive them. This creates a feeling of being taken for granted and not being given enough attention, this naturally leads to partners seeking to gain satisfaction elsewhere.

getting even sometimes, an affair is used to get back at a partner who has cheated. As a way of saying fuck you, look at me, I can do it too, even when their intention was not to cheat in the first place. These affairs usually are of short duration, just to satisfy the getting even part and to prove to their partner they can still attract others.

sexual dissatisfaction another common reason both partners stray is dull or non existant sex at home. They may have mismatched or flagging sex drives, and an affair is used as an outlet purely for the sexual adventure thrill factor. A neglected partner may think something is wrong with them, and an affair can serve to reassure that they are indeed a confident, highly sexual being.

why do men and women seek out married lovers?

I believe a high proportion has commitment phobia issues, and do not want to enter a full on commited relationship. So by having affairs they feel safe. They can have all the perks without having to wash his socks or pick up after him.

The powertrip, pure and simple. Some enjoy being the "other" person. Being treated prolly even better than what they treat their married partner. More sex, more attention, flowers, gifts, the forbidden often a turn on.

Most articles about dating married men are designed to tell us DONT! STOP! and with good reason. I speak from experience when I say this. dating a married man coz his marriage was sexless apparently. WAKE UP GUYS! First of all thats a lie, coz most cheaters are liars. Their stories are only half truths and one-sided. The reason your wife may not be interested in sex is coz that you are not offering sex that exciting, so off you go and try to prove to yourself that it isnt you. Life is tough. Think about when you were getting your brains fucked on a regular basis. What were you doing differently then? paying attention, surprize nights out, compliments, making her feel like a million dollars? I'll bet my life that if you start doing those things again, the spark will return.

Is it worth risking everything? Divorce? losing the respect of your family? exposure? financial ruin? (kiss goodbye to half of everything) even if he leaves his wife for you, the sex will eventually go stale after a while, and the vicious cycle will begin once again. My relationship with my married lover lasted a total of 4 years. 4 years to come to the conclusion that the grass isnt always greener on the other side, that for whatever shallow reasons we came together eventually we got to see the light.

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elf yourself