Saturday, January 23, 2010


I was at the beach today, being a very hot almost 40C and decided to climb the grass hill to sit under the shade and have lunch. It was here that a small boat on the water in the distance caught my eye and immediately gave me the most intense emotional feeling.

It gave me the sense that we are like that small boat sometimes. Lost, adrift, directionless in life. It looked so small against the ocean. It was as if the ocean was the whole world, engulfing us, throwing us about and we are rendered powerless.

These were just a few of my thoughts today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

how to become a succulent kisser

so you may think your a succulent kisser.. but do you really know the difference between kisses that tingle the spine to ones that feel so dull and unnatural? are you a spontanious kisser or one that just reserves the meeting of lips to occasions like a quick peck in the mornings or evenings because thats what is expected? .. boring..

Now dont get me wrong, im not saying kissing your partner in greeting every morning or evening is bad, heck no, mutual morning/evening kissing is a lovely way to show the love and connect, but what I mean to say is, most couples have forgotten how to kiss passionately and to do it to catch the other unawares or just because you want to surprize them and break the monotony. *how exciting!*

think about the very few first dates youve been on and how succulent kissing was something you did for pleasure, to explore, and as a lead up to and during foreplay and sex. It was incredible. You both seemed lost in each other, and all the gentle nibbles, heavy breathing, moaning, responses, and body contact made it hard to stop. Am I right?

well today I share 5 tips on how you can learn once again to become a passionate irresistable succulent kisser. Its not like you never knew, its just the flame needs reigniting.

1) share an intimate moment .. emotionally connect with your partner.. include lots of touching, eye contact and attention. When the physical arousal of a succulent kiss combines with the emotional connection of sharing an intimate moment, be prepared for fireworks!

2) shut the world out and go wild! lose yourself .. relax.. let nothing else matter. Theres something about feeling total abandonment that can make us want to kiss forever. Have you ever felt the 'urge' to kiss? I mean really looking at your partner and all of a sudden overcome with such a buring desire to suck on his tonsils?

3) tempo succulent kissing is all about the flow. It starts off soft.. becomes urgent.. then pauses to breathe and to stare into each others eyes. Allow it to find its natural tempo. The build up.. the cool down.. the connection thru eye contact and exploration.

4) be imaginative its not only about the lips.. succulent kissers know how to experiment and adapt to their partner and explore away from the mouth.. kissing eyes.. the neck.. and nibbling on earlobes.. varying the pressure and creating lil ripples of spontanious pleasures.

5) banish nerves nothing is worse than being uptight about whether you are doing it correctly.. or feeling self concsious about every lil detail. Relax and enjoy.. its not a marathon.. do what feels right. Feeling tense will ruin the moment and kill any enjoyment. Allow yourself to relax and go with the flow.

If you take the time to connect.. are completely at ease and in the moment.. allowing expression and passion to find its natural tempo.. you will then find becoming a succulent kisser will be much more intense and enjoyable. Whether it be warm soft kisses or deep tongue frenchies.. its all about being responsive.. and training to teach yourself to read things like signals and body language and just going for it!!

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