Wednesday, February 10, 2010

boots & heels & feet worship

ahh the wonderous beauty of the female foot adorned in the highest of heels or boots.. can instantly bring a man to his knees to worship their mistress in a most absolute obsessive way..

we all know the delish rewards of high heels..

not only do they scream sex.. but they accentuate and lengthen giving the appearance of a slimmer sillouette.. the height of the stilletto shifts our centre of balance creating a sexy sway to our strut.. the intimidating authoritive clicking of heels on the floor.. all which guys are drawn to and love! adding a few inches of height to your frame as well creates the feeling that your soaring over him!

with all of these positive attributes.. its no wonder men are like helpless puppies when in the company of a mistress adorned with the sexiest of heels or boots

if you are like me.. you dont have go thru the agony of actually wearing and walking in heels to make a man submit at your feet.. NO! simply wearing them and sitting with your stockinged legs crossed bareing a lil suggestive thigh is sufficient to start any foot fetishist's heart beating fast!

here are some of mizzys tips for hot foot/heel/boot play with a willing foot slave:

** order him to kneel by your feet.. and serve as your foot stool.. a stern clicking of your heels or fingers will have him jumping to attention.. lovingly desiring to be given the opportunity to serve and obey

** request that he remove your shoes and give you a stimulating foot rub.. making sure to rub your stockinged soles along his chest and face smothering him as your demands increase

** shoe sluts dream of lavishing their attentions on their mistresses by being allowed to lick and suck on mistresses heels .. and you shouldnt hold back.. collar and leashes come in handy here.. while you relax and watch TV or chat on the phone.. your dutiful sub can be shining your heels

** adventurous loving mistresses take things further by indulging in trampling.. there is a variety of ways you could use your heels for trampling.. having sub laying down and using the heels to step on him.. stomp on him.. even kick and poke him.. the most die-hard foot fetishists are generous pain sluts as well as heel worshippers.. so this scenario is ideal for that extra kink

** pedicures.. there is no reason why a man cannot give his mistress the pampering she deserves and demands and what better way to show his love than by giving her a wonderful relaxing full pedicure.. mistress does after all need to look good in the heels she is wearing..the submission factor is greater when you force him to study womens rags to learn the correct pampering techniques and punish him if he doesnt do it to the satisfaction of his mistress

use his lust for heels to your advantage and enjoy yourself relishing in the power!

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Miz Helenas Sex Toys Shoppe

Hi peepz! Im delighted to announce the arrival of my BRAND NEW sex toys shoppe, Miz Helenas Sex Toys!

and what a better time to indulgue in that special treat for Valentines Day!

Ive been in the business of Sex Toys for over 3 years now, starting off promoting and reviewing toys with Eroticsity Sex Toys, where I mainly write erotica and ran a buzzing 18,000 + member forum at. But the time has come to begin a fresh start in conjunction with Miz Helenas Dating Tips as a base for offering and recommending the best sex toys for your pleasures.

The range is extensive and caters to all tastes male and female bi gay and straight. here are some of the delish goodies on offer:

The Screaming O Vibrating love ring with soft and stretchy band that helps him maintain a longer, harder erection.

The Don Wand
This clear plug is topped with a beautiful combination of red and amber glass to add to the distinction of this little gem.

Wet Warming Intimate Lube Experience the HOTTEST member in the Wet family of fun and sensual products. Wet Warming intimate lubricant gently heats on contact!

Waterproof Wall bangers Tongue Get wall-bangin' orgasms and mind-blowing satisfaction with this vibrating tongue tickler. This wiggling wonder teases and tickles you with four speeds of pleasant pulsations and thrilling vibrations.

Cock Toss Glow In The Dark
This Glow in the Dark dong can be set up for hours of fun with a cock toss game.3 Toss Rings included. A must for any bachelorette party!

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how to give her an orgasm

Is it really so hard to give a woman an orgasm? Many say it’s difficult but many men also claim that it’s very easy… IF you know what to do. So the question is, do you?

Any health, loving and lasting relationship counts a great sex life as a key ingredient. And if you look around you, it’s probably not hard to tell which couples are truly happy with each other. These are the couples that still look at each other with lust in their eyes! So what’s their secret? It’s probably because they are BOTH sexually satisfied in their relationship.

A lot of people know that women don’t reach an orgasm as easily or as quickly as men. What many don’t realize is that this does nothing but build sexual frustration. And sexual frustration manifests itself in many negative ways in a relationship; until one day, you both wake up and realize that you no longer have passion in each other and in your lives.

The good news is it’s really not hard at all to make a woman reach an orgasm. But you both have to work at it, which, if you think about it, is part of the fun as well!

How to Make Her ‘Come’ – A Step-by-Step Guide

You may find this step-by-step guide useful. It is one of the many tools that Gabrielle Moore, an expert on sex education has created.

Step 1
Engage in a lot of foreplay! Foreplay is very important because it helps her relax her mind and make her more focused on the lovemaking at hand. It’s also a great way to bond as many women associate foreplay as a man’s way of taking time and ensuring sex is not just a physical act but about intimacy.

Foreplay can start hours or even days in advance and is really limited only by your sexual imagination. As you keep this ‘sexual tension’ high, you’ll find that it’s actually easier to bring her to an orgasm once you do engage in sex.

Step 2
If foreplay is the ‘primer’, oral sex is the next big step. Many women actually claim that oral sex is the ONLY way they can reach an orgasm so if you both want it to be that way, then don’t resist.

When you do go down on her, don’t rush it. Show her that you really love her by lavishing her genitals with your undivided attention. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination so to speak.

At the start, just tease and lick softly and lovingly. Once she’s focused on that part of her body, increase the tempo. When you notice that her breathing is getting faster and harder or if her legs are becoming taut, move your attention to her clitoris. Tease it by drawing small circles around it with your tongue and then apply more pressure and lick faster.

If she gives any indication at all that she’s really turned on, remember this: DON’T change anything. Keep the tempo of what you’re doing and she’ll reach her orgasm soon enough.

Step 3
If your tongue doesn’t bring her to an immediate orgasm, don’t despair. Don’t forget that your fingers can be put to good use too! Use your index finger to ‘trace’ the outline of her labia. Be sure to touch her gently. This is guaranteed to electrify her body. After this, place your index and middle finger together and then draw circles around her clitoris.

Pay attention to her body (is it in a pleasured, relaxed state or is it pulled taut like a string?) to gauge just how turned on she is. Don’t forget to pay attention to her moans and groans as well.

You can alternate using your tongue and fingers to stimulate her clitoris and just like what’s advised above, if she indicates something that’s really turning her on, just keep doing it!

Step 4
If clitoral stimulation has not brought on an orgasm yet, then try G-spot stimulation! Assuming that she’s already hot and wet, slowly insert your index and middle finger inside her womanhood, palm up. Once inside, position your fingers to the “11 o’clock”. Slowly try and locate a small bump or swelling (like an engorged clitoris). Once you find this spot, congratulations… you’ve located the elusive G-spot!

Step 5
You can stimulate the G-spot in many ways. You can tap it with your fingers, draw lazy or frenzied circles around it, or flick it wildly like a light switch. If you wish, you can use your thumb to stimulate her clitoris while stimulating her G-spot. This will surely give her an orgasm to be remembered!

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Friday, February 5, 2010

sex and calories

It has been known for many years that sex is good exercise, but until recently nobody had made a scientific study of the caloric expenditure of different sexual activities. Now after original and proprietary research they are proud to present the results. (with thx to @Siddharth via email)

With her consent..... ......... ......... 12 Calories
Without her consent..... ......... ...... 387 Calories

With both hands....... ......... ........ 8 Calories
With one hand........ ......... ......... 22 Calories
With your teeth....... ......... ........ 85 Calories

With an erection.... ......... ......... ... 6 Calories
Without an erection.... ......... ....... 315 Calories

Trying to find the clitoris.... ......... .. 8 Calories
Trying to find the G-Spot...... ........ 192 Calories

Missionary.. ......... ......... ......... .. 112 Calories
69 lying down........ ......... ......... . 178 Calories
69 standing up.......... ......... ...... 312 Calories
Wheelbarrow. ......... ......... ......... 386 Calories
Doggy Style....... ......... ......... .... 400 Calories
Italian chandelier.. ......... ......... . 972 Calories

Real........ ......... ......... ......... 112 Calories
Fake........ ......... ......... ......... 315 Calories

Lying in bed hugging..... ......... ....... 18 Calories
Getting up immediately. ......... ....... 36 Calories
Explaining why you got out of bed immediately. .....816 Calories

If you are:
20-29 years old......... ......... ...... 36 Calories
30-39 years....... ......... ......... .... 80 Calories
40-49 years....... ......... ......... .... 124 Calories
50-59 years....... ......... ......... .... 972 Calories
60-69 years....... ......... ......... .... 2916 Calories
70 and over........ ......... ......... .. Results are still pending

Calmly...... ......... ......... ......... 32 Calories
In a hurry....... ......... ......... .... 98 Calories
With her father knocking at the door... 1218 Calories
With your wife knocking at the door.... 3521 Calories

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

why men shut down a personal account

Hi guys.. I have been getting alot of interest on the "why men shut down" article I posted a few months ago, but im here today to expand on it a bit more.. with my very own personal account.. perhaps us women will never know the answers fully to this question.. I think that couldnt be truer after what I experienced recently.

anyways.. just a recap on the original article.. men shut down I believe for 3 main reasons:

1) he is less emotional - while we women 'freak out' he might be analysing the situation to be of less importance and doesnt know what all the fuss is about. when he sees you pressing on, his instant reaction is to clam up and avoid you.

2) he wants to do his best to avoid conflict - and his natural reaction to this is run! he cant deal with the messy consequenses, and cant handle emotions like resentment, hate and feeling like his manhood will take a battering!

3) hurting his male pride - while we woman will never understand how cold a man can seem at times.. the way he sees it is he wants to avoid any negative blow to his manhood. we are designed to take the good and not so good.. but for a man.. that can mean a demorilizing blow and would rather block these vibes out.


so when I recently wrote out an rather long email to a dear male friend outlining my reasons why I needed to take a break.. all I got in return was nothing! No response.. cold shoulder.. no idea on what his side of coin was.. he kept me in total silence.. by his reaction you would think I had murdered someone close to him.. never to be forgiven

I tried looking at it deeper.. but it was impossible for me to say for certain.. I had no feedback from him.. no reply to messages.. so I finally gave up

the way I see it (speaking of course from what I know of him and what my thoughts are) I feel:

his male ego is fragile and has taken a battering.. he is confused.. hurt.. let down.. prolly blaming himself in some small way (but never admitting it) . stubborn.. out for "you did this to me.. now watch what im going to do to you" mentality..

because of the time that has passed and he feeling bad.. he doesnt know the way to approach me now.. even if there is a shred of friendship left inside.. he doesnt know the correct way to put things on the mend.. his silence has proven this

so my final conclusions (going back to the original post) is YES.. his male pride has been hurt.. YESS he cannot handle his emotions.. YESS he may think this situation is petty (altho the fact that he has been avoiding tells me it has gotten to him otherwise he would be fine with everything) and YESS he wants to avoid a confrontation.. he cant stand to have a emotional woman in his ear telling him where things went wrong..

anyways.. I am quite saddened by his overall apathetic indifference after what I considered a great start to a great friendship.. so I have now finally let it go.. he knows my thoughts and feelings towards him.. perhaps its now up to a matter of time to let things cool off.. to start seeing things clearer

so just for laughs.. I wanna post the hillarious video below.. spoken from the mouths of the boys themselves about what it takes to keep ya man happy! you will find it very funny when he makes the very suggestion that is discussed in this article!.. well.... so it MUST BE TRUE! grrls! LMAO... enjoy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

why do nice girls choose bad guys?

Have you ever stopped and noticed why some of your nice girlfriends choose the guy from hell? Have you done this ? I have always wondered why some of the most nicest intelligent friends choose partners that are clearly bad news. Its not only women that fall for men who treat them badly.. perfect, gorgeous men are also suckers for women that are trouble. Below are a few reasons why I think this might occur...

1) the challenge many women are just not interested in nice guys. They find them boring, predictable and too perfect.. they enjoy a challenge, and may not admit it but find an assertive, dominant alpha male exciting and sexy. What they are attracted to in others is at times based on unresolved issues within. They become a 'crowd pleaser' who sacrifices their real persona to win approval. They may come across as fractious and end up drawing the attention of someone that bears that vigor for them.

2) early conditioning parents are the most powerful role models. How many times have you heard someone say "I never want to end up being like my parents?" yet as they get older, the more they virtually morph into them. The stronger the ties and the more they dont work upon becoming their own person, the more they can be sure that they eventually will mimic their parents. Chances are they will not even notice they are doing it. The conditioning is so congenital it seems almost normal. With the lack of personal growth, and perhaps dysfunctional social impairment, we are more likely to select a mate who is identical to one of our parents.

3) low self worth we attract like. people usually treat us in the manner we treat ourselves. The law of attraction is alive and well in how we feel about ourselves. If we have low self esteem, this will be evident everywhere. Our lifestyle, job, relationships, choice of friends, lovers. We develop a help, rescue me attitude, when we should be looking to change that behaviour. Our low self worth is responsible for being treated disrespectfully, we view the world thru the lens of our own perceptions and beliefs. If life seems depressing, thats all we see. When we change, everything and everyone around us does too. Suddenly, others start changing their behaviours.

The need for love and intimacy can lead us to make fleeting decisions when choosing a partner. Instead of getting to know each other, we now jump into bed with anyone that shows us interest. Sexual involvement brings with it a whole multitude of psychological and impulsive emotive issues that can create complications long before we really know the person we are involved with. To bring out the best in our mates, become a great mate.

For further reading I highly recommend:

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