Thursday, May 27, 2010

amsterdam windows

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Amsterdam windows’? Well, this term actually refers to the red light district in Amsterdam, an area in the main city of Holland where prostitution is legal. In the red light district, women in this profession stand in front of window displays to entice male passersby to select them and come in for pleasure.

The shower sex game Amsterdam windows comes from this and for you to play the game, you seriously need some glass shower stalls!

Amsterdam Windows 101

This sex game is great for your relationship and has different elements in it. There’s the play on voyeurism (on your part), on self-pleasuring (on both your parts) and on role-playing (on her part) so let’s get started!

For this sex game, you can opt to engage in foreplay or not. Opting for foreplay means you can easily be on your way to playing the sex game but opting for the latter has some fun too. How? If you don’t engage in foreplay, then it’s up to your partner to bring you to a level of arousal without touching you!

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Now for the mechanics of this sex game…

With the bathroom dimly set, your partner should stand behind the shower stall and turn on the shower. She should have a sexy, white t-shirt on so you can clearly see how her nipples get turned on by the blast of water running down her body.

As for you, you’re sitting on a chair on the OTHER side of the glass shower stall. Hello voyeurism!

Your partner should now put on all her charms and get you as turned on as much as possible. She can continue on to have her t-shirt on or she can proceed to take an achingly slow shower, making sure you can see all those suds slide down her body and how she touches herself all over. This part brings out the role-playing in her. She can pretend to be in an adult movie shower scene!

To increase the heat factor, she can then move on to more daring moves such as pushing her body against the glass for your torment or… start self-pleasuring yourself. At this stage, you may also want to do the same thing. Note that on this move, you are both fulfilling a sex fantasy that thousands of couples dream up everyday… the fantasy of watching your lover play with him/herself!

How the sex game Amsterdam Windows ends is totally up to you. Here are some scenarios:

- You guys can stop as you both reach your climaxes apart. (Each behind his end of the shower stall glass, sexy!)

- You can join each other under the shower and proceed to making love. (A personal favorite of mine!)

- Or you guys can switch roles! This time, it’s YOUR turn to try and bring her to slow and sexy torment.

Note that through the duration of this sex game, there must be NO communication between the two of you whatsoever. Act like strangers, with the one sitting down getting turned on simply by what the other chooses to do from his/her end of the ‘window’.

As if this sex game is not steamy enough, there are other things you can add to modify the sex game to your further liking.

- Make the objective of the game the shortest time a partner can make the one sitting down reach a climax.

- Add music to the equation. You can pre-mix music that alternates between soft and sexy and rough and hard. With this element, the one behind the glass should coordinate his/her sexy movements to the music.

- Add video to the equation. If you guys know of a really hot shower scene in a movie, get a clip of it and play it. In this scenario the objective is to make the one behind the glass ‘act out’ the scene completely.

Be your own adult movie stars. Discuss if you want to videotape the whole sex game for your viewing pleasure later.

The sex game Amsterdam windows has a lot going for it. It brings in many sex fantasy elements that you guys can finally engage in without necessarily being too shy or coy about it. By simply adding the element of the steamy, glass shower stalls, it’s amazing how couples can be so ‘free’ and finally make their fantasies come to life.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

take her to the wild west

The Shower Cowboy and Cowgirl sex game is a fun way to engage in sexual playful banter. It’s a nice deviation to other sex games that actually require couples to be slow and quiet.

This sex game though can be a bit deceiving. It starts of more on the fun side but the consequences are extremely sensual, making it the perfect sex game for beginners. You know, those who are not yet fully comfortable getting naked in the bathroom with their lover there as well.

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How to Play the Shower Cowboy and Cowgirl Sex Game

First off, you guys need water pistols! Get into the bathroom with your undergarments still on. Fill the water pistol with water and try as much as you can to drench your lover’s underwear with water. (It would be fantastic if she’s wearing translucent undies!) This would be a great voyeur-type of experience for you!

What about her then? She can of course do the same. In fact, you guys can try and ‘shoot’ at each other at the same time and after a given period (bring a timer inside the bathroom), check which one’s undergarments are more drenched in water. The one that’s more soaked loses and as such must remove all his/her clothes off!

The one who’s now completely naked should stand against the wall while the other one is on the opposite end of the bathroom. The one still with clothes should then try to ‘aim’ at his/her lover’s body. This time though, instead of using water, use diluted chocolate.

Use anything that has a bit of colour and is EDIBLE. After, say 30 seconds or so of ‘shooting’, the shooter gets to lick off each and every part of the other’s body that was hit by the chocolate. Of course, the shooter should hit as many erogenous zones on his/her partner’s body possible.

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Shower Cowboy and Cowgirl Sexual Playing Cards

A variation of this sex game is to make use of adult playing cards. Draw a card and see which body part you should aim for. If you hit the spot, then draw a card from the Kama Sutra set of playing cards (or any similar deck) and perform the deed on the card. On the other hand, if you miss the spot, your partner gets to draw from her ‘penalties box’ which can either be sexually related or a chore you have to do!

Another variation to this sex game is to make full use of that timer you brought along. Pick a card to see which body part you should aim for. If you hit the spot, then draw a card from the Kama Sutra set of playing cards (or any similar deck) and perform the deed on the card but this time, only for a specific period of time. You can have another deck of cards where you can pick out time or simply apply an ascending time period. So for example, you can start off the time period at 5 seconds, and then for the second deed, go for 10 seconds, and so on.

Shower Cowboy and Cowgirl Bull’s Eye Board

This time, instead of ‘shooting’ at each other, aim at a sexual dart board of some kind. Shoot at the board with your water pistol and see which sexual activity it lands on. You then of course need to do the deed so aim for sexual activities that you’d like to perform instead of receive. If you don’t hit anything on the board, then you completely miss your sexual treat and it’s your partner’s turn to aim at the board!

As mentioned above, a sex game involving shower pistols seems to be more fun than ‘serious’ and as such is a great way to encourage your partner to start engaging in sex games. Of course, as you can tell from the likely consequences that that’s quite deceiving. But don’t worry, once your lover is already into the game, it’s quite hard to back off from it because of the sexual pleasures it can bring.

Just remember that there’s really no ‘competition’ here. Don’t get annoyed if you miss treats or if your partner never seems to hit a target! Just think of all the practice you need to do to get this right.

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Enjoy yourselves!

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

older woman younger man.. the cougar factor

your on that great night out with friends, when almost instantly you spy him from across the room.. a wink.. a smile.. a few dances.. drinks and conversation... you suddenly realise this perfect specimen before you is a few years younger.. in fact alot younger!

Hollywood has long dictated that the ideal pairing is the suave worldly older man with a stunningly beautiful woman on his arm.. and with the social stigmas of labels like cradle snatchers, older women not that long ago were made to feel ashamed of their desire for the younger male.. but these days thanks to couples like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher many more May-December romances are on the increase!

According to a recent AARP poll almost one-third of women between ages 40 and 69 are dating younger men (10 or more years younger) and one-sixth of women in their 50s, in fact, prefer men in their 40's.

For most older women bouncing back from a divorce.. and now free of the burdens of raising kids.. are finally financially settled.. more sexually attuned to their needs.. and adventurous.. choosing a younger mate is almost instinctual.. most older women are not after the proverbial white picket fence.. but instead are choosing fun.. adventure.. and a companion to share the fun times..

The increasingly common coined term of "40 is the new 30" couldnt ring true enough in todays day and age.. older women now have more options.. in careers.. having kids.. looking after themselves.. progressive medical advances.. and are looking better every day, and for their part.. younger men find older women appealing because of their confidence.. less sexual hang-ups.. and their desire to experiement and generally finding them much more interesting than their younger counterparts.

For me personally, dating 30 year olds again in my 40's has certainly been exciting! as we get older we can get set in our ways.. and its refreshing to meet someone that can shake you out of your comfort zone and share the same intensity about life. A guy that is attracted to a woman who knows what she wants and who she is.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

wet delicacies

"his rigid velvety tongue spliced open my sodden lips with fevour,
plunging into the soft wetness,
the arching of my back inevitable
as he drilled into the tightness.
I raised my leg and rested it across his heaving back,
opening wider as the utterance of my soft moans increased.

the sensation of his rotating tongue continuing his fellation was definative,
the mire of name calling evading me,
bucking up against his bristly chin
the wetness spreading across his face as he feasted opulently,
his craving urgently devouring my quivering erect clit,
gliding his tongue over and around it
the delectation ascending rapidly

compelled to deflect,
i turned over onto my stomach
adorning his visual panorama
snaking my tight backdoor up to his lips
smothering him between my rounded mounds
the invasion strewing my brain,
tearing past my yielding pucker
the unbearable ache in my clit beginning
a single finger penetrating the swollen folds
losing all capacity for thought
as he darted in and out of my burning ring
screaming, writhing,
my whole body shaking from the rapture

he was finally inside me,
the world could end right then and there i thought
and I'd die a happy woman.
I squeezed my drenched walls around him,
and turned to watch his face intently
reaming his solid rod into me
again and again
feeling every inch of his forcefullness
as i mouthed obscenities
finger stimulating my trembling clit
as i exploded in spasms

he is close as he thrusts into my steamy soaking hole
roaring, cursing, pulling my hair
unable to contain himself any longer
plunging in further,
blowing his hot seed deep within my voracious walls"

- epifanatical