Friday, October 15, 2010

Go Choco Loco With Your Lover

I love chocolates—and I know it’s not only me who has a passion for Hershey’s Kisses and M&Ms. These sweets are believed to be aphrodisiacs and let me say now that I believe it 100%! After all, romance, passion, foreplay, sex… they’re all heavily affected by your mind right? And if you believe that chocolates can help bring out the ‘wild woman’ out of your partner, then so be it!

Chocolates can do wonderful effects on our body. Since they are made from plants, they inherently contain natural components that promote good health. In fact, it is said that dark chocolates reduce high blood pressure.

A small bar is enough to also lower bad cholesterol in the body. Eating chocolates gives an immediate boost of energy and vigor. Moreover—and also very fortunately—chocolates have also been found to have a certain effect on one’s desire for sexual activity.

They are said to strengthen a woman’s libido, resulting in an increased interest and desire for sex. As for men, chocolates stimulate passion and vitality and a remarkable increase in sexual desire can be noted. No wonder men always resort to chocolates when they date women!

Short Choco History

According to aphrodisiac history, the belief started with the Mayans, who drank chocolate for fertility. They would even use a chocolate drink concoction during marriage ceremonies.

In very recent studies though, chocolates have been discovered to have phenylethylamine, a chemical that’s detected when one falls in love. And get this: the same chemical rises up to the brain during an orgasm!

Serotonin is also known to be present in chocolates. This chemical gives one a feeling of pleasure. These two substances are mildly addictive. But women are known to be more susceptible to the effects of phenylethylamine, thus making women more ‘chocoholic’.

If you’re still not convinced, then maybe results of a study (by Italian researchers no less!) published in The Times in 2004 will. According to that research, “Women who have a daily intake of chocolate showed higher levels of desire than women who did not have this habit. Chocolate can have a positive physiological impact on a woman’s sexuality.”

Chocolate as a Sex Tool

Now if feeding your woman chocolates does not give you a hard-on or if she just ends up eating the whole box without even giving you a second glance, then there’s something wrong with your delivery.

That’s right. Chocolates are so common now that they don’t really conjure up images of sex right away so don’t just buy the average chocolate bonbon. Why not try Kama Sutra chocolates! That’s right; there are chocolate bars being sold online now that are shaped specifically to match Kama Sutra sex positions!

If you want to take this a step further, cook up your own Kama Sutra-shaped chocolates. But this time, add some chili flakes to increase the aphrodisiac factor.

Now what can be better than vanilla ice cream topped with warmed chocolate? That would be vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate eaten off your lover’s body!

Put some melted vanilla ice cream on your lover’s naked breasts and lap it up! Now, immediately follow this up with some warm chocolate sauce and suck off all of that too! Other areas you can try this are her neck (yes, her neck!) and of course… her pussy!

Here’s another idea. Why not buy edible chocolate undies! Present this to your woman; urge her to try it on with one promise… that SHE will be your dessert tonight! You can also turn the tables around of course. Put on a chocolate-flavored condom and ask her to give you a blow-job. I guarantee she’ll be sucking away with gusto!

Ok, now here’s one I actually first heard from one of our subscribers. Edible body chocolate paint… that should be applied with a very soft and tender paint brush. Imagine how she would feel as you glide that tickly, feathery, chocolate-laden brush all over her body. By the time you reach her groin, she’ll be panting like crazy!

There is truly no end to the wonders of chocolate as an aphrodisiac! In fact, I dare say that of all the aphrodisiacs that are popularly known, chocolates are the most readily available, are some of the most inexpensive to buy, are a joy to be eaten by both men and women, and are actually believed by scientists to increase sexual appetite!

So what are you waiting for? If I were you, I’d be running out the door to get some chocolates now!

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Gabrielle Moore is an expert on female intimacy.. teaching men and women the true art of seduction.. mindblowing sexual techniques and new and exciting ways to please your lover

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

when do you know if he's right?

When Do You Know If He's Right?

How many dates does it take to make a decision about whether or not you want to pursue a relationship?

I've always been curious about this aspect of dating, because very few women have comparable experiences. With some dates, the knowledge is immediate and instinctual. With other dates, months may pass before the endearing nature of his laugh, his smile, his character becomes apparent.

I know that I am a slow warmer. I am wary when I meet a man for the first time. I am dubious of his intentions. I read innuendo where none was intended. It takes me time to let down my guard.

It's not because I'm naturally a suspicious person. It's because, in the realm of relationships, I've been burned enough by bad apples.

I'm representative of most women my age. By one's thirties, one has experienced enough bad relationships to associate the dualities of pain and pleasure with a man. One is never sure how much to trust.

But this isn't natural.

Twenty years ago, I loved all boys. I played with them innocently and full-heartedly. Boys were my playmates, my cohorts in crime, and my teammates for games. I could think no evil of boys. Their strange preferences for dirt, body odor, cars, and constrictive underpants were simply idiosyncrasies of fascinating playmates.

As I grew older, I realized that boys could no longer be trusted to play innocently with me. My first two male friends in college were cool--a jazz musician and an Apple Mac gamer--until I realized they "liked" me. I quickly dissolved the friendships. I wanted the innocent companionship and friendship of my childhood male schoolmates. I didn't realize that maturing would erase that possibility completely.

When do we women lose our innocence with men? And can we ever regain it?

In my line of work, one great danger is to take relationships and attraction too seriously. Many women feel that the potential of the man they are seeing is a matter of life or death. Instead of having fun playing with him (like a child with a favorite playmate), they evaluate his potential as a father. They situate any future relationship squarely in the realm of adulthood. The rest of their lives is at stake.

My flatmate tells me that the definition of compatibility as a couple is when his or her issues are compatible with your issues.

That's a pretty adult view of the situation.

I have a different view. I believe that you know a man is compatible with you if he likes to play the same "games" you like to play. Maybe you like to tease in a certain way; maybe there's a certain game in bed that you like to play. Maybe you like to go out; maybe you like to mountain bike. If he likes to enjoy himself and have fun and laugh in the same ways as you, you've found a potential soulmate.

We all knew back in childhood that there were some children that we could play with for ages, and there were others who liked games that didn't interest us. It's the same with men and women.

Yet in our attempt to find a suitable man, we often forget to look for one that we have fun with. One that makes the kinds of jokes we find funny (and laughs at our jokes). One that is up for any crazy scheme we propose. One that will make our life happy and light-hearted, not just important and successful.

Life is serious and dry enough. We don't need relationships to replicate those patterns.

Relationships should be a haven from life's dry seriousness. You should be able to feel like a child with your partner, unembarrassed at the silliest of games. Together, you will be responsible for forming a life, raising children, making a home ... but all this will only be enjoyable if you can laugh together.

I have been out on dates with many successful, intense, highly attractive men. I admire them, appreciate them, and learn much from conversations with them. These are the men who will shape the world. No woman can fail to respond to their power.

But as for myself ... in my little, humble world ... I envision my ideal future as one in which there is always laughter, in which I can return to childhood with my spouse and play those games that I didn't get to play enough before I grew "old." I want us to be able to chase one another around the room, have pillow fights, and wrestle. I want us to tease one another, share silly jokes, and dissolve the seriousness of a working day with the magical spell of humor.

So, I suppose, the answer to my question is that it takes exactly the number of dates you need to decide whether you've found a companion you can play with. Some kids find a game they can play with each other right off the bat. Other kids end up trying lopsided games that one but not the other likes until they either find a game they like in common or give up.

Trust your child-heart's instinct. Ask yourself ... if you were a kid, would you play with this guy? Or would he be one of those kids who tries to control the game, or change the rules, or cheat?

A partner who makes life more fun is a treasure indeed,

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hot Foreplay Buttons

There are 101 things that you can do tonight that can make your woman’s blood boil a little hotter. A lot of men think immediately that this involves new and difficult sex positions or even the use of sexual aids but really, just KNOWING which pleasure buttons to hit is all it takes. Read on!

Foreplay Buttons

One: While making out, make sure your lips and tongue give attention to your lover’s neck. Ok, a lot of men know that already and you’ve probably applied that technique yourself… but what about that soft and tender patch of skin in front of her ears?!? While kissing or licking this soft area, whisper something sweet or something lewd! Now that will get your girl going.

Two: Break away from kissing her just a bit and then lick her lips. While licking her lips oh so gently, whisper that you can’t wait to lick her down there too!

Three: Just when she’s wet and panting, glide your hand down there and caress her through her undies. And then say something with the word ‘soaking’ in your sentence.

Four: Make your way to the bed and as she’s lying there, deliberately get off the bed and put some distance between the two of you. Now undress, making sure she sees exactly how turned on you are. You don’t need to engage in full-on self-play but touching yourself once or twice to show how long you are for her is a good idea.

Five: As she lays down naked in bed, run a silk tie or silk scarf all over her. Now ask her to turn around and this time, as the silk tie or scarf runs over her spine, follow it up with your hot tongue.

Six: Instead of a striptease, why not ask your lover for a ‘bed dance’ instead? This is when she dances completely naked all over you as you like completely naked on your back. Have her sashay all over your face, chest, and yes, down there.

Seven: While giving oral, place a pillow under her to elevate her mound. This will give you more access, and her, more pleasure.

Eight: While out on a weekend drive, pull over somewhere semi-secluded and then ask her to pleasure you or bend down and suck on her breasts.

New Twists on Old Games…

One: Instead of the standard 69 position, why not place your manhood between her breasts instead while you guys in this position.

Two: Or why not do the ‘inverted 69’. This is when she sits on you but instead of using your mouth on your manhood. She sits up and uses her hands on you instead.

Three: This time, while she’s on top, ask her NOT to remove her clothes. Instead, lift up her t-shirt or lingerie every now and then so you can get a ‘peak’ at what you’re doing down there.

Four: Take her from behind but instead of being on your knees, do this lying down. The pleasure will be more intense!

Five: Don’t be shy to ‘rough each other up’ once in a while! So tonight, don’t go to your bedroom; don’t even lie down. Do it against a wall with your clothes still on and just about 10 minutes before somebody is due to visit you! The roughness, the wildness, and the thrill of being caught with your pants down – literally! – will make this the hottest sex ever!

Six: While she’s on the ‘woman on top’ position, ask her to SLOWLY turn around (face your feet instead). As she does this, stay as unmoving as you can in bed. This will enable you to feel every inch of her on your manhood as she twists and turns.

Seven: Morning sex is so underrated! Tomorrow morning, why not engage in slow sensual sex OR take her rough over the bathroom sink as she tries to brush her teeth!

There you have it. There’s lots of ways you can increase the hotness meter in your bedroom (or elsewhere) without having to engage in anything you may consider *taboo*. Just let your imagination run a little wild and just go with it! You never know what reaction you’ll get from your partner until you try.

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About The Author:
Gabrielle Moore is an expert on female intimacy.. teaching men and women the true art of seduction.. mindblowing sexual techniques and new and exciting ways to please your lover