Sunday, April 29, 2012

How To Use Body Languge To Show Interest

Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination
nor both together go to the making of genius.
Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius.

We all know that if you wink at someone you’re sending them a signal that says you’re interested in them. Granted, most of us aren’t comfortable being quite that forward with a perfect stranger, but there are more subtle ways of showing interest by using body language.

It can be difficult when you are in a crowded bar or even at the grocery store to know if the person you find attractive is available, must less interested. However, with just a few small moves you can send them a signal that says you are open to getting to know them better.

Here are a few fun examples:
Running your hand through your hair. When a woman runs her hand through her hair, she is giving off a subtle signal that she is receptive. The reason for this is because when a woman pulls her hair away from her shoulders or her chest she is revealing more of herself to the man who has caught her eye.

Licking your lips. When a woman licks her lips or applies lipstick, she is drawing attention to her mouth. Because a woman’s mouth is a very sensual part of her body, a man is sure to take notice and will feel drawn to her.

Crossing the legs. Men absolutely love legs, and when a woman slowly crosses or uncrosses her legs, it catches a man’s attention. It’s a flirty move that is sure to get noticed, probably by more men than just the one she is trying to show interest in.

Smiling. Even something as simple as smiling is a form of body language. It shows that you are friendly and approachable. If you are interested in a man in the room, smiling at him will surely get his attention.

Looking directly into his eyes. Eye contact is one of the strongest forms of body language. When a woman looks into a man’s eyes, even before they have spoken, she is telling him that she’s not only comfortable with herself, but that she is very comfortable with him as well. Men love a strong woman and when a woman takes the initiative and makes eye contact, the man is much more likely to approach her.

Body language can be the difference between catching the eye of the man who has caught your attention or him wandering towards another person. Every woman should feel comfortable in her own skin and in using her feminine wiles to entice a man she finds intriguing. With just a few simple movements, a woman can show a man that his approaches are more than welcomed.

The first step is smiling and making eye contact, and after that, it is all up to you. Using body language to show your interest is a smart and effective way of breaking the ice. If you’re single and you see someone appealing, give it a try. You may just be surprised at how well those subtle movements work.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time For Tantra

Whilst ‘make up sex’ can be exciting, exhilarating, passionate and QUICK, it’s hardly going to be the glue that keeps her by your side or keep you two together. Hard, fast, thrusting is good, but not feasible in the long-term for obvious reasons! This is where Tantric sex comes in. In Tantric sex there is no goal of getting anywhere, of striving for the big “0”. Your approach with your partner is all about awareness and feeling, experiencing the “now”, with your ego dissolving and your heart opening. It’s a form of meditation that lets history dissolve, resentment fade away and anger turn into joy. It’s just what you need to get her back!

However, Tantric takes practice and it takes 2! So you have to convince her to take this journey with you and once you have both gone down this path, there will be no turning back. It’s not some huge mystery as most people seem to think and neither do you have to wait until you know it all. Every little step you take in this direction brings its own rewards and on this journey, you get to know yourself intimately first and then that of your partner, by exploring first the physical, the emotional and finally the spiritual.

If you explain this procedure to your ex, she is going to be spell bound and most definitely curious. Inviting you ex to your home to try out Tantra, requires her trust in you so don’t blow it! The first thing you need to do is design an “intimacy space”. Start off slow with a light intimate dinner and then proceed to this “space” which should be comfortable, relaxed and clear of clutter. It needs to be decorated with flowers, candles and cozy fabrics and the additional ambience created by the scent should be of natural oils like jasmine, ylang-ylang, or rose. Choose a soundtrack of music that you both like to be played as soft background music.

The next step is intimate and involves breathing each other’s breath. Harmonizing your breath is one of the easiest ways to sync with your partner. Straddle your partner’s lap (called the yab-yom position) and inhale while they exhale and vice versa. As your partner breathes out, you’ll find yourself taking their breath into and down through your entire body. As you exhale, consciously attempt to energize the breath. In this way, you’re sharing all of yourself with your partner. Whatever you do, do not lose control – this is critical!

Take it Slow!!! Foreplay is essential in Tantra. A slow build will not only help you maintain your erection but it will intensify her arousal. The longer you linger in this process of building energy, the longer your session will last and the more energy you will build. Use this time to fully focus on each other. As in meditation, when your thoughts wander, gently guide your attention back to your partner and the magic of the moment at hand.

Whilst all this erotic foreplay is building, maintaining eye contact is essential. You are going to make love with your eyes open as the ultimate display of your deep connection with your ex and the level of your intimacy. It will be a challenge particularly as the sensations of pleasure heighten. When the two of you finally make love, you’ll find the love making profoundly transformative and move each other in ways you could never imagine. You will have no need to worry as to whether she would accept your second invitation to “dinner”.

About The Author:
Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the founder of "Getting Her Back... for Good" and has taught 1000s of men all over the world how to recover their lost love. He details his steps and valuable advice at Getting Her Back.

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